Tennessee Titans NFL Stadium / LP Field

The need: 8,214 custom fence and railing panels. Yes, 8,214 of them

The challenge: Provide them quickly enough so construction would be complete by football season.

   Could it be done? It was done.

At the TN Titans NFL Stadium in Nashville, TN our GRIGLIATO panel system had been extensively used for a wide variety of applications.

At the new Tennessee Titans football stadium in Nashville, the versatility of our Grigliato product line was put to the supreme test. Every imaginable application was required. Security fencing around the premises. Gates at all entrances. Interior railing along ramps and throughout the stadium. With its numerous mesh and size variations, Grigliato met the challenge

Installed in 1998 the GRIGLIATO system has shown its proven durability once again. After many years of installation in an demanding outdoor and indoor environment our GRIGLIATO system had shown its durability and long term resistance against the elements and vandalism in a high traffic environment.


stadm_10GRIGLIATO type “A” panels at back bowl fence
finish galvanized and polyester powder coated

stadm_10GRIGLIATO type “G” panels at ramps
finish galvanized

stadm_02METALCO Gate System w. GRIGLIATO “D”
infill panels, finish galvanized

stadm_10GRIGLIATO type “K” panels at club level
 finish galvanized and polyester powder coated

stadm_03GRIGLIATO type “C” panels at seating levels
finish galvanized

stadm_10GRIGLIATO type “G” panels at
balcony, finish galvanized