How to Get Started with Your Future Railing Systems in 3 Steps

How to Get Started with Your Future Railing Systems in 3 Steps

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  • Post published:July 12, 2023

Choosing the right future railing system for your commercial property can be tough. There are many factors to consider, such as the material used, overall cost, longevity of your investment, and general maintenance timeline. Of course, there are many other elements that can factor into your final choice of railing systems. Furthermore, bundling an investment in a new railing system with other metal fabrications such as gates and fencing solutions is a great way to add protection, beauty, and value to your property in one step. Working with the right team is the simplest way to make smart choices on all of your metal fabrication investments. 

We are here to help at MFR Corp with our METALCO solutions. We provide stunning railing systems selections for all types of corporations and property needs. MFR Manufacturing also provides 100% customizable railing systems options for your convenience. We guarantee a perfect solution for your needs, especially if you require extra features such as razor wire, oversized railings, or intricate designs. Contact us or fill out our simple online information form to get started. 

Here are some easy steps you can take to begin your future railing system project at MFR Corp today. 

Why You Should Choose MFR Corp Railing Systems

At MFR Corp, we take our craftsmanship and design process seriously and consider every aspect of a reliable railing solution. With close attention to durability, we use high-quality material sourced locally in the United States. As a US-based company, we care about supporting our local economy, keeping jobs in the United States, and using materials we can trust in your METALCO products. All of this is so ingrained in our mission statement that we also provide a twenty-year standard warranty on our products. To learn more about what is covered in this warranty, you can review the policy on our website. 

Another reason to choose MFR Manufacturing for your railing systems is because we offer intricate designs and custom detailing. Some companies don’t offer custom detailing with their railing systems, but we believe it is important to give your property both personality and functionality. We can add beautiful handrails and complex detailing for all of our pre-designed solutions. Plus, you can team up with our designers to share your own ideas in our customization process. 

Sneak Peek at Popular Railing Systems

Let’s take a sneak peek at some of our popular pre-designed railing systems solutions at MFR Corp. These options can be used as-is or further customized with personalized detailing and helpful features. See these designs in action by reviewing some of our past projects in our online portfolio. 

  • Grigliato Railing Systems


First up is our Grigliato railing system. This matches business properties of all kinds with a fluid and functional flow. Furthermore, adding features on as needed makes this solution easy to customize while maintaining a beautiful aesthetic. With its lightweight framework, it doesn’t feel bulky or take up too much space, and it comes in a wide variety of color selections. The Grigliato is a vibrant and beautiful solution for any property, using high-quality METALCO metal products and protected under our standard warranty. 

  • SELECT Railing Systems 


Another option is our SELECT railing systems. You get the same wide range of additional features, style options, and colors with our SELECT design. However, this option also provides beautiful perforated paneling, woven wire detailing, and other intricate options for extra decorative appeal. This is a great option for those who want to add a little more flair and personalization to their property. Our METALCO SELECT railing systems are a great investment for your property and can even help increase your property’s value. 

  • Custom Commercial Railing Systems


Of course, if neither of those options suit your needs, you can choose the custom railing system route instead. You can customize one of our existing solutions to better suit your design needs or start 100% from scratch. As you meet with our team of designers and engineers, we work through CAD drawings and blueprints to make your design a reality. We also work directly with local architecture and exterior design professionals to incorporate new railing system designs into local construction projects. Learn more about working one-on-one with us for a custom project by checking our custom projects page today. 

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Contact MFR Corp Today!

Whatever you desire for your new railing system, we are here to help make it a reality at MFR CORP. Our team of METALCO experts has been in the railing system industry for over 25 years. We use eco-friendly material and processes that have helped earn us LEED certification. You can learn more about us and our processes on our website anytime. We invite you to shop current railing system solutions and review past projects to help inform your investment, then reach out to us to begin your future railing system process. Call us today at 815-472-9086 for more information.


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