How to Work with A Custom Fence Manufacturer

How to Work with A Custom Fence Manufacturer

Regardless of the kind of commercial fencing projects you may be considering, your first piece of advice is to work with a custom fence manufacturer familiar with the needs and demands that such jobs entail. Of course, the materials used in the different types of barriers that are used in commercial fencing projects are a crucial element to ensuring that the fence is able to perform the job, but this is just a part of the picture. With a custom fence manufacturer like Metalco, you also gain the advantage of working with professionals who grasp the necessity of having commercial fencing projects do more than securing properties and defining borders. 

More importantly, seasoned professionals make the entire process smoother and easier by taking the time necessary to understand your raw vision and basic fencing needs. Most customers are not exactly certain of how their finished commercial fencing projects may look or even operate; they are often motivated by the simple necessity of dividing and/or protecting selected areas of land. Of course, most customers do not regularly design and construct commercial fencing projects, so they simply lack the broad experience that the artisans and designers who make up the creative workforce at Metalco have and continue to refine with new commercial fencing projects reaching their tables on a regular basis.

Tap Into the Talent at Metalco 

Unlike other commercial fence manufacturers, at Metalco we see more than fences and barriers. Of course, we understand the nuts and bolts of proper and secure fencing, but we also bring a new vision to the idea of defining borders and protecting important areas of land by employing a broader approach that incorporates such essential yet less obvious elements as aesthetics and functionality.

Because of our dedication to the small details, we help our clients define their often vague idea about fencing an area by drilling deeper into the logistics of the area being considered and then developing a practical plan to accomplish the goal.

The Planning Stage of a Commercial Fence Manufacturer

It takes a lot of time and attention to prepare for a complete and successful installation of commercial fencing projects. In fact, at Metalco we spend a lot of time in this planning stage as experience consistently reveals to us that properly planned commercial fencing projects are more likely to be completed on time and on budget, if not sooner and for less money than originally estimated.

Common issues that need to be fully addressed and understood include:

  • Aesthetics and Functionality – envision how the fence will look and function including its effect on neighboring properties and structures 
  • Availability and Types – fences are versatile in looks and functionality, allowing for a creative touch as to colors, styles, and fence types
  • Grading – assess whether any part of the land to be fenced requires grading; if so, that factor needs to be included in the overall timetable
  • HOA Concerns – when working in areas governed by a Homeowners Association, obtain necessary permits and approvals
  • Identify Obstacles – note anything (trees, boulders, structures, uneven landscape) that will or may affect the fencing project
  • Notifications – ensure that all utility companies have received necessary notifications of the upcoming construction project  
  • Zoning and Easements – make sure all necessary permits are obtained and that zoning restrictions and easements are understood and met

Once these concerns are addressed and tasks accomplished, we can show you how to make your site as fully accessible as necessary. This includes clearing wide paths and alerting any parties potentially impacted by construction activities, including neighbors, local residents and businesses, and appropriate authorities so that everyone is in the loop and aware of the project.

As we regularly work with both public and private sectors, we know the ins and outs of each situation and can help you adjust accordingly. By making certain there are no surprises over the horizon, you can dive unfettered with worries into the creative aspect of commercial fencing projects: customization.

After Planning, Customization

Our experts, through years of experience, can attest to the fact that customization is not only more realistic once the planning portion of commercial fencing projects has been completed, but it’s also more fun and inspiring. This is because you can really let your imagination fly with the full knowledge that your partners at Metalco can steer you back on a sensible path if you ever get too enthusiastic and unrealistic. That being said, our team of artisans and designers love the unusual and do everything in their power to help our clients realize their vision while ending up with a functional (and beautiful) custom fence installation.

Your customization options include such choices as:

  • Aesthetics – your vision can range from the modern to traditional looks
  • Color and Finish – our Powder Coatings deliver high-quality, environmentally-friendly finishes in a variety of color tones
  • Desired Perimeter – once the perimeter is defined, we can determine the amount of fencing required to complete the job
  • Gate Type – the point of entry is as important as the surrounding fence; with our broad variety of gate types, finding one to meet your aesthetic and functional demands is easy
  • Height – once the desired fence height is determined, we can make sure the proper support is provided to deliver durable, solid, and secure fencing 
  • Visual Impact – there are gradations of fence visibility from which to select, so you can control how much can or cannot be seen on either side

It is during the customization stage that you should decide if the employment of a landscape designer is necessary, the preferred starting date of the installation project, and the team best capable of performing the installation. Of course, the last choice is a no-brainer, since Metalco can professionally and affordably get the job done in time, under budget, and to the full approval and satisfaction of the owner.

For more than a quarter of a century, Metalco has been on the front line, providing quality fencing that is built to endure and serve while always maintaining an eye for the aesthetic qualities that allow our custom fences to either stand out impressively or naturally blend in with its surroundings. With Metalco at your side, you can avoid common pitfalls less experienced fencing companies often encounter but more importantly can enjoy the results from the successful completion of any commercial fencing projects you have under consideration.

We invite you to contact us today to arrange a free consultation to learn more about us and why so many businesses and individual property owners look to us for their fencing and gate needs.


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