How to Achieve Chain-Link Fencing Solutions Without the Downfalls

How to Achieve Chain-Link Fencing Solutions Without the Downfalls

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  • Post published:August 10, 2022

Many business owners want to add security and durability to their property by investing in a fencing solution. Chain-link fences are often one of the more popular choices; however, traditional chain-link fences have many downfalls. In fact, chain-link fences are a simple and quick fix, but they are not the most durable option available on the fencing systems market today. As a business owner, you are not only responsible for the safety of your employees but also for customers and all of your investments. Therefore, it’s important to make a wise choice when it comes to fencing solutions that are truly long-lasting, durable, and secure. 

That’s where we come in at MFR Corp. When it comes to stylish, vandal-resistant, virtually unclimbable fencing solutions, we have your back. Our fencing solutions are stronger than any chain-link alternative on the market. 

MFR Corp is your go-to professional for security fencing. We offer affordable and reliable secure fence systems as well as railing, gate, and metal architecture art designs for your business. Shop from our pre-designed solutions or work with our engineers to customize your fence. Learn more by visiting our website today. In the meantime, keep reading for more information on how to achieve a chain-link fence without all the downfalls. 

Secure Fencing Solutions for Your Business 

Business owners might consider adding a new fence system to their property for several reasons. One of the top reasons for investing in reliable fencing solutions is security. A durable and anti-theft chain-link fence alternative from MFR Corp, in tandem with other security features, is an ideal way to secure your property. Other useful features to integrate for increased security might include automatic locks and perimeter surveillance systems.

First, our fencing solutions are better than traditional chain-link fencing because they can withstand more impact than chain-link. In fact, chain-link is quite weak in terms of what it can withstand in both natural weather patterns and determined criminals. In contrast, MFR Corp’s fencing solutions are quality metal fabrications from 85% recycled steel right here in the United States. Our fencing solutions use tamper-resistant features and designs that make them the right investment for securing your business property. 

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Strong Materials & Artfully Crafted Designs for Our Fencing Solutions

Second, MFR Corp’s fencing solutions are better than chain-link because of their unique grid designs crafted for long-term durability. Our designs make our fencing solutions vandal-resistant due to the heavy-duty rigid designs expert engineers craft. You can add the specialized grid designs to additional features tailored to your commercial enterprise’s specific needs. These can include extension arms or razor wire. The grid pattern also contributes to overall security as it’s unclimbable, offers wire-cutter resistance, and is long-lasting against serious corrosion. 

Our Twenty-Year Warranty

MFR Corp also offers a standard twenty-year warranty on all of our metal fabrications, including our durable chain-link fence alternatives. Under our warranty, you get corrosion-resistant protection with our eco-friendly powder coating. We apply our powder coating to the color of your choosing. MFR Corp offers numerous choices to fit the current aesthetic of your business. 

Our Dedication to American-Made Products 

Furthermore, MFR Corp uses durable steel materials from 85% recycled steel right here in the United States of America. Our dedication to American-made products sets us apart from competitors who manufacture traditional chain-link fences. Many traditional chain-link fences are manufactured overseas and shipped to the United States using low-quality materials that need costly upgrades every few years. 

Chain-link fences can easily be cut or corrode with age. Strong winds can even bend them if the manufacturer uses cheap materials from overseas. In contrast, MFR Corp promises to invest in quality steel fabrications to ensure your fence is built to last a lifetime, keeping your employees and customers safe. 

More Style and Customization Than Chain-Link

Finally, our fences are better than traditional chain-link options when it comes to customization opportunities and overall aesthetics. Chain link is quite limited in terms of design and customization. In contrast, MFR Corp offers a 100% customizable fencing option. If you choose this route, you get to work one on one with our expert engineers and designers to craft the metal fencing solution of your dreams that fits your needs perfectly. Just visit our gallery of past custom projects to get an idea of what is possible with MFR Corp custom fence systems. 

Contact MFR Corp For More Information on Vandal-Resistant Features in Our Fencing Solutions

If you are a commercial property owner, you know overall security and durability are vital. At MFR Corp, we are here to help with quality metal fabrications. We design, engineer, and manufacture right here in the United States using 85% recycled metal. Furthermore, we care about the planet, which shows in our eco-friendly powder coating and LEED certification.

MFR Corp’s fencing solutions use well-rafted grid patterns, unlike traditional chain-link fences, making them virtually unclimbable, uncuttable, and vandal-resistant. Plus, with our twenty-year warranty, you get more for your money at MFR Corp. Contact us today by calling 815-318-0843 for your quote on your fence. 


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