What to Look for When Sourcing Metal Fencing Panels

What to Look for When Sourcing Metal Fencing Panels

Metal fencing panels provide businesses with a viable solution to their security and privacy concerns. As an architect or business owner who is familiar with fence placement requirements, this project can be executed without too much hassle. You can only go ahead with a fencing project if you’re familiar with your area’s property lines and underground utility locations. Come up with a plan that shows the type of hardware and the number of metal posts you’ll need. You also need to be aware of your locality’s codes or regulations in regards to the recommended fence size, style, and installation. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the right style of panel suitable for your next fencing project.

Choosing the Right Metal Fencing Panels

Metal fencing panels are perfect for fencing commercial buildings, and even for residential settings. Consulting with the right industry experts in this matter will help you make an informed decision. Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing the right metal fencing option for your building:


You should inquire whether it’s possible to make some extra additions to the fence in the future. Obviously, investing in metal fencing panels that allow you to make a few adjustments and customizations is an added advantage. This could include adding an extra mesh in between the metal panels so you can block outsiders and get more security and privacy. 

A metal fencing panel that provides room for adding extra security will come in handy for homeowners or commercial building owners who want to keep prying eyes away. Ensure that the metal fencing panels you invest in can accommodate any changes you may want to undertake in the future. Knowing that your fencing project is flexible can help. It won’t feel like a final decision on a large investment.


Make sure you don’t find yourself in over your head if you choose to take on the project yourself. Consult with the right experts to be certain about your general installation plan. Afterwards, double-check that you have all the necessary parts before you begin the project. Getting everything right from the word go will help you make the right long-term decisions. 

To put your mind at ease about the project, you should ask about anything that seems too technical or unclear. By covering all your bases, you ensure that you’re investing in the right metal fencing panels to secure your business premises. 

Grade and Quality

Residential fence panels are great for homeowners. However, the right fencing for a business or commercial property is industrial-grade metal fencing panels. With the help of the fencing manufacturer, you’ll be better placed in making the right choice for your property. 

You’ll need to decide on the right grade, style, quality, and color of metal fencing panels that perfectly match your premises’ architecture. For instance, while a cheap fencing option may seem affordable upfront, it might end up costing you a lot down the road in terms of maintenance and repairs. Metal fencing panels are great for business premises because they can’t be bypassed easily.  

Powder coated metal fence panels last longer than their painted counterparts; powder coating aluminum or steel enhances durability. Ensure that the powder coating on the metal panels is at least 3 mm. and has been constructed using sturdy rails/battens. Fence panels built with flimsy rails will not last long when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Just imagine what the wind will do to shaky panels that creak and flex in your hands?


If the codes and regulations in your locality allow, consider purchasing a tall metal fencing option to protect your property at all times. While it’s wise to install a tall decorative fence on your property that is difficult to get over, you should ensure it’s not too tall to provide a hiding place for burglars. 

To get the best design of metal fencing that is within your budget and one that meets your property’s fencing needs calls for researching thoroughly and consulting extensively. Consider working with a company that offers a wide array of options in terms of fence height, décor, and customization options.


High-quality metal fencing panels often come with a lengthy warranty. Any reputable and established manufacturer of these panels will stand by its product by providing customers with a warranty of at least two years.

Why Choose Metalco’s Metal Fencing Panels?

Our existing and potential clients consider Metalco to be a leader in this industry because our metal fencing panels:

Our Metal Fencing Panels feature:

  •   Superior performance
  •   Anti-climb features
  •   Railing solutions
  •   Fending solutions
  •   Varying grades and styles
  •   Sturdy fencing for protecting plants in your garden from animals

The appearance of Metalco’s metal fencing panels:

  •   Decorative borders
  •   Weather and rust-resistant 
  •   Decorator colors powder coating
  •   Landscaping projects
  •   Available in custom styles
  •   Available in many heights


Decorative metal panels are perfect for drawing attention to areas of your landscape. You can never go wrong with the formal appearance of wrought iron that is made from aluminum, which is durable and easy to maintain. 

We at METALCO have the expertise and experience of handling commercial fencing projects for businesses in various industries. If you’re looking for the right Heavy-duty metal fencing panels that can beautifully stand the test of time, contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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