High-Security Fence Systems: The Promise of Protection

High-Security Fence Systems: The Promise of Protection

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  • Post published:February 13, 2024

If your company desires some extra protection and privacy, check out high-security fence systems from MFR Corp. Our METALCO products are designed to withstand more natural and manmade forces than competing options.  They’re made with reliable, durable, and high-quality metal materials. When it comes to a high-security fence system that you can rely on for greater asset and personal protection, we deliver. Learn more about all we have to offer with our high-quality and innovative designs at MFR Corp’s website, and connect with our team to begin your personalized design today! Here is our promise of protection with high-security fence systems from our seasoned team of engineers and designers at MFR Corp. 

Our Line of Fence Systems

MFR Corp provides four main fence system designs. Each has its own features and perks. However, when it comes to high-security fence systems, our Securite fence system is the most robust investment. We will also discuss how a 100% custom design might be a great option for those seeking personalized and unique high-security features for their fence system.  In addition to the anti-cut, anti-climb, and anti-ligature features offered by the Metalco SECURITE fence system, other styles are available to accommodate desired designs and features. Choose our GRIGLIATO system for a rigid ornamental grille style, or the Metalco TWINBAR and AMEGO fence products as a superior alternative to a chain-link security fence.

Meet the SECURITE Fence System from METALCO Solutions 

Our Securite fence system is the most sought-after product for high-security fencing. You can review the CAD drawings for this design in our website library to get a better idea of dimensions and specifications. While these typical CAD details are available, all METALCO Security Fence products are highly customizable and can have features added as desired. 

Our CAD process allows customers to ensure order accuracy for best results in their perimeter security investment. Design precision matters, because the higher precision equals greater protection and security for your property. Whatever type of commercial property you own, protection, privacy, and reduced visual noise can all make a difference in everyday operations. Our affordable and durable high-security fence systems mean you can invest in all these things without compromising style or beauty. 

Mesh Design and Anti-Climb Protection

Our Securite fence designs use a specialized 358 Security Mesh grid-lock design, which makes them virtually unclimbable and wire cutter-resistant. These anti-ligature fence features are one of your biggest protections against theft, vandalism, and other forms of crime. Additionally, you can reinforce your high-security fence systems with V-bends, razor wire detailing or barbed wire detailing, and vandal-resistant hardware features. All of these details increase the protection and security for a wide variety of commercial applications. 

Finishes & Galvanized Steel Processes 

Furthermore, the team at MFR Corp is dedicated to ensuring your high-security fence system not only functions well in terms of security but also has increased aesthetic value. That is why we offer a wide selection of finishes and powder coating options. Our powder coating system is also more efficient and eco-friendly for painting the finish and color of your choosing. This can increase the aesthetics and overall value of your property. Plus, with features like anti-corrosion properties, you can ensure your investment will last longer with little to no upkeep required. This is all covered by our standard twenty-year warranty. 

Finally, our galvanized steel process adds even more protection and value to your high-security fence system investment. We finish our welded wire mesh fence panels with a galvanized polymer powder coating process. This seals in the beauty and durability of your METALCO investment. It creates a solution that withstands all types of weather environments. 


Places that Might Require High-Security Fence Systems

So, who can use a high-security fence system? Anyone – no assets are too insignificant to receive the added protection a high-security fence system can provide. However, these fence systems are ideal for commercial properties. Detention and correctional facilities, military facilities, and mental/behavioral health locations can all require a secure perimeter fence.

Custom Options for Your High-Security Fence System Needs

Of course, sometimes a pre-designed option is not the right fit for your needs, even with extra features added to it. That is why our team also provides a 100% custom option. You get to work directly with our team of expert engineers and designers to craft a solution that meets your exact specifications. We can provide secure gate automated systems that pair with your high-security fence investment for greater security overall. Learn more about our custom METALCO process today!

Contact MFR Corp to Learn More Today!

If you are in the market for a high-security fence system, look no further. Our team at MFR Corp is dedicated to exceptional solutions for all of your fence, gate, and rail system needs. We also provide 100% custom solutions for your commercial property, no matter the scope or scale of the site. Our anti-climb and wire cutter-resistant grid-lock mesh design adds some of the best protection for your property. When it comes to a secure promise of protection, it does not get any better than working with our dedicated team of engineers and designers at MFR Corp Solutions. Learn for yourself the MFR Corp difference, get a free quote, and begin your high-security fence systems journey today. 


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