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Architectural Railing Systems with Examples, Use Cases, FAQs, & More

Architectural Railing Systems with Examples, Use Cases, FAQs, & More

If you are an architect, you already know how an architectural railing system is used. But for everybody else, if you don’t know what architectural railing is, you’ve certainly seen it — in stadiums, airports, universities and more.

While most people don’t realize the importance of an architectural railing system, the experts understand the material and supplier you choose for a job is critical. In this massive resource, we’ve covered everything you ever wanted to know about architectural railing systems in a concise, clear way. So, where you are an architect looking for an architectural railing system, or just someone wanting to learn more, we’ve got you covered.

What is an Architectural Railing System?

Architectural railing, also known as a balustrade, is a railing supported by several posts. The US patent for railing systems goes into a bit more detail, describing “a top rail carrying a mounting member secured to spaced posts by fasteners.” 

These railings can be made from several types of material, including wood, glass, and metal. They can stand out, or they can blend in with the overall architecture of the building.

How Is An Architectural Railing System Used?

Architectural railing is used to add both safety and aesthetics to a building. The right supplier and manufacturer will expertly combine both to make sure that the railings are up to code and fit within the overall visual appeal of the building. 

Architectural Railing Systems

Architectural railing systems have several applications in businesses, public places and other properties. Here are some of the most common systems that we’ve installed at MFR Corp. You can find architectural railings in all kinds of spaces, but here are some of the most common places to find them.

Architectural Railing for Hospitals and Medical Centers 

Architectural Railing for Hospitals and Medical CentersYou’ll find architectural railing in all sorts of spaces across hospitals and medical centers. Many of these places use glass in their architectural railings to lend a clean, sterile look to the space. 

Architectural Railing for Apartment Complexes

Architectural Railing for Apartment ComplexesArchitectural railing is a common feature in large apartment complexes. Balconies are a major selling point for renters, and where there’s a balcony, there’s a need for railing.

Architectural railing adds depth and style, with a sleek, modern look that enhances the value of the property and decreases the cost of maintenance because of its durability. Compared to wood, architectural railing is a superior option, especially for upscale apartment home communities or building owners who want to invest in materials that will last decades.

Architectural Railing for Hotels 

Architectural Railing for HotelsEveryone wants a room with a view. Those balconies need railings, and those railings need to be both safe and aesthetically pleasing. Of course, hotels also often have grand staircases, and on these staircases, the railing is usually the finishing touch that makes them stand out. 

Architectural Railing for Stadiums and Convention Centers 

Architectural Railing for Stadiums and Convention CentersStadiums and convention centers hold a lot of people. With so many people in one spot, architects, suppliers, and manufacturers must make sure that everyone stays safe, but they need a simple and straightforward way to do that. An architectural railing system provides that safety and simplicity. 

Architectural Railing for High-Rise Office Buildings 

Architectural Railing for High-Rise Office BuildingsThere are few buildings that can’t be made better with a balcony. Whether it’s a balcony for an individual office or a large outdoor space for coffee breaks, these spaces need railings for safety. A railing is also necessary for indoor spaces that present a risk of falling. 

Architectural Railing for Colleges and Universities 

Architectural Railing for Colleges and UniversitiesColleges and universities employ a lot of balcony-level spaces, both outdoors and indoors. From libraries to student unions, many university spaces require the work of an architectural railing manufacturer. 

These aren’t the only places that require architectural railings, of course. Virtually any commercial or community building with more than one floor will have architectural railing in its design. Furthermore, these railings aren’t just for eliminating a falling risk. Architectural railing is also used to mark property lines, provide protection against intruders, and more. Below you’ll find some specific applications for architectural railing.

Types of Architectural Railing Systems

Architectural Steel Railings and Modular Railing Systems

MFR’s architectural railing systems offer unparalleled options. When it comes to beauty, strength, and safety, MFR’s railings provide exactly what your clients need. This railing can be customized to fit virtually any property’s specifications. There are three main choices that clients can choose from when it comes to these railing systems: Select, Grigliato, and Custom. 

Select Architectural Railing and Modular Railing Systems

Select Architectural Railing and Modular Railing Systems

MFR’s newest railing system is called “Select” because it offers all sorts of options for design and building clients. These railings can fit various shapes, design aesthetics, materials, and other specifications. This flexibility means excellent client satisfaction because clients are sure to get exactly what they need from the project. Because the Select system is so versatile, it fits into all types of environments. MFR has installed Select railings in homes, commercial buildings, hotels, schools, and more. These rails can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and they have several color finish options

Grigliato Architectural Railing and Modular Railing Systems

Grigliato Architectural Railing and Modular Railing Systems

Just like the Grigliato fencing solution, the Grigliato railing solution is versatile and suitable for all kinds of environments. Grigliato railings can also be lightweight and easy to move. Whether indoors or outdoors, Grigliato railings provide beauty and safety. Clients and architects may also choose from several sizes and strengths in their railing patterns. Combine those options with the different color choices, and clients can have the perfect architectural railing systems for their projects

Custom Architectural Railing and Modular Railing Systems

Custom Architectural Railing and Modular Railing Systems

The MFR Corp team prides itself on providing a wide range of options for clients. Still, some clients need something different. Whether the client and architect have a specific vision in mind, or they need to get some ideas from an architectural railing expert, the MFR team can help. MFR team members will work directly with architects and their clients to create the perfect customized solutions for their needs. Then they’ll put their hard work, experience, and attention to detail into the project. The MFR team is happy to provide one-of-a-kind solutions for architectural clients. 

Architectural Railing: Applications, Examples, & Use Cases

Over the years, MFR Corp has installed architectural railing for stadiums, parking garages, large corporate buildings, universities, and so much more. Take a closer look at some of our most prominent projects, or read about the specific examples below.

Project: Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA (Steelers Stadium)

Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA (Steelers Stadium)

Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA (Steelers Stadium)

One of our most recognizable projects is the architectural railing system at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. The project’s architect custom designed the gates, trusting MFR to handle the custom installation process. 

Project: Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA (Phillies Park)

Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA (Phillies Park)

Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA (Phillies Park)

For the Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, MFR installed several systems, including facade screens, a balcony railing system, a stair rail system, and more. These projects used galvanized steel and powder coating. 

Project: Meadowlands Sports Complex, Meadowlands, NJ (Jets / Giants Stadium)

Meadowlands Sports Complex, Meadowlands, NJ

Meadowlands Sports Complex, Meadowlands, NJ

At the Meadowlands Sports Complex, the MFR team worked with architects to create 5,800 custom-sized railing panels for stairs, balconies, and other parts of the stadium. 

Project: TN Titans NFL Stadium, Nashville, TN

TN Titans NFL Stadium, Nashville, TN

TN Titans NFL Stadium, Nashville, TN

At the Tennessee Titans football stadium, MFR installed custom balcony railings, bleachers, a perimeter fence, ramps, and much more. This project spanned across indoor and outdoor spaces and used the Grigliato system. 

Project: The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Staten Island Ferry Terminal

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Staten Island Ferry Terminal

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Staten Island Ferry Terminal

The Staten Island Ferry Terminal needed a stair and balcony railing system for better safety. We installed that system using galvanized steel. 

Project: Glen Oaks Campus, Queens, NY

Glen Oaks Campus, Queens, NY

Glen Oaks Campus, Queens, NY

For the Glen Oaks Campus in Queens, the client had several projects in mind. These projects included plenty of fencing and security gates, along with several railings. Using the Grigliato system for all these projects, we installed everything the client needed for the campus. 

Project: Iowa Event Center, Des Moines, IA

Iowa Event Center, Des Moines, IA

Iowa Event Center, Des Moines, IA

The Iowa Event Center has a railing project that stretched indoors and outdoors. We installed a stair railing and balcony railing system. 

Project: Green River High School, Green River, WY

Green River High School, Green River, WY

Green River High School, Green River, WY

Green River High School in Wyoming requested a stair and balcony railing system. The project would include outdoor spaces as well as indoor spaces. We installed the system using Grigliato panels. 

Project: Fort Lauderdale Airport, FL

Fort Lauderdale Airport, FL

Fort Lauderdale Airport, FL

At the Fort Lauderdale Airport, we installed a railing system at the Terminal 1 departure area. The project included panels, posts, and a galvanized steel top rail. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get information on product specs? 

You can find the specs for all of our products by looking at the products page on our website. Each product listing comes with its own spec sheet. 

Do you have CAD drawings available? 

We do have CAD drawings available. You can find the CAD drawings for our architectural railings and other systems here

What finishes and colors do you have for each product? 

Our products come with a wide array of color and finish options. Our color options include white, black, red, green, and several others. You can check out your full range of options on this page. We apply our finishes with an eco-friendly powder coating that protects the product from corrosion. 

What are some projects you have worked on? 

The MFR Corp team has worked on several high-profile projects. We’ve taken on projects both large and small, and we treat projects of all sizes with equal importance and care. Some of our past projects include architectural railings for stadiums, train stations, parks, and more. You can see some of our completed projects here

Do you do custom fabrication? 

Yes, we offer custom fabrication. Learn more about our custom fabrication solutions here

Where can I find project photos of your products? 

You can find project photos on the “photos” section of our website. 

Where are your architectural railing products manufactured?

All our products, including our architectural railing products, are made right here in the USA. 

Do you offer a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, we offer a 20-year limited warranty

Can you send me an architectural binder?

Yes. Please fill out this form to request your architectural binder.

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