MFR Gate Systems

MFR Gate Systems include Swing Gates, Cantilever Slide Gates and V-Track Roller Gates. We offer standard size gates as well as custom size gates for virtually any application. In addition to our standard product selection, custom designs to match your project are also available. All of our gate systems can be equipped with a hydraulic powered operator with many control options such as keypads, transmitters and more.

For the infill panels you can choose from any of our fence system panels. In addition you can choose any custom infill solution such as pickets, wood, solid metal, and of course from any of our infill panels.

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Choose Your Gate Style

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MFR Gate Systems

MFR Gate Systems control the flow of traffic for all applications including commercial or residential properties. Designs include Swing Gates, Cantilever Slidegates and V-Track Roller Gates in both standard and custom sizes, and include custom designs and can be equipped with a hydraulic powered operator with many control options such as keypads, transmitters and more.

Choose infill panels from any of our fence system panels. MFR, previously known as Metalco, also offers custom infills such as pickets, wood, solid metal.

Swing Gates

We offer a wide variety of Swing Gate styles for commercial, industrial and residential application.

– Single Swing Gates and Walk Gates

– Double Swing and Bi-Fold Swing Gates

– Trash & Equipment Enclosure Gates

– Panic Exit Equipped Gate Systems

– Motorized Gates w. Access Control Systems

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are currently the most used commercial gate system, as they take minimal space to open and minimal space on the pavement. Motion or access code powered, Sliding Gates are available for a wide variety of applications.

– Cantilevered Design

– V-Track Design

– Top Track Transom Design

– Double and Single Leaf

– Custom Manufactured Gate Solutions

– Motorized Gate Operators

– Access Control Systems

Specialty Gates

MFR Specialty gate systems are designed for the unique needs of your property. Challenge us. If you need a special gate design to accommodate your needs, let us know.

– Oversized Slide Gates

– Telescopic Slide Gates

– Ground Retracting Gates

– Gates exceeding 150ft opening

– Curved and Radiused Gates

– Multifold and Accordion Style Gates

– Motorized and Access Controlled Systems

Custom Gates

We love to work on and discuss new product ideas and develop engineering solutions that can help make your vision a reality. At MFR Corp, we pride ourselves on the ability to design, engineer, and produce custom designed gate solutions for our clients. Using state of the art systems, our engineers work on every type of client project, niche and industry.

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff to discuss your custom design project ideas. No matter how unique your design ideas are, our engineers are up for the challenge.

The Metalco Gallery of Designs

Be sure to check out our gallery of designs to get an idea of what our engineers can offer you. Or, use our gallery to gather inspiration for your upcoming project needs. Whether it’s something that has been created before or something that is entirely new, we love to work on and discuss new product ideas and develop engineering solutions that can help to make your vision a reality.

MFR Design Service Support

MFR offers CAD Drawings for each of our railing systems. These come in a broad range of configurations: typical railing systems with brackets, flat tab mounts, spacer mounts, bracket mount with a spacer tab and more.

Finish. Colors. Coatings.

MRF fence system high-rigidity is accomplished by use of combined steel bars which electro forged cross rods. Wide selection of a variety of different mesh sizes to match your project needs.

  • Polyester Coating 90/100 micron
  • Zinc base E-Coat layer and zinc rich powder layer / alternate hot dip galvanized zinc coating ASTM A123
  • High Strength Steel

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Eco Friendly Finishes And Powder Coatings

Our Powder Coatings are environmentally friendly and are an organic high quality finished surface providing integrity, durability, and a beautiful appearance over an extended period of time.

Powder Coating has been proven to be safer for the environment than wet paint applications. Most wet paints have solvents that are harmful to the environment. However, powder coat is solvent-free and applied electrostatically.

Ecologically there are no VOCs emitted and very little waste is produced because most powder coating overspray can be reused, greatly reducing the waste commonly found in liquid painting.

Environmental Impact Of Powder Coating

Despite all the care that is taken to protect the environment, there are still benefits to be gained. There is a positive long term effect of powder coating the product for corrosion protection. Our coating system protects the metals which are exposed to the project conditions, which in turn enjoy a longer lifetime and require far less maintenance. Decay and early replacement of parts are prevented or at best minimized.

In the long run, powder coating will replace its counterpart, wet paint, in more and more areas. Technically, powder coating competes with wet paint head to head. In addition, powder coating is more friendly to the environment than wet paint, for the same cost, yet powder coating also has the advantage of superior mechanical and anti-corrosive properties. Whereas wet paint is all washed up!

Another advantage of using powder coatings is the subtraction of solvents. The powder is applied without any additives. The harmful emission of V.O.C., as used in wet paint, does not occur. The environment also benefits from the electrostatic adhesion of the metal to the powder particles. This adhesion creates a smooth and even layer that covers the edges of the metal object. This eliminates sharp edges that need to be ground into shape. The powder, not attracted to the substrate, is contained and reused. Wet paint overspray has to be disposed of as chemical waste.

MFR Highest Quality Guarantee

MFR Corp offers the finest commercial and industrial fencing systems. Our company leverages advanced resources to ensure clients get exceptional quality and value for money.

Environmentally Responsible

MFR products have LEED product credit and follow environmentally sustainable processes to ensure low impact. MFR is committed to environmentally responsible and sustainable development. Our systems are made from 85% fully recycled steel. 65% of which is harvested from recycled automobiles.

Even at the end of our product lifespan, it can be fully recycled over and over again. Steel made from recycled materials requires less energy during the production process then other materials such as aluminum.

Twenty Year Warranty

MFR Corp stands behind our product quality. We work hard to support clients at all phases of the process. From stylish and custom to highly secure and unscalable, MRF fence systems have a 20-year warranty.

American Made

MFR products are 100 percent made in America. Our team of specialists work with you to develop the best solution for your application.

25-Years of Experience

With 25 years of experience, MFR Corp continues to produce finest quality fence systems. Experienced staff works with our clients to ensure satisfaction. MFR is an industry leader in product service and application, integration and innovation, MFR Corp continues to set standards of excellence today.

Work with Industry Experts

Since its establishment, MFR Corp’s success can only be attributed to our talented staff’s hard work, loyalty, and dedication.

Our dedicated team will work to maintain this success in product quality, customer service, and expert installation long after you purchase.

MFR Corp works proactively with engineers, contractors, architects, and manufacturers to ensure all clients’ needs are met.

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Our full range of products include railing systems, fence systems, gate systems, facade screen systems, architectural metal art, and custom metal fabrication.