“TWINBAR”® Fence System

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Break The Chain Link Habit  
with a TWINBAR® Fence System from METALCO

No other wire mesh fence system can provide such high level of longevity, rigidity and security with elegance and style.

TWINBAR® is a a welded wire steel fence system. It is unique in the fact that it is by far more rigid than any other welded wire fence systems. Due to the use of two parallel horizontal wires with the vertical wires sandwiched between them the fence panels become virtually indestructible.


The panels have a width of 8'-2 1/2" (2500mm) and are available in heights ranging from 4ft to 8ft (1200 to 2400mm).   The panels have 1 1/2" pickets extending on one side and can be installed either with the pickets  at top or at bottom. The mesh size is 2"x8" (50x200mm) and consists of one vertical wire sandwiched between to horizontal wires. The forged welded high quality double wire design assures highest strength and rigidity.
The panels are attached to tubular high strength steel posts 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" or 2"x2". The panels can be attached to the face of the posts or in between posts by use of the included high strength attachment brackets or face mounted lock bars
The TWINBAR Fence System is accommodated by a wide selection of swing, slide and cantilever gates.

The welded mesh panels are produced from galvanized steel wire and
coated with an architectural grade polyester powder coating system. Our coating system offers the highest durability available today resulting in lasting colors for many years. In addition to the best protection against
rust and corrosion it is also environmentally friendlier (no solvents) than other technologies.
The TWINBAR fence system is available in a variety of colors. The standard stock color is black. Custom colors are available. Click here for more color info.

The TWINBAR Fence System is produced by utilizing state of the art manufacturing technology and is backed by our 20-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Key Benefits
Highest rigidity and security available in wire mesh fence panels due to sophisticated double wire design.

Modular System

The fence system is provided as a complete modular system consisting of panels in various heights, high strength steel posts and attachment hardware. A selection of swing, slide and cantilever gates are available.


METALCO's advanced polyester powder coating system assures lasting colors. The combined protection of galvanization and powder coating ensures best protection against rust and corrossion.

Ease of Installation

The TWINBAR system components are developed with ease of installation in mind. The system can



Grigliato is a flexible and customizable system suitable for commercial and industrial applications with medium to highest security requirements. Based on a forge welded galvanized steel bar mesh. Available in a wide variety of colors.


Amego is a stylish wire mesh fence system very competitively priced. It makes a great alternative to chainlink or expensive ornamental fence. Available in a variety of colors and economical enough to replace chainlink.  


Securite is based on a welded wire mesh fence panel. SECURITE is suitable for applications requiring a high security fence system. Virtually indestructible and un-climbable, it offers excellent protection for sensitive areas.