4 Ways We Can Help Your Business Find the Right Architectural Art

4 Ways We Can Help Your Business Find the Right Architectural Art

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  • Post published:October 26, 2022

If you are a business owner looking to add beauty, value, and custom aesthetics to your property, you have come to the right place. MFR Corp’s Metalco-crafted products are all made here in the United States with sustainable steel and metal materials. Our Metalco products include custom fencing, gating, railing, screen, and architectural art solutions tailored to your business’s needs. When you contact us, we will set up an initial consultation to take your ideas and make them a reality. You’ll get the chance to work one-on-one with our seasoned professional designers and engineers for all your architectural art project designs. 

Read on to learn four ways MFR Corp’s team of Metalco professionals can help your business find the right architectural art pieces for your property. We also provide a standard twenty-year warranty that guarantees your architectural wonders will last for years to come. Visit our website to learn more and get started with your personal project needs. 

Your Visions Can Be Made Real

At MFR Corp, we build custom designs for all your architectural art projects. We have experience in taking a raw concept and making it a reality through our streamlined design process. We offer CAD drawings on our website to help provide some inspiration. During the process, we take your ideas and discuss elements and features that can add beauty and value to your property. 

Then we sketch out an initial CAD drawing and design for your project, meeting with you to discuss changes. Once your design is approved, we begin our engineering and manufacturing process. During the entire process, from start to finish, we work closely with our clients to give them assurance, input, and collaboration on engineering decisions, costs, style preferences, and structural evaluations. 

Warranties That Protect Your Investment

Second, we provide a standard twenty-year warranty on all our metal fabrications at MFR Corp. This includes our unique architectural art pieces. Our warranty helps protect your investment in your property while adding value to your business. The warranty covers weatherability, corrosion protection, and other factors due to natural aging. Since we use a steel-galvanizing process and an eco-friendly powder coating on our Metalco pieces, we can ensure they last longer without the need for costly repairs. 

Using Quality Steel Materials 

The third way we can help ensure your business finds the right architectural art pieces is by using quality steel metal materials sourced here in the USA. Other companies employ materials shipped from overseas to cut corners and costs. However, they result in weak metal fabrications which are prone to corrosion and weather damage. At MFR Corp, we pride ourselves on working with local businesses across the country to provide quality metal architectural art precisely customized to their needs. We have earned ourselves a LEED certification for our eco-friendly and environmentally conscious metal solutions. 

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State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Technology

Finally, we can help you achieve all of your architectural art dreams with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Our systems enable our expert engineers to take pride in their detailed workmanship to tailor custom solutions for your business. After you meet with us, our manufacturing team takes the reins, working with your unique niche, project needs, and style requests to make your dream a reality.  

Contact MFR Corp for Your Custom Solutions Consultation

MFR Corp is eager to invest in the future of your business through added beauty and property value. Our metal products will last a lifetime while adding value to your place of business. We also have years of experience working with businesses of all types, from local post offices to large sports corporations. 

Do you have a vision for an architectural art piece that you want installed on your property? Reach out to our custom design team today! You can review past projects, CAD drawings, and other helpful resources on our website to brainstorm ideas. Contact MFR Corp today, or visit our website to learn more about our architectural art projects and get started with your free consultation. 


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