Screen System Insights: The Art of Screen Facade Architecture
Metalco Facade Screen

Screen System Insights: The Art of Screen Facade Architecture

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  • Post published:January 25, 2024

Screen systems and screen facades can both add style, functionality, and value to your commercial property. Choosing the right style and features for your screen facade system requires knowing your needs. We can help at MFR Corp. Our METALCO screen systems give you more versatility, durability, and functionality, all bundled into a convenient design that fits your current aesthetic. We can match our screen facade systems to existing fence, gate, or rail architecture on your property.

MFR Corp has been providing the nation with stunning and reliable METALCO designs for over 30 years. Our designs pair the latest systems in cutting-edge technology with innovative design and durable materials. We are an entirely USA-based company, and we source all of our high-quality metal materials from right here in the USA. To learn more about us, our mission, and our past projects, visit our website. 

Here is a sneak peek at the art of screen facade architecture with MFR Corp. 

Applications for a Screen System

There are many applications for a screen system. Your project design will vary depending on the size and scope of your screening needs. Many companies add a screen facade system with architectural metal cladding for building facades, parking garage screens, or screening on project sites such as parks, gardens, educational institutions, etc. The possibilities are endless in terms of where a screen system might be a valuable addition. 

Getting Started with a Screen System from MFR Corp

When you have made the choice to add a screen system to your property, we’ll be happy to help guide you. We recommend checking out some of our past projects on our website for some inspiration. We offer custom options for our screen systems, as well as pre-designed styles. 

Our three main styles are the Grigliato, the Grigliato SC Louver Screen, and the METALCO Select. We invite you to learn more about each of these styles to discover which best fits your desired aesthetic and property needs. If you have questions, our knowledgeable and friendly team of MFR Corp representatives is always happy to answer your questions. 

The Grigliato Design

Our Grigliato design is one of our most popular screen system investments. The Grigliato can accommodate all types of design needs and has been successfully incorporated into numerous projects across the country. Our METALCO Grigliato design showcases architecture grille paneling and can even be used with Grigliato SC louver panels. 

We offer a large selection of mesh sizes as well as panel detailing which can be altered to best suit your aesthetic and needs. We can also provide specialist design effects by combining different panel types together to create patterns. It is worth considering design requirements that might be necessary for your corporation, such as airflow, wind resistance, visual screening, noise reduction, structural support systems, etc. Our team can help bring all of these necessary elements together in one smooth Grigliato design.

Grigliato SC Louver Screen System

Next up is the Grigliato SC Louver screen system style. This style is ideal for fence or facade projects where visual privacy is a top priority. It allows high levels of privacy without restricting airflow. We offer a horizontal screening option with 100%, 80%, or 60% horizontal screening, depending on your needs. As with the standard Grigliato, combining mesh sizes and paneling can create unique designs that help your corporation stand out visually. 

MFR Corp Select Screen System

Finally, we have our MFR Corp Select screen system style. This design comes with a wide range and design options for mesh paneling. We offer larger mesh options for properties that require a higher amount of visual transparency but still want the division of a screen system. We also offer smaller options to create easier climbability and function design criteria. Our team can help you make the right choice in style and design features for crafting your unique screening solution. 

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Benefits of Having a Screen System

There are many benefits of investing in a screen or screen facade system from MFR Corp. First of all, you can have greater protection, privacy, visual and noise reduction, and an increased level of basic security on your property. You can keep prying eyes out, add beauty to your property, and increase client privacy all at the same time. Secondly, adding the right design can actually raise the overall value of your property and the neighborhood your business is located in as well. 

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of investing in stunning screen system pieces is the everyday application and functionality for your corporation. Whatever your reasons might be for investing in METALCO products and screen system solutions, we are eager to help make your project dreams a reality. 

Contact Us to Start Your Design

If you are ready to put your screen facade system solutions into action, don’t wait. Our team at MFR Corp is ready to answer your questions, review project ideas, and make your project happen. Visit our website or contact us via phone at 815-893-2920 today to begin. 


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