Architectural Metal Art: 6 Beneficial Uses

Architectural Metal Art: 6 Beneficial Uses

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  • Post published:November 18, 2020

Architectural metal art is a design choice you see every day. You’ll notice the patterns on hotel grounds, government buildings, and train stations. College campuses also use metal railings and general décor to add more prestige to their grounds. As a result, the crafting possibilities of metal make for many uses. These options might be overwhelming.

The question is the same for people in charge of corporations, homeowners, and self-owned businesses: how can architectural metal art best serve my brand? Ultimately you want to consider which element of your project will benefit. Whether you’re upgrading or starting from scratch, metal innovation is an investment that you’ll want to explore.

Innovative Railings

Architectural metal art railings are a popular option for busy destinations. Railings can provide safety structures for upper levels, ramps, and stairwells. Naturally, some railing installations are for aesthetics only.

Custom-built architectural railings work for both. Metal allows architects to mimic or create popular styles, even if the railings prioritize sturdiness over flashiness. In addition, décor demands can be met within budget since the option to blueprint is available. This way, you won’t be pressured into choosing 1 of 3 styles—this design is yours to shape.

MFR’s engineers work alongside your ideas so you can keep up with progress. As a result, our railings are securely installed, even when the metal is just for decoration. We can match pre-existing aesthetics, design new schemes, or plan a mix of the two.

Wall and Paneling Décor

Shopping districts and educational centers use metal walls and paneling décor to create an atmosphere. Keep this in mind if you are responsible for putting together a new playground area. Perhaps life-sized cutouts of children or animals can create a fun setting? You have creative options.

Architectural metal art can entice customers to check out retail centers, too. Boutique shops can especially benefit, because their target audience usually appreciates an artistic storefront. Paneling designs fit right in with “old downtown” areas. Even better, metal wall art can be customized to fit in with quaint structures, but can add a fresh element. The uses are endless.

Our engineering team understands your creative wants. We’ve designed wall and paneling décor for several audiences, including college town hubs and retirement communities.

Again, your designs plus our expert crafters will reach your preferred audience so you won’t have to think about replacing art that you weren’t 100% into. We offer estimates for several styles and planning options. Look to MFR for your custom metal needs.

Replace Old Structures with Eco-Friendly Options

“Green” regulations are an important factor in design planning. Architectural metal art can meet these standards in different ways. Metalcraft offers environmentally-friendly upgrades that will last over time and avoid corrosion.

Our exclusive Metalco Products Division uses powder coatings that provide railings and paneling with organic, high-quality textures. These finished surfaces are environmentally-friendly due to the lack of harmful solvents. Powder coating is solvent-free and applied with great care by our technicians.

Our superior coating system protects against harsh weather conditions. You’ll save money by avoiding constant replacements. Maintenance woes won’t become a regular occurrence. On top of the “green” factor, architectural metal art is priced nearly the same as regular paint coats.

More eco-friendly upgrades are always useful for meeting standards. Adding low cost and anti-corrosive properties? This is a win. Go ahead and contact us for a quote.

Sprucing Up Patios

Patios are companions for our homes, businesses, and public gathering places, and they can be built with the right materials on a budget. Despite the variety, all patios have one thing in common: architectural metal art use appeals to an audience.

The aesthetics of a patio can be too simplistic, which is unfortunate. A lounging spot should present a comfortable vibe, and with social distancing in effect, patios will be used now more than ever. Patio upkeep will encourage these outside businesses.

You should consider jazzing up your business or backyard with custom architectural metal art. This will ensure that friends and customers return. Regular patrons will notice. Patio upkeep shows visitors that you take their business seriously. Sprucing up a location isn’t easy. We’ll work towards your décor goals. Give your patio the upgrade it needs.

Religious Iconography

A place of worship should have dignified architecture. Churches and mosques have a history of artistic decorations and structures. Many religious denominations prefer to continue this tradition by remodeling with religious iconography in mind – some rustic, some glossier.

Architectural metal art is perfect for meeting this need and shapeable for any style. MFR has been designing, perfecting, and producing innovative railing systems for over two decades. We’ll meet your vision with care and respect. Colors and imagery can be chosen to suit your practice. Don’t hesitate to check out our services.

Customized Architectural Metal Art

Here are the basics: your ideas plus our team of developers. We’ll collaborate with you to reach final design solutions that accommodate your project. Also, adding rails and paneling can help separate tables if you’re in the restaurant business. As a result, lively designs and colors let people know you’re open for business. This is a form of advertising in itself. Metal art is also a cost-saving measure to enhance every aspect of your direction.

Project sketches and photographs will provide a preview of your designs. As elements come together, you can steer the ship. Our engineering team will also offer design and material suggestions along the way. This is helpful if you’re not certain of the outcome you want. Our consultation will help you find the perfect solution.

At MFR, we can provide flashy or reserved patterns for your home project. Sports bars can model their metal shapes and panels after local favorites. Nightclubs can add structures with a party flair and a coating that captures moonlight. We are built for your ideas. Allow us to become part of your operation. Call us now to find out what your space is missing.


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