The Different Levels of Security Fence, Gate, and Railing Systems

The Different Levels of Security Fence, Gate, and Railing Systems

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  • Post published:August 3, 2023

Many corporations require different levels of security. Even small businesses can use high-quality security fence, gate, and railing systems from one of the nation’s leading metal fabrications manufacturers. That is where we come into the picture at MFR Corp. Our METALCO products have been around for over 30 years, providing security, functionality, and beauty to corporations across the country. Plus, we use 85% recycled steel from right here in the United States in our products. 

When it comes to the different levels of security metal fabrications on the market, we have them all. Whatever your security needs might be, we are here to help at MFR Manufacturing. Contact our team to learn more about what we have to offer, or visit our website to explore our project portfolio. 

Why You Need Security Metal Fabrications 

There are many reasons that your business might want to invest in security metal fabrications. Anti-theft and anti-vandalism are two of the main reasons that people consider adding additional security features to their properties. Protecting your assets and the safety of your employees as well as clients are also popular reasons. 

Crime can impact any type of property or business. In minor cases, damage or losses can be remediated quickly, but in major cases, long-term impairment of your property can be devastating. 

Furthermore, for liability reasons, security investments can add extra overall protection to ensure everyone is safe and assets are secured. 

Types of Security Metal Fabrications 

There are many different types and levels of security metal fabrications. Each offers a wide selection and level of security based on the needs of your commercial property. At MFR Corp, we are happy to meet with you to help you decide which investments are best for your needs. 

Security Fencing Options 

Security fencing is one of the most popular types of security for commercial properties. Low-level security fencing integrates simple designs which are often used by businesses that do not have to worry about crime rates as much. At MFR Manufacturing, any of our existing fence designs, such as our Grigliato or TwinBar, can begin at a low security level. However, add-on features such as razor wire, security panel entry, and extra height can increase security to a higher level. 

All of our fences employ our standard grid-lock design, which makes them virtually unclimbable and wire cutter-resistant. Additionally, high-security features include metal grill protection, steel plate fencing, angled returns, and welded-wire designs. To shop more of our high-security features, contact our team for your consultation process. 

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Rail and Gate Security Systems

MFR Corp can also work with your business to produce excellent designs with added security in rail and gate systems. Our gate systems can help you keep unwanted visitors out, alleviate crime, and secure your property in style. Plus, we use galvanized steel products for all of our gate systems, which creates even more security and durability. 

Along those same lines, MFR Corp’s METALCO products can add protection to your property. Secure rail system designs can help add safety by keeping people who enter your property safe from restricted areas or risky spots. You can shop our current design options and review CAD drawings on our website. If you need further security added to our existing gate and railing designs, we invite you to contact us to begin the customization process. 

Custom Security Solutions

If our current designs are not the best fit for your needs, have no fear. At MFR Corp, we can pair you with a professional designer who can craft 100% custom designs for your corporation. With our custom process, you get to review blueprints, share ideas, and add security features to your fence, gate, and rail designs. This ensures that whatever your property’s security concerns are, they will be met with a durable, long-lasting design.

Contact Us for Security Metal Fabrications Solutions

Security, functionality, and beauty can all work hand in hand on your commercial property. With so many options to choose from plus 100% custom solutions at MFR Corp, we have you covered when it comes to security metal fabrications. Contact our team or visit our website to learn more today. We are available 24/7 via phone call services at 815-318-0843 for your quote


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