3 Ways Decorative Metal Art Adds a Unique Touch

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decorative metal art

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash

Could you use some decorative metal art for your architectural project? Want something unique for your space? Metal art will certainly help you stand out from the crowd. You have so many options for your metal art, too. Do you need an industrial look? A classic look? Whatever your preferences, metal art can give you the perfect finishing touch that will draw the eye and can also help you stand out. MFR specializes in the most unique metal structures. We’ll help you realize your design dreams. Here are just three ways that decorative metal art can add a unique touch to your structure.

Not Your Average Architecture 

First of all, not everybody has decorative metal art in their architecture. These days, most architecture is purely functional. When it comes to a decorative touch, though, metal can accomplish more than most people realize. You’ll have art that stands out. While purely functional architecture is fine, people can easily overlook it. Metal art doesn’t work that way. Since it’s so different from average architectural pieces, it stands out right away. By the way, you don’t have to sacrifice function for form, either. You can absolutely have both. For example, what about a brightly colored bench with interesting shapes? Decorative metal art encourages people to think outside the box.  

Catching the Light 

Thanks to its reflective surface, decorative metal art catches the light in beautiful ways. And if its uniqueness didn’t draw enough attention, its reflectiveness absolutely will. Add decorative metal art to the places that don’t get much attention on their own. It’ll reflect the light and will also make people pay attention. As a result, places with metallic art often become bright, happy spaces. A lot of parks, for example, use metal art to emphasize feelings of fun and whimsy. 

Focal Point 

Do you need a piece that will tie a theme together? Need something that will also stand out from the rest of your art and architecture? Decorative metal art can do just that. Because of this, if you need a focal point or a centerpiece, then let your metal piece do the job. 

Decorative Metal Art 

Looking for some metal art? MFR has exactly what you need. Whether you have a few vague ideas or a completely detailed plan, we can work with you to bring your vision to life. We’ll work together to create gorgeous metal art to transform your space. Ready to get started? Contact MFR today

3 Bold Statements With Architectural Fence

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architectural fence

Image by PIRO4D on Pixabay

An architectural fence
makes a powerful statement for your business. At MFR Corp, we excel in providing the highest quality fences for businesses and homes. You can make these three bold statements with the right type of fence from our line of products. 

Boost Your Brand with Architectural Fence

Your company works hard to create a professional image that stands out in the customer’s mind. Our architectural fence systems are available in a wide range of designs and colors to reflect your company image. You can strengthen this image with a custom fence choice. Our designers will be happy to help you choose a fence system that matches your branding.

Convey Professionalism

When you strive to provide quality products or services, you want your building’s exterior to reflect a commitment to professionalism. Our architectural fence systems are attractive and sturdy, sending the right message for a professional image. Lower quality fence choices simply can’t compete with the professional appearance of our fence systems.

Deter Theft and Vandalism

If you are concerned about vandalism or theft, our architectural fence is the best solution. Our fences are crafted from top quality steel, which is solid and strong. The closer-spaced wires are harder for thieves and vandals to maneuver. To provide the best security for your business, our steel fence systems are excellent choices.

Choosing the Right Architectural Fence

You may have a design in mind, or you may not know exactly what you want. Our designers can help you conceptualize the right fence for your business. We will work from photos or sketches, then produce a digital design for your approval. After you approve it, our technicians will install the fence quickly.

We offer several different fence system choices for businesses. You may benefit from the Amego, Grigliato, Securite, or Twinbar systems, depending on your needs. Our design team will consult with you on the best materials and colors for your budget.

Get Started Today

Whatever fence system you choose, you can convey a bold statement to your customers with it. We can help you choose the fence style that will enhance your business brand. Your clients will be impressed by the fence design you install. Contact us today at 815-552-3333 or [email protected] to learn which fence system is right for you.

How to Use A Steel Fence to Increase Security

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steel fence

Image by Lennart Demes on Pixabay

A steel fence system from MFR Corp. is an excellent choice to help increase security for your home or business. Steel fence is long-lasting and sturdy, making it a perfect choice. These are some of the ways one of our steel fence systems can heighten your security.

Steel Fence Designed to Protect You

To keep vandals and thieves from getting onto your property, you need a fence that can keep them out. Our steel fence systems are designed to offer specific protection against threats. Since their composition is so dense, they help deter cutting, bending, and marring better than cheaper fence systems. Steel is the very best material to use if you want to protect your assets.

At MFR Corp., we offer several different solutions when you want more security. Our fences are excellent for most medium- to high-security needs. Our fences are known for deterring theft from our clients, and we want to help protect your home or business as well.

Additional Security with Steel Fence

Fences from MFR Corp. don’t only keep theft rates down. They also offer security from accidents and severe weather. Your property may need protection from car crashes, flying objects, and falling trees or branches. A steel fence is strong enough to offer extra layers of protection around the perimeter of your property. 

When you have a fenced area around employee parking, for example, your employees will appreciate the additional security from thieves or vandalism. This is not always possible when they park on the street or in public parking lots. You can offer employees additional peace of mind with a secure steel fence.

Affordable Security Options

The upfront costs for a steel fence shouldn’t break your budget. In fact, you can experience savings over the long run with a fence from MFR Corp. It can cut replacement costs and repairs because it will deter vandalism and theft. You may even qualify for a reduction in your insurance premiums with the right type of fence. We offer different fence options that will fit into your budget. 

If you’re not sure which type of fence system will fit your budget, we can help you decide. We’ll visit your property to assess your needs, or you can provide pictures for us to review. After you choose the style you like, we’ll provide a digital draft for you to approve prior to installation.

Choose the Right Steel Fence

No matter the size of your business, we can help you choose the best steel fence system to increase security. We can help you choose the option that fits your preferences and budget. You’ll have many colors, styles, and finishes from which to choose.

You can preview the steel fence systems we have installed for others that may fit your needs. At MFR Corp., we are committed to increasing your security with the right fence system choice. Contact us today at 815-552-3333 or [email protected] to learn more.

Why an Amego Fence System is Right for Your Company

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Image by Phil Botha on Unsplash

If you are looking for a top-quality security fence, an Amego fence may be the best choice for your company. There are many benefits to using this type of fence system. Here are the main reasons that our fence may be right for you.

Secure and Strong Amego Fence

When you need moderate- to high-level security, you need a fence that will be strong and secure. An Amego fence offers excellent security for commercial and private spaces. It deters would-be thieves or vandals because it is difficult to climb. 

The welded mesh panels of the Amego system are made from galvanized steel wire. They work together to provide rigidity. The panels are coated with an architectural-grade polyester powder coating system. Since our coating system is so durable, it enhances the appearance of this strong fence system.

Long Lasting

The powder coating system produces a long-lasting finish. Combined with the galvanized steel, you will have a fence that lasts for years with little to no maintenance. The fence resists rust and corrosion. We back our Amego fence systems with a 20-year warranty. 

Easy to Install

Since the Amego fence is made up of simple components, it is easy to install. At MFR Corp., our team of professionals can install your new fence quickly. If you need a strong fence put up fast, this may be the best type of fence for you.

Versatile Design

The Amego fence is based on a modular design. The panels are available in different heights and a wide range of colors. We also offer gates to complement your needs. Whether you need a cantilever, slide, or swing gate, we can match it to the rest of your Amego system.

Environmentally Conscious

Unlike other fence systems, the Amego system uses a coating that is environmentally friendly. The powder coating has no solvents, which is an improvement over other technologies. If you want to make a choice that is conscious of environmental concerns, this fence system is a winner.

The Right Amego Fence For You

At MFR Corp., we offer various Amego fence systems that will fit your unique needs. Whether you need a secure fence to surround an airport, sports arena, manufacturing facility, or commercial space, Amego fence makes a good choice. We have several affordable options for you to consider.

You will appreciate the clean mesh fence options that deter theft and last for years. We can match the color to complement your brand or existing buildings. Contact us today at 815-552-3333 or [email protected] to learn more about Amego fence systems.

How to Enhance Your Home’s Beauty with a Decorative Railing System

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decorative railing system

Image by Peter H on Pixabay

Are you looking for a decorative railing system for your home? You can enhance your home’s beauty with a custom system from MFR Corp. We will work with you to create a unique look that sets your home apart.

Decorative railing adds a touch of elegance to your home. Whether you incorporate it indoors or outdoors, it will be a unique enhancement to your home’s ambiance. If you want to create a strong focal point, custom railing is an excellent idea.

Custom Railing Systems

A decorative railing system provides several benefits. It provides security in an outdoor setting. Our custom systems are strong, durable and beautiful. They hold up in every kind of weather with little to no maintenance. You can add custom railing wherever you like on the exterior of your property.

If you want an indoor system, you have many options. You can customize the design with whatever motif you like. Popular choices include fleur-de-lis, organic shapes and geometric accents. Pick a design that complements the interior of your home, and we’ll place it on custom railing for you. Your custom railing will add elegance and classic style to your home’s interior.

We can incorporate any design you provide, or suggest other designs if you don’t know exactly what you want. Our designers can help you find a decorative railing system to fit your space. You will add a unique touch to your home that will impress your family, friends, and neighbors.

Choosing Your Design

We are open to all types of ideas for a decorative railing system. You can scroll Pinterest for ideas. Look for designs you like on websites, in magazines, or on television shows. You may also have your own sketches or photographs for reference. Simply save the pictures and share them with us. Our designers can draft a template from the designs that catch your eye.

Once we settle on the best design for you, we will scan it into our design software. Next, we will send you a draft of the custom fence design. We will also produce a computer-aided drawing of how the design will look in your finished space.

We welcome any design you present, and we love a challenge. In addition, we listen to your feedback at every step of the design process. We will work within your budget and time frame to install your decorative railing system. You can trust us to give you quality material suggestions for the best available prices. Your satisfaction is important to us.

Your Decorative Railing System Project

Contact the experts at MFR Corp. to start designing your own decorative railing that will enhance your home’s beauty. You can call us at 815-552-3333 or send an email to [email protected] One of our designers is ready to discuss your ideas for the best design.

The Best Gate System for Your Business

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When you are looking for the best gate system for your business, turn to MFR Corp. for the ultimate selection in gate systems. We have the premier gate choices for your commercial property. These are the types of gates that may work well for you.

Available Systems

We have several different types of systems available, according to your needs. We can also create a custom gate to your exact specifications. Look over this list to see which gate may suit you best.
  • V-Track Roller Gates
  • Oversize Vehicular Gates
  • Trash & Equipment Enclosure Gates
  • Cantilever Slide Gates
  • Swing Gates
  • Custom Manufactured Gate Solutions
  • Motorized Gate Operators
  • Access Control Systems
Our gates make the wisest investment for businesses. They are secure and solid, made of high grade steel that resists wear and tear. Each one of our systems can be fitted with a hydraulic powered operator for convenient use. We can customize the design of the gate to fit your brand or logo.

Customizing Your Gate System

You also get to select the type of infill panel for your gate. We have a selection of infill panels for our fence systems that will work for your gate. You can also choose from custom options like solid metal, wood or pickets. 

For the finish, we recommend a powder coating. It provides a high quality finished surface. Powder coating has excellent durability and retains its attractive appearance over the years. You can be assured because our powder coatings are environmentally friendly. This is a better choice over a liquid paint application because it produces no volatile organic compounds, creates less waste during production, and lasts much longer. 

A Low-Maintenance Choice

When you are selecting the best gate system for your business, you want a gate that won’t require much upkeep. Our sturdy, powder-coated gates need little to no maintenance. The finish resists corrosion, so it is a great choice for high traffic areas. The gate parts are made of high-quality materials that will not need to be replaced for a long time.

With everything you need to manage in your business, low-maintenance gate systems are essential. That’s why you can count on MFR Corp. to provide the best selection for you. We will consult with you about the system that’s right for your needs.

Making Your Choice

When it’s time to select the system you want, you can contact us for a consultation. We will visit your site and talk with you about what you need. Then we will create technical drawings according to our measurements. We will show you the drawing of the gate, which you will critique or approve. After you sign off on the drawings, we will proceed with the manufacture and installation.

If you need an upgrade to your current gate, be sure to check with MFR Corp. about the best options for you. Call 815-552-3333 to speak with our staff. You can also send us an email at [email protected]

5 Reasons Steel Fence is the Best Choice for Businesses

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Image by GLady on Pixabay

Are you ready to install a new fence at your business? A steel fence system from MFR Corp. is one of the best choices you can make. Our steel fences are a fantastic option for businesses like yours for these five reasons.


Fences made from cheaper materials never last as long as steel. When you look at other options, remember to factor in replacement costs. When you choose steel as your fencing material, you won’t need to plan for replacements for many years. Many businesses have chosen our steel options because they value a long-lasting product.

Superior Security

To protect your investments, you need a fence that will deter theft and vandalism. Our steel systems give you superior security for your money. Their strong composition will resist marring, bending and cutting more than other options. If security is important to you, steel is your best choice for a fence system.

Professional Appearance

You have taken time and effort to make your business property look professional. Your fence system needs to reflect your commitment to professionalism. Compared to other materials, steel sends the right message to current and potential customers. You’ll appreciate its clean lines and impressive aesthetic.


When you invest in a fence system for your business, you want a choice that doesn’t require much maintenance. Steel is an excellent selection if you don’t want to spend precious working hours on maintaining your fence. It stands up to all kinds of weather conditions with almost no wear and tear. You’ll appreciate the fact that you don’t have to worry about it once it is installed.

Highly Customizable

With a steel system, you have many different options for customization. You won’t find this capability in other fence options. We can help you choose a color or finish that complements your buildings or branding. Check with us about the options available that will work best for the look you want to achieve.

Choosing the Right Steel Fence

No matter if your business is small or large, we can help you choose the best steel system for your property. We will consult with you about your budget and preferences and show you different options that will meet your needs. Our fence options have many different styles, finishes, and colors to match your existing structures.

Not quite sure about which type of steel fence will work for you? We can visit your location to make suggestions or look at pictures you bring us. Based on your assessed needs, we’ll draft a digital drawing for you to approve before installation begins.

Take a look at the different steel fence systems we have installed that may work for you. You can schedule an appointment to view past client properties. At MFR Corp., we are committed to helping you find the ideal fence for your needs. Contact us today at 815-552-3333 or [email protected] for more information.

How to Choose a Superior Fence System to Chain-Link

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Image by Free-Photos on Pixabay

Are you going back and forth on a choice between a chain-link fence and other choices? A fence system from MFR Corp. is a superior choice to a chain-link fence. Our strong fences will bring many benefits to your property, and we’ll tell you how to make a better choice.

Why Our Fences Are Superior Choices

Chain-link fencing is popular mainly because it is inexpensive, compared to other options. It is relatively easy to self-install, but that is where the advantages end. It is not long-lasting, and it can bend out of shape when bumped. Chain-link fences need to be maintained on a frequent basis.

A fence with superior quality may cost more initially than a chain-link fence, but it provides far greater benefits. Our fence systems are sturdy and strong. They are low-maintenance and secure. Superior fence systems are aesthetically pleasing and can enhance the overall look of your property.

When you need a fence around a playground, superior fences are a better choice since they are more secure. If you want to fence in a pet, our fences can’t be bent or dug under like a chain-link fence. A beautiful fence will send the right message to your neighbors, customers, or employees, depending on your situation.

Choosing a Superior Fence

We have several different fence system choices based on your needs and your budget. Our fence systems are strong yet lightweight, standing up to all kinds of weather. We have fence options appropriate for all types of properties including:

  • Homes
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Businesses
  • Manufacturing Complexes

No matter what type of property you have, we can find the right fence system for you. We have competitively-priced choices in different colors and finishes. When you meet with us, we’ll help you make a great choice.

The Selection Process

If you know you don’t want a chain-link fence but still don’t know which fence system is best for you, we can help. Bring us your photos and architectural drawings, and we’ll assess your needs. We’ll also visit your property to make suggestions for the right fence on your property. We will take into account your security needs along with your budget. If you want a special touch, we also provide architectural metal art to enhance whichever fence option you choose. After determining your needs, we will create computer-based drafts for your review. Once you approve the design, we will get started on the installation process.

Looking for more inspiration? View our gallery of different fence systems that may work for you. If you’d like to view local properties with various examples, simply schedule an appointment. Our staff will work hard to help you choose the right fence. Contact us today at 815-552-3333 or [email protected] to get started.

How to Beautify Your Project with Custom Metal Fabrication

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How to Beautify Your Project with Custom Metal Fabrication

Photo by Grant Durr on Unsplash

You can beautify your home or business with a unique piece of custom metal fabrication. There are endless options for where you can add custom metal art to your property. At MFR Corp., we specialize in making metal pieces that enhance the beauty of your living or working areas. Here are several ideas to spark your thinking about where you can use decorative metal pieces to add beauty to your spaces.

Adding Beauty

Metal art is not only beautiful, but it is long-lasting and virtually indestructible. You can create whatever ambiance you like with your own custom piece of metal artwork. These are several areas where you can add beauty with custom metal pieces. Here are just a few ideas:
  • A decorative iron stairwell conveys elegance and sophistication.
  • Custom garden sculptures and benches can add whimsy or a peaceful feeling in your outdoor spaces.
  • A playground bench can feature your company logo.
  • Freestanding archways can highlight your family or company name.
  • A custom metal insert in a concrete wall can soften the look and add a creative touch.
  • Exterior metal fences can show off organic or geometric designs.
You can boost curb appeal with custom metal pieces. They can also be used to bring beauty into your home or office space. We can incorporate any logo or motif you like, or we will suggest designs if you don’t have anything specific in mind. When you select a design that fits your space, you will instantly add a unique touch that will impress your family, friends, and business associates.

Selecting Your Design

We welcome all types of design ideas. If you have seen a design you like on social media, in a magazine, or on a television show, be sure to save a picture or share the link with us. We will also work with your photographs and personal sketches. Our team of design engineers will scan your design into our system. We will then provide a draft of how your design will look in the intended space.

No creative challenge is too great for us. We are ready to take on whatever project you have, and we will adjust to your feedback at every step of the design and installation process. You set the budget, and we’ll suggest the types of materials that are available for each price point. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we won’t quit until you are happy with the final outcome.

More Inspiration

If you still aren’t sure where custom metal fabrication will work best for you, we can help you decide. We will visit your site and make suggestions for the best type of custom metal work for your space. We can show you past client projects to help you dream about designs that may work in your home or business.

Your Custom Metal Fabrication Project

Contact the experts at MFR Corp. to start designing your own custom metal piece that will beautify your property. You can call us at 815-552-3333 or send an email to [email protected] to talk with one of our experienced staff members. We’re excited to discuss your ideas with you!

Why You Need a Quality Playground Fence

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Why You Need a Quality Playground Fence

Photo by nik radzi on Unsplash

Do you have a playground area that could benefit from the addition of a playground fence? Our fence systems keep children safe while they are playing. A strong, sturdy fence will provide years of benefits to your home or business.

Why a Playground Fence Is Important

The safety of children is paramount on playgrounds. Playground fencing helps designate a boundary for children. They will know not to travel outside the fenced area during playtime. If their balls or toys roll away from them, a fence will keep them enclosed and safe from the street. It can also assist caregivers in their monitoring roles.

Some studies show that children feel more relaxed when playing in an enclosed area as opposed to an area with no fence. Children like fencing because it helps them feel safe. They will have more freedom and security when playing in a fenced area. The fence will also keep pedestrians and vehicles from entering the play area. It will enhance the look of your property while protecting children. We have various options available to complement your building aesthetic.

Where a Playground Fence Is Needed

There are many applications where playground fencing is a benefit. We provide fencing options according to your needs and budget. Consider putting up a fence if you have a playground in any of these areas:

  • Homes
  • Commercial of Home Daycare Facilities
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Commercial Buildings

A playground fence is needed in all of these areas to protect children and decrease liability concerns. You can allow children to play with greater peace of mind knowing that a fence is securing them. The right fence will add both security and beauty to your property.

The Design Process

Fencing solutions must be secure and able to hold up in all kinds of weather conditions. At MFR Corp., we can provide a fencing solution that will protect children and line up with your budget. We will visit your property to determine your needs. Then we will design some computer-based drafts of fencing options based on your budget requirements. We have several different options for materials and finishes. When you approve the final design, we will begin the installation. We aren’t finished until you sign off as a satisfied customer. 

If you need inspiration for types of fence that are available, you can view examples of our past playground projects. We can also show you local properties where our playground fences are in use. Our staff will do whatever it takes to help you choose the right fence. Contact us today at 815-552-3333 or [email protected] to get started.