A Guide to Reading Architectural CAD Drawings

A Guide to Reading Architectural CAD Drawings

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  • Post published:March 15, 2023

If you are considering investing in any type of metal fabrication, looking at CAD drawings can be helpful. CAD drawings are used for fence, gate, screen, and railing system designs at MFR Corp. Every piece we craft is made here in the United States with high-quality materials sourced from 85% recycled steel. 

Connect with us today on our website or via phone for your free consultation or to learn more about our design process. In the meantime, we urge you to check out our CAD drawings and past project reviews on our website. This is a great place to find inspiration for your own projects and learn more about our high-quality fencing, railing, gate, and screen systems. Here is a brief guide to reading architectural CAD drawings to help you out! 

A Brief Introduction to CAD Drawings

CAD drawings is an acronym for  “computer-aided design.” In short, CAD designs are blueprints created with the aid of cutting-edge computer technology. A CAD drawing accurately showcases the proportions and design of a structure’s 3D model. At METALCO, we integrate detailed CAD blueprints for all our pre-designed metal fabrications. 

Then we use these CAD blueprints to illustrate our designs to local architects, clients, engineers, and designers. You can view our cut sheet designs and CAD details on our website. We recommended looking over our CAD drawings as a starting point, especially if you aren’t sure which design might work best for your individual needs. Our drawings are available in a variety of formats, including AutoCAD DWG files, as well as PDFs.

CAD Shop Drawings Creation and Content 

Our design and content creation process is streamlined for the best results. First, our team of engineers and designers meets to brainstorm ideas and share content. Then we pair our local designers with architects and engineers to make an initial idea become a reality. Whether it’s a fence, rail, screen, or gate solution, we offer high-quality designs with patented technology, such as our grid-lock system. 

These details are all reflected in our CAD drawings, along with dimensions, possible colors, and detailed design sketches. We can also offer custom solutions with CAD drawings that sketch out additional features such as razor wire detailing or tamper-proof hardware for higher security. Our custom drawings are always sent for approval before the actual management and fabrication process begins. This ensures our clients always know the precise results of their investment before it’s finished to allow for changes if needed! The drawings shown on our website are a base point ideal for planning a project. However, custom CAD drawings are generated for every project so the customization is clear.

Reading CAD Drawings

MFR Manufacturing’s CAD drawings are easy to read. We always label each design with the names of those who drew the design and reviewed it. This shows our clients who they can talk to if they want to change something in their design or are unsure. It also speaks to our review process. No design is submitted to a client or architect unless it has been reviewed first. We add a title to every design we publish so it’s clear what the type, style, and purpose of the design is. We add a scale to our design so viewers know the correct proportions. Finally, we always integrate a sheet number, as our more complex designs are actually multiple CAD shop sheets. 

CAD drawing of a cantilever gate emphasizing how it all fits together and necessary dimensions

Looking at CAD Drawings & Sketches 

Finally, we make CAD drawings easy to understand with sketches that are detailed but not confusing. We label parts on our shop drawings to showcase features such as hinges, razor wire locations, or handle placement. This provides a quick guide to placement of a finished project on your property. It also illustrates installation purposes for local architects. Looking at our CAD drawings from multiple viewpoints gives you the best idea of your final investment, allowing you to switch designs, make add-ons, or further customize your plan before committing fully. 

Contact MFR Corp for Your Future Investment!

Your future fence, gate, screen, or railing system is easy to find with MFR Corp’s METALCO solutions. Our team is committed to high-quality, long-lasting solutions using 85% recycled steel, eco-friendly powder coatings, and quality materials sourced right here in the United States. As a result, we can guarantee you better quality, durability, and longevity with every design we create. Our CAD drawings make it easy to learn more about your design before committing. Furthermore, we provide standard twenty-year warranty protection. Contact us to get started with your custom or pre-designed metal fabrication today! 


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