The GRIGLIATO Railing System: Everything You Wanted to Know

The GRIGLIATO Railing System: Everything You Wanted to Know

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  • Post published:July 16, 2020

At MFR Corp, we make metal fences and railings that can be seen in and outside of all different types of buildings. From hotels to stadiums, we do it all! A popular customer choice when it comes to railings is the GRIGLIATO Railing System. This system is the most versatile railing that we make. The mesh panels are available in a wide range of sizes and strengths so that they can truly be customizable to your unique needs. These railings are strong, durable, and built to last. Read on to learn more about the GRIGLIATO railing system and see if it is right for your project!

Panels and Posting

At MFR, we are all about the custom design. We know that each of our customers is different and they have specific needs. The GRIGLIATO railing system is custom manufactured for each order. The infill panels are made from steel bars and rods.  The mesh panels come in a variety of styles, mesh sizes, and finishes. In addition, things like the size of the panel, frame post spacing, and frame types can be customized to your needs. When it comes to mesh size, clients who have highly visible railings, like at a museum or hotel, often pick the smaller mesh sizes as it can be more visually pleasing. If the fence is out of sightline, such as at an industrial building, a larger mesh style might be more appealing.

When it comes to posts, the most popular choices are 2”x2” or larger square tubular posts. In addition, 1-1/2” x 2-1/2” rectangular posts or flat bar posts are common choices as well. We also provide a variety of options when it comes to top rails, infill frames, and attachment methods.


The most important thing when it comes to a railing system is that it should be durable, especially if the system is outside. At MFR Corp, our GRIGLIATO railing system has high rigidity. The railing is made from a combination of steel bars with electro-forged rods. The railing system complies with strength requirements set by building codes. In addition, we can also customize the strength of our system based on specific local codes.

Long Life

In addition to being rigid, the GRIGLIATO railing system is also very durable. It has a long lifespan that can withstand wind, rain, snow, and saltwater. The polyester powder coat on the railing helps the color last for a long time. Also, galvanization is used to protect the railings from rust and corrosion. A railing system is a big investment, so when it’s installed, you can be assured it will last for a very long time.

Modular System

The GRIGLIATO system is completely modular, making installation easy. It consists of panels of various heights, high strength posts, rails, and the hardware for attachment.

Coating and Colors

As mentioned above, the coating on the railing system helps with longevity by preventing rust and corrosion. Each mesh panel is hot-dip galvanized and then coated with an architectural-grade polyester powder. This process helps your fence look brand-new many years after it is installed. The color will stay fresh and you won’t notice spots of rust. In addition, the galvanization and powder coating process is environmentally friendly. We don’t use any solvents in the process.

Installation and Warranty

One of our goals at MFR Corp is to make the installation of our fences and railings easy. The GRIGLIATO is no exception! Each item in the system is pre-manufactured, which allows for bolted installation. Once the parts are on site, little to no cutting or welding is required. In addition to easy installation, we also provide a generous warranty. We want our customers to be satisfied. We are extremely confident in our GRIGLIATO railing system and back that confidence up with a 20-year warranty.

Options, Options, Options!

We place high importance on being able to cater to our customer needs through customization. Our GRIGLIATO railing system has many different options when it comes to height, strength, and appearance. In fact, we have 12 options for our customers to choose from. None of those work? No worries! We will work with you to create a GRIGLIATO railing system that works for your personal situation.

The options we provide cater to different industries. For example, need an attractive fence for a gated residential community? GRIGLIATO B uses a square mesh style with clean lines and is hard to climb. Need a fence to surround the runway at an airport? GRIGLIATO F has extremely small mesh that doesn’t allow any objects, such as weapons, to pass through. Interested in a railing for an interior space at a hotel? GRIGLIATO J is light in appearance with “see-through” capabilities, making it perfect for interior decorating. Before we start your railing system project, we will discuss with you the specific needs for your project and what is most important when it comes to a railing, whether it is aesthetics or security.

Get Your New Railing Today

Railings and fences are everywhere! From hospitals to stadiums to airports to neighborhoods, you are so used to seeing railing systems you probably don’t even notice them anymore! At MFR Corp, we have designed the GRIGLIATO railing system to provide a stylish, secure railing system for our customers. This system is durable, rigid, and has a long lifespan thanks to galvanization and a polyester powder. The system is customizable so it can match your needs. Height, strength, and color are just a few parts of our system that we can customize for our clients. Our modular system is also easy to install. In addition, we provide a 20-year warranty for all of our GRIGLIATO systems. Check out our website for some real-life pictures of our GRIGLIATO railings. Contact us for more information about this railing.


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