Decorative Railing Systems: What You Need to Know

Decorative Railing Systems: What You Need to Know

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  • Post published:January 25, 2022

You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for safety whenever it comes to a railing system. Decorative railing systems combine the best of both worlds. They contain high-performance steel and aesthetics that complement eccentric backdrops and surroundings. Custom designs can be implemented in virtually any location to accentuate beauty. 

When you combine form and function to provide value, then you receive the best project outcome.  These decorative railing systems follow OSHA guidelines to ensure optimal safety. Not to mention, the design options are profound, so clients can find a decorative solution that matches their creative vision. These include everything from intricate patterns to minimalistic designs. In the next section, we discuss different areas that could feature decorative railing systems. 

Where to Find Decorative Railing Systems

The locations for decorative railing systems are extensive. However, we will discuss some of the more common areas where you can find these systems implemented. For one, balconies and mezzanines are incredibly desirable locations. Both areas provide overlooks, so adding a decorative design can really add to the overall aesthetic of the location. 

Lobbies are another excellent area for decorative railing systems. The first area people enter in a building is generally the lobby. So, having something that stands out and grabs their attention is essential, which helps form a positive outlook on your building. Likewise, long walkways are fantastic locations to feature decorative designs to add excitement to an otherwise monotonous location.

For locations that feature frequent guests and visitors, such as public buildings, stadiums, venues, and hotels, decorative designs can really add to the beauty and the guest experience for each location. 

What Components are in a Railing System? 

Depending on the design of a project, railing systems can contain different components. However, here are some of the more essential components that you can find in most railing systems:

  • Top Rail: A top rail runs parallel to the floor and is the uppermost component in a railing system. 
  • Baluster: A baluster is a series of short posts or columns that supports the top rail. Although featured in most railing systems, not all feature a baluster. For example, glass railings do not have a support rail in the middle. 
  • Mid Rail: For additional support, some railing systems (but not all) have a middle rail that sits in between the top rail and the base of the railing. 
  • Toeboard:  Toeboards are required as a safety railing if there is a hazard of objects falling from the edge. So, high-rise railing systems must include a toeboard to protect individuals below. 
  • Handrail: Handrails provide physical stability, guidance, and support. They can either be mounted to the wall or supported by posts and are most common on stairs. 
  • Guardrail:  Guardrails protect people from falling off elevated locations. For optimal efficacy, they contain a top rail, baluster, and posts and are most commonly found on staircases, balconies, along hiking trails, high-rise mezzanines, etc. 

Metalco’s Stylish Steel Railing Solution

Metalco offers an unparalleled level of decorative design options and railing solutions, which include a 20-year warranty, are American-made, and environmentally friendly. Our fencing solution styles include:

  • Grigliato: This is our light and versatile solution. It contains many mesh patterns in a wide range of sizes and strengths. You can utilize small mesh patterns to prevent climbing or large mesh patterns to incorporate transparency. The rigidity of the Grigliato railing system comes from steel bars combined with electro forged cross rods. 
  • Select: Our “Select” railing option gets its name because we provide practically unlimited style selections, color combinations, and materials. The flexibility of our Select solution allows clients and architects to find the perfect match for their projects. These railing systems are made from the highest quality materials and we engineer our panel/frame combination to have a high level of rigidity. 
  • Custom: As the name suggests, our team of experts can design, engineer, and implement custom steel railing solutions. We only utilize proven components in our custom railing solutions to ensure high quality and avoid “trial by error” product design. 

Locations that Feature Metalco’s Decorative Railing Systems

Throughout our 25 year history, Metalco has had the pleasure of implementing our solutions in some of the most iconic locations in the United States. Here are just a few projects we are proud to say we were a part of:

  • Heinz Field – Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers: Ramp railing system, balcony railing system, fences and gates, stair rail system
  • LP Field- Home of the Tennessee Titans:  Approx. 8,200 custom panels for bleachers, balcony railings,  perimeter fence, ramps, gates,  and screens for exterior and interior areas
  • Maggie Daley Park – Chicago, IL: Custom designed playground fence
  • Staten Island Ferry Terminal – New York City, New York: Grigliato stair and balcony railing system

Metalco’s Craftsmanship Can Also Help You Achieve Your Client’s Vision

At Metalco, we pride ourselves on helping a client’s creative vision reach reality. With over two-and-a-half decades of experience creating decorative railing systems, no project is too big or small for our team.  We will work with you to find the railing solution that works best for your budget. If you would like to learn more about Metalco, our railing solutions, or any one of our other architectural solutions, do not hesitate to contact us today!


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