Facade Cladding Systems: Enhancing Architecture with Metal Art

Facade Cladding Systems: Enhancing Architecture with Metal Art

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  • Post published:April 11, 2024

You can easily enhance architecture with the right design features. Any property can be elevated with the right facade cladding systems and architectural metal art detailing. That is where the MFR Corp METALCO team can help. We are dedicated to crafting the most innovative, durable, and beautiful architectural metal art pieces and facade cladding systems for your needs. Our team of seasoned engineers and designers works with local business owners, homeowners, and architects to make design dreams a reality. We also use 100% US-sourced materials. In fact, our company is entirely based in the United States, and we are dedicated to using sustainable, locally sourced, high-quality metals for every design we create.

For all of your gate, railing, screen, fence, and facade cladding systems; we are here to help. Explore our website to learn more or contact us today to get started with your future metal art piece.

Introduction to METALCO Facade Cladding Systems 

At MFR Corp, we are proud to specialize in a wide range of stunning facade cladding systems and configurations. Each project becomes a custom design-to-build fabrication that’s unique to your needs and aesthetic desires. We thrive on the challenge of using the latest and most cutting-edge technology together with durable materials to craft beautiful designs. Our job is to take your ideas and turn it into reality in an elegant finished product for your property.  

By using computer-aided systems and drawings (CAD), we are able to craft detailed blueprints for each design, which allows greater precision and fine-tuning before the final manufacturing process. We collaborate closely with our clients and local architects to always ensure the finished product is precise, well-crafted, and built to last. Furthermore, we ensure that every design considers environmentally responsible measures, our 25+ years of expertise, and our standard 20-year warranty protection. 

Applications for Our Facade Cladding Designs 

Our team of engineers and architects is here to help you choose the right facade cladding systems. There are many possible applications for a facade system; therefore, it’s critical to know what you’re looking for in detail. That’s where we come in!

Our screening systems allow greater privacy, protection, reduced visual and noise pollution, added property value, aesthetic beauty, and overall security. Additionally, you can use our system across a wide variety of applications. This can include parking garages, planting screens, local park systems, schools, and building facades. Our architectural building facade screens are a great investment for all types of properties or projects. 

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Facade Styles to Choose From

At MFR Corp, we have a few standard screen facade systems to choose from. These include our Grigliato and Grigliato SC Louver designs, as well as our Select Screen system. Of course, you can also choose to craft a fully customized option, working one-on-one with our team of engineers and designers. Each standard design has its unique properties and features to consider.

Our Grigliato facade cladding is a screen and curtain system based on our architectural grille panels. We do offer a wide selection of panel sizes and mesh detail sizing to customize this design to your current property aesthetic and existing infrastructure. With this option, special design effects can also be created using different paneling types. We consider everything from load resistance to visual needs and airflow restriction when choosing which aspects to add or eliminate from each project. Our engineering team is your best point of contact for all your practical solutions. 

This design is similar to our Grigliato. The difference is in the visual screening effect–our SC system consists of louvers for visual privacy as desired. However, the rest of the process is identical. We take into account any important factors that are critical to your functional, stunning, and durable design investment. 

Finally, our Select Screen facade cladding system is a great option for those who like our Select architectural paneling. This design pairs well with our Select railing designs and can create a stunning effect on any property. You can choose from a large selection of custom panel types to create any function. As usual, our selection of colors and finishes in our eco-friendly powder coating solutions make it possible to match your design to existing infrastructure  on your property. 

Your Future Facade Cladding Systems Await with MFR Corp Solutions!

Your future facade cladding systems await with our team at MFR Corp METALCO. We are always happy to meet with you to discuss your facade cladding ideas. With our site’s large library of past projects, you can brainstorm ideas and save examples of your desired outcome. 

Our custom engineers and design committee can help you take these ideas and turn them into a project that best suits your property’s needs. With everything from airflow to current infrastructure on your project examined, we take a detailed approach to crafting the best facade cladding systems for your needs. Learn more and connect with us to begin your future design today!


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