“GRIGLIATO” Screen System

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If you have a challenging project that needs “special attention” turn to Metalco for custom solutions created by a top-shelf team of engineers and architects.

The Grigliato Architectural Screen System – Over the past two decades, Metalco’s Grigliato Architectural Screen System has proven its ability to accommodate even the most demanding design needs. Successfully incorporated into a variety of projects such as parking garages, building facade screens, planting screens, educational facilities and others.


The METALCO Screen and Curtain Wall Facade Systems are based on the Grigliato Architectural Grille panels and can also incorporate the Grigliato "SC" louver panels. The large selection of different panel types and mesh sizes enables the designer to meet many design and functionality requirements. Special Design Effects can be achieved by combining different panel types into patterns.

Design requirements such as airflow restriction, wind load resistance, visual screening and structural support had been thoroughly addressed. Please consult with our engineering team to learn how we can provide practical solutions for your project.


"GRIGLIATO" screen panel styles



GRIGLIATO architectural facade screen systems are custom manufactured to match your project requirements.  The system is based on GRIGLIATO infill panels which are available in a variety of different styles, mesh sizes and finishes. The panels are made from a combination of steel bars and rods which are electroforged welded on a fully automated production line. The panel sizes, frame post spacing, frame types and other details are custom engineered for your specific application.  Large mesh sizes can be used for unobtrusive sight lines. Smaller mesh sizes are often used to accomplish a certain visual appeal or design effect. 

The GRIGLIATO architectural screen system is available with a variety of different support structures and frames. Mostly used are 2"x2" or larger square tubular supports, 1-1/2" x 2-1/2" rectangular supports or flat bar braces. In addition a variety of custom attachments, subframe designs and support posts are available.

Depending on requirements mesh panels may be hot dip galvanized after fabrication and
coated with an architectural grade polyester powder coating system. Our coating system offers the highest durability available today resulting in lasting colors for many years. In addition to the best protection against rust and corrosion it is also environmentally friendlier (no solvents) than other technologies.

The GRIGLIATO screen system is available in a variety of standard colors. Custom colors are available and special colors can be matched to color samples or other or existing building components. Click here for more color info.

The GRIGLIATO Screen System is produced by utilizing state of the art manufacturing technology and is backed by our 20-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Key Benefits

The screen system's high rigidity is accomplished by use of combined steel bars which electro forged cross rods. Wide selection of a variety of different mesh sizes to match your project needs. All railing systems are designed to meet the strength requirements of standard building codes. Custom engineered systems can be designed to match any strength requirement for specific local building codes.(i.e. wind load requirements, air flow restrictions ect.)

Modular System
The screen system is provided as a complete modular system consisting of components in various sizes, support structure elements, rails and attachment hardware.

METALCO's advanced polyester powder coating system assures lasting colors. The combined protection of galvanization and powder coating ensures best protection against rust and corrosion.

Ease of Installation
The GRIGLIATO system components are developed with ease of installation in mind. All items are pre-manufactured to allow for a bolted installation with no or very little on-site cutting or welding required.