3 Types of Fencing that You Want to Avoid Installing for Your Enterprise

3 Types of Fencing that You Want to Avoid Installing for Your Enterprise

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  • Post published:May 29, 2023

Finding the right fencing options for your business is an important part of running an enterprise. Why? Because the visual aesthetic of your business can say a lot about the reputation of your corporation and can affect your customer service ratings. With so many options on the market today, this can sometimes seem like an impossible task. 

However, learning which fence system options to avoid can help you narrow down your search. We are happy to help with our METALCO fence systems at MFR Corp. When you shop our fence options, you can rest assured that you are receiving high-quality, long-lasting solutions made right here in the United States.

Learn more about our reliable, affordable, locally-sourced fence systems, view past projects, and get inspired by our website today. Want to learn more? Contact us for your consultation anytime. 

Here are three types of fencing that you want to avoid installing for your enterprise. 

Weak Chain-Link Fencing Options Versus Strong Grid Technology 

The first type of fencing to avoid at your business is weak chain-link. When it comes to fence options, chain-link fencing is commonly used but it’s not a very reliable type of fencing. At MFR Corp, we take a different approach to your fencing solutions by using powerful grid-lock technology. Our mission is to always put quality and durability over cheap materials that won’t withstand aging. This is backed by our standard twenty-year warranty. 

Furthermore, traditional chain-link fences are vulnerable to weather conditions like strong winds or heavy rainfall. These issues can quickly corrode weaker fence materials. In contrast, our fences are designed to withstand strong weather patterns over time. Furthermore, this can save you money down the road on costly repairs or fence replacements. 

One final key aspect of MFR Manufacturing’s alternatives to chain-link is our amazing and unique grid-lock technology. As mentioned above, our grid-lock system is patented and is virtually non-climbable and wire cutter-resistant. This makes it a wise investment for your business. Not only will our fence options last longer than chain-link versions but they are also better prepared against many types of crime. From theft to vandalism to break-ins, we have you covered with robust fencing options. 

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Boring, Plain Concrete

Another option that often seems like a good investment but can have many issues is concrete fencing. Concrete is strong, but is not as durable long-term because it can crack with freezing and thawing patterns. When concrete cracks, moisture can gather in crevices and lead to plant growth, which creates an overgrown and messy appearance. Furthermore, concrete is a little boring for the main structure of your business’s fencing solutions. If it’s functionality, beauty, and security you’re seeking, concrete isn’t the best option on the market today. 

While concrete does have its useful applications, fencing options in METALCO fabrications are a better overall investment for your corporation. MFR Corp’s fencing options are highly customizable, allowing you to work one-on-one with our team of engineers. 

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Wooden and Split-Rail Fences 

Wooden fences are a classic approach to fencing solutions for local businesses. However, they often scream “small-scale and low security,” which are two qualities most corporations do not want to project to their customers. Instead, a metal fabrication made right here in the USA is a great investment that gives your business authority, reliability, and a tailored appearance. Our fencing options can even help increase the overall value of your property. 

Another issue with wooden or split-rail fences is how easily they succumb to weather conditions over time. Wooden fences can easily begin to rot and fall apart, especially in areas that experience extreme weather patterns and storms. Therefore, investing in a wooden option for your fencing solutions often means continual repairs and upkeep costs. Plus, there are labor costs for repairs so your property maintains an excellent appearance. For a functional, long-lasting fence solution that adds beauty, value, and a unique appearance to your property, choose MFR Corp’s fence options today! Due to our 20-year limited warranty, METALCO products are maintenance-free fence systems!

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Better fencing options are available than wooden, concrete, or traditional chain-links. When you shop our wide selection of fabricated METALCO designs at MFR Corp, you get quality, long-lasting solutions. Our 100% customized fencing options make it simple to tailor your fencing investment to your exact needs at an affordable cost. Learn more about our fencing solutions by visiting our website or reaching out to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives today! Contact us by calling 815-318-0843 for your quote. 


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