Gate System Specifications

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Ornamental Fences and Gates
Section 32 31 00

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SECTION 32 31 00

A. Provide steel fence framing and ornamental fences and gates of the following type:
Choose applicable fence and gate components from the following:
1. Wire mesh fence panels.
2. Inclined section (formed main bar) fence panels.
3. Swing gates matching adjacent fence panels.
4. Sliding gates matching adjacent fence panels.

B. Related Work Specified Elsewhere:
1. Concrete Work: Section _________
Consult motor operator manufacturers for guidance in specifying operator systems. 
2. Motor Operator For Gates: Section _____
3. Electrical Work In Connection With Motor Operated Gates: Division 16 ELECTRICAL.

A. Polyester Powder Coating:
1. Salt Spray Resistance: When tested in accordance with ASTM B117, Bonderite 1000 steel panels, in a scored condition, exhibit no undercutting after 500 hours in 5 percent salt spray testing at 95 degrees F and 95 percent relative humidity. No rusting or blistering on panel face. Under the same conditions after 1000 hours, the panels showed less than 3/16 inch undercutting.
2. Weatherability: When tested in accordance with ASTM D822, with one year exposure in South Florida, with panels facing south and tilted at a 45 degree angle, a high gloss white polyester coating retains 88 percent of its gloss (gloss reading obtained on washed panels). No film failure.
3. Hardness: 2 H (min) when measured in accordance with ASTM D3363.
4. Direct Impact: Up to 160 in./lbs. when measured in accordance with ASTM D2794.
B. Polyurethane Coating: Tests below conducted on Bonderite 1000 panels at 1.0 mil dry film thickness, cured for 30 minutes at 180 degrees F and aged 14 days at room temperature (25 degrees C). Results of each test: Excellent or no failure.
1. 5 percent salt spray: 500 hours.
2. 100 percent relative humidity: 1000 hours.
3. Water immersion: 100 hours.
4. Lacquer thinner, acetone, MEK, gasoline, xylene - 20 double rubs with saturated cloth.
5. Lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids, and cutting oils.
6. Cold Check: 16 cycles, 24 hours at 100 percent humidity; 24 hours at 10 degrees F; 24 hours at 77 degrees F.
7. Pencil Hardness: H to 2H.
8. Flexibility: 1/8 inch conical mandrel.

A. Product Data: Submit manufacturer's technical data for ornamental fences and gates.
B. Samples: For each fence panel type selected, submit one representative sample approximately 8 inches by 10 inches, showing fabrication workmanship and selected coating color.
C. Shop Drawings: Submit shop drawings for ornamental fences and gates, including plan layout and details illustrating fence height, location and sizes of support posts, footing requirements, gates and gate hardware.
If specifying motor operated gates, retain the following paragraph.
1. For motor operated gates, include details of provisions to accommodate motor operator components.

A. Products specified herein are components of the "MFR Gate System", and produced by MFR Manufacturing Corp, Inc. Aurora, IL  60506, Tel: 815-552-3333, Fax: 815-552-3315
A. Fabrication: Fence panel components shall be manufactured using the electro-forge welding process for complete penetration of cross members.
B. Configuration: Fence panels and support components shall be fabricated to the configurations shown on the contract drawings.