Adaptable Railing Systems: Different Types of Metal Designs

Adaptable Railing Systems: Different Types of Metal Designs

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  • Post published:March 11, 2024

Elegant and functional railing systems are a good investment for all types of properties. From industrial properties seeking secure enclosure to educational institutions, sporting facilities, local small businesses and beyond, everyone can benefit from adaptable railing choices. 

Our team of MFR Corp METALCO solutions providers is dedicated to crafting the most innovative, stylish, functional, and durable metal railing options on the market. We have served companies across the United States with stunning and precise adaptable railing choices. When it comes to making the right investment for your property, our American-made solutions offer more customizable options and durable solutions than competitors. 

Learn more about our mission, our materials, and our adaptable railing systems on our website or by reaching out to meet one-on-one with our team of designers. Here is your guide to the numerous different types of metal designs with our railing systems solutions at MFR Corp. 

A Railing System Solution for Everyone’s Needs

At MFR Corp, we pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of adaptable railing systems options. After all, no two companies will require the same investment, and everyone is unique. Therefore, we offer standard railing system options that can be further customized to suit your individual needs. Our two main designs are the Select and the Grigliato railing systems. 

However, we also provide a 100% custom process where you meet directly with a team of engineers and designers. This allows you to create your railing system design from scratch to ensure all the features and functions you require. Plus, you can choose different finishes and color coatings that match your property’s current aesthetics or add a new flair to your premises. If security is a concern, we also have mesh and metal detailing features that add extra protection and privacy in style. 

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Railing Systems: The Grigliato

Our Grigliato railing system is a rigid, yet versatile option that adds beauty and function to any property. This design uses an ornamental panel pattern, which can be customized to the scope or sizing you need. If you are seeking more transparency on your property, you can add larger mesh spacing, or for more privacy opt for tighter mesh openings. The possibilities are endless. It’s no wonder the Grigliato system is one of the most popular railing system solutions nationwide.

This design also uses entirely American-made products and sourced metal, as do all of our products at MFR Corp. Thanks to using electro-forged cross rods, this design is strong and durable and covered under our twenty-year warranty.

Flexible Railing System: The Select

Our Select railing system also has much to offer in unlimited style and color combinations. It is known for its unparalleled design flexibility. Using high-quality materials, this panel and frame combination can be customized to your project needs with different panel sizes. As with all of our designs, you can choose the powder coating finish and color that best fits your property needs. Our eco-friendly powder coating solutions make for smooth, easy application with less waste and runoff. Learn more about our LEED certification initiative on our website!

Unparalleled Security & Protection with Flexible Railing Designs

Our team at MFR Corp Solutions is also dedicated to putting your privacy, protection, and security first with every METALCO design we craft. Therefore, we have invested in innovative design systems. Our computer-aided drawings (CAD) allow us to create designs with greater precision and attention to detail. As a result, we are able to strengthen the designs we craft for more reliability and greater protection overall. 

When it comes to adaptable railing systems you can rely on, ours are stronger, more durable, and more beautiful than the competition, thanks to our using American-made materials. Our galvanized steel process adds even more strength to our products by creating metal paneling which is virtually wire cutter-resistant. If adding style to your property as well as extra privacy or protection is a priority, then we can help. 

Other Aspects to Consider for Railing Systems

Finally, it’s worth considering a few of the other aspects we offer at MFR Corp that set us apart from other railing system companies. You will want to consider the cost-effectiveness of any design you are investing in. Cost-effectiveness does not only mean the initial cost or investment but also the longevity and the upkeep of the product. Our railing systems require little to no upkeep and are made to withstand more natural factors. 

With durable materials, you won’t require expensive replacements and repairs as often as other types of railing investments. Therefore, you save money upfront on American-made railing system designs and in the long term with little to no upkeep and greater longevity. 

Finding Your Perfect Adaptable Railing Design 

Finding your perfect railing system is simple when you choose our team at MFR Corp. We are always happy to answer your questions and help pair you with the best option for your individual needs. You can learn more about each of our railing system designs on our website. We also share past projects and railing systems examples in our gallery. This can be a great way for you to brainstorm ideas for your custom project or to save similar styles that might pair well with your property. 

MFR Corp METALCO Railing Systems: Get Started!

If you’re ready to pursue your future railing system design, don’t wait. Contact our team at MFR Corp for METALCO flexible railing systems. We offer a free consultation process where you can meet with us to discuss all of your design needs. We are eager to help make all of your fence, gate, screen, and railing systems needs happen! Call now at 815-472-9086 to learn more.


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