Aesthetic Fence Systems To Ensure Your Building’s Security

Aesthetic Fence Systems To Ensure Your Building’s Security

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  • Post published:February 28, 2021

Whether you are a tenant or staff in a commercial or industrial building, you deserve the security that only a fence system can deliver. A fence system, however, must balance safety with aesthetic beauty. No one wants to feel like they are working or living in prison.

An effective fence system must balance both worlds. They must make people feel secure in their surroundings while also offering elegance and gracefulness to the eye. While successful organizations have assets to protect, they must also attract new staff and business partners. The appearance of your structure tells visitors about your commitment to excellence. People may find it challenging to feel comfortable in a building where the fence systems are functional at the cost of form.

A properly designed fence system will also add value to your property and, if carefully crafted, will act as an excellent deterrent while still preserving the aesthetics of the neighborhood in which it resides. Fence designs have evolved and can be both secure and stylish. The question remains how does a business or residential building design a fence system that will keep people safe and please the senses?

What are the benefits of various fence system types?

No matter how decorative, a fence system must also accomplish its primary function. There are several types of fences, each with its unique properties to add security to your structure. Each fence can also be customized to ensure that it fits in with your property’s architectural style.

Wire fencing:

The advantage of wire fencing is that it allows the beauty outside to show through the fence. Wire fences can customize in various ways. Depending on your needs, it can be electrified, made into anti-climb, or spiked. Each option is designed to adapt to the unique features of your space.

Anti-climb fencing:

These fences are a special type of wire fencing. They feature a wire mesh structure, which allows for natural sunlight to enhance your building’s features but is also a powerful deterrent. The fence is designed specifically to make it difficult to get a foothold on the mesh, making it extremely challenging climbing. The material used to make the fence also makes it extremely resistant to wire cutters.

Spike fencing:

This type of fencing has spikes atop them to deter climbing. Although these spikes are functional, they can also be decorative. Spiked fences can be used as a substantial deterrent and enhance the beauty of your complex.


What strategies should commercial property owners use to ensure their fence systems are secure and beautiful?

Determine where your security barrier should be placed:

The placement of your security fencing system is paramount for both security and decor. You want to ensure your fence is a visible deterrent from all sight angles of your building to stop intruders from invading your space, but you don’t want the fence to block organic focus points or sightlines that enhance the beauty of your building. The fence should feel like an organic extension of the structure itself and not an added piece to deter criminals.


Security and aesthetics must harmonize together:

Your fence system needs to have function and form. It needs to improve the overall design of your building while securing the contents inside. These two purposes must harmonize together as one. A purely decorative barrier that is easy to pass through is inefficient, and a secure fence that contrasts with its surrounding is garish and distracting.


Fencing should be part of the natural landscape:

When placed correctly, a fence will enhance the landscape of your space rather than detract from it. It will seem like a natural extension of the space. It will add a decorative flair to your building’s opening and exits while also providing adequate security for those inside the building. The fence system should have a natural flow, so it’s unclear where the decorative and secure parts are as they mesh together into one unit.


Fencing should fit with the environment of your neighborhood:

No matter how beautiful the fencing system, it will still stick out if it clashes with the surrounding neighborhood. There are various designs to choose from, and the fence’s functionality will be the same. It is worth the effort to walk through the area with an architectural expert and suggest fence styles that will fit naturally with the area in which you reside.


Pay attention to details:

Small details matter and can be overlooked. A fence system is only as strong as its weakest part. Although you want your fence to be decorative and add to your property’s overall beauty, you do not want to exchange aesthetics for a failure of function. Ensure you know the benefits of the material you are using for your fence, ensure the fasteners used to build the fence are adequately secured, and ensure that the fence is of sufficient height to deter intruders.


Be aware of any blind spots in your fence system:

By its very nature, your fence system will block your view of at least some of your surrounding area. It is not unusual for criminals to use these blind spots as an opportunity to trespass on your property. Stay aware of the blind spots in your fencing system and consider some other medium of protection in those areas, such as physical security or cameras.


Ask an expert for assistance:

A fence system has to juggle many moving parts. Hiring an expert who is familiar with fence systems will save you time and money down the line. You want someone who appreciates the decorative aspect of fences and understands your particular building’s security need. Hiring someone to ensure your fence is placed correctly and designed will free you to work on your most essential job details.


How we can help:

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