MFR Corp Options for Finishes and Colors

MFR Corp Options for Finishes and Colors

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  • Post published:October 12, 2022

If you’re looking for unique metal fabrication solutions for your business or residential property, MFR Corp can help. Customizing your property shouldn’t be an uphill battle. That is why we believe in providing quality products using American-made metal fabrication materials that are locally sourced. We also offer a variety of options for finishes and colors. From bright and vibrant colors to classic, sleek, and modern black finishes, we deliver so much more when you work one-on-one with our custom Metalco designers and engineers at MFR Corp. 

Shop all of our unique styles for fencing, railing, screen, and gate systems on our website today. You can also reach out to speak with our team of engineers and designers to craft your own unique metal fabrication solution. Review past CAD drawings and projects, read through our warranty coverage, and gather ideas to inspire your future Metalco project. Then when it comes to putting on the final touches like colors, finishes, and additional features (razor wire, security functions, etc.), we are standing by to help. 

By using American-made, 85% recycled steel materials for our products, MFR Corp proudly serves the USA with quality, durable, environmentally-friendly metal fabrication solutions. Visit our website to learn more about our finishes and color options today. 

Finishes and Colors Coating Basics 

At MFR Corp, every color and finish option we offer is backed by our twenty-year warranty. We design our Metalco products to last with durable finishes in a variety of standard color options. We can also work directly with clients to customize colors that better suit their design preferences for their metal fabrication projects. For any application you require, we have a color match solution! We use polyester coating solutions with a zinc-rich primer layer for corrosion prevention. For additional durability, We also use alternative hot dip galvanized zinc coatings on top of our high-stretch steel. In addition, custom coating options including epoxy coat or thermoplastic coating are also available.

Our Twenty-Year Warranty on All American-Made Metal Fabrications 

Reliability comes in many forms with MFR Corp. Along with American-made products you can rely on, we offer a standard twenty-year warranty. You can read through our entire warranty anytime simply by visiting our website to learn more about what we have to offer our clients. Our warranty is part of how we ensure better quality, durability, and longer-lasting solutions with every metal fabrication project we create. 

Our twenty-year warranty helps cover natural aging, weatherability, and corrosion protection. It also covers our exclusive eco-friendly powder coating solutions, which help protect against the corrosion and aging of your metal investments. The warranty also covers our patented grid-like pattern design, which adds security to your property and makes your metal solutions virtually uncuttable, unclimbable, and vandal-proof. 

Why Choose Powder Coatings?

There are many reasons that MFR Corp’s powder coating solutions stand out from our competitors. For instance, our powder coatings use eco-friendly finishing for a beautiful appearance and durability over time. In fact, powder coating has been proven to be much safer for the environment than wet paint alternatives. Wet paint harbors harmful solvents that leach into the environment. Furthermore, we apply our powder coating using an electrostatic application for a smoother application, guaranteeing no VOCs are emitted and producing little waste or environmental impact. The overspray from the application process can even be reused, which reduces the overall waste usually associated with wet paint applications. Finally, our powder coating solution reduces the decay and corrosion that naturally occur over time on metal products.

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Our Hot-Dip Galvanization Process 

We also employ a hot-dip galvanization process for Metalco products when specified. Hot-dip galvanization is a unique process of coating iron or steel material with a zinc layer. It works by immersing the products in molten zinc at an extremely high temperature, around 840 F. This adds corrosion protection. It works because the iron in the steel metallurgically reacts with the molten zinc to form a tighter-bond alloy coating for superior protection of the steel. Your custom solution will remain beautiful and vibrant for ages. 

Start on Finishes and Colors with MFR Corp Today!

When it comes to customizing your metal fabrication products, trust the professionals at MFR Corp today. We offer custom fencing, railing, screen, and gate systems for all your commercial enterprise or personal property needs. Also, we work directly with local architects, artists, and designers to make their dreams a reality. We have so many options to choose from when it comes to our American-made finishes and colors. MFR Corp also gives you more control over your projects than competitors do. Plus, we use American-made steel products from 85% recycled materials, locally sourced. We care about our country and our planet. 

Learn more or start your project today by visiting our website or contacting our friendly customer service representatives. 


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