Metal Fence Design: Combining Architectural Beauty and Durability

Metal Fence Design: Combining Architectural Beauty and Durability

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  • Post published:December 12, 2023

When it comes to cutting-edge and functional metal fence designs, MFR Corp METALCO solutions deliver. Our designs pair architectural beauty with durability, high-quality materials, and CAD engineered blueprints. Together these components help make our fence designs stand out from competitors. They also last longer and deliver more privacy, protection, and functionality to your property. 

When you invest in METALCO designs, you get over 25 years of expertise working with clients of all kinds. We’ve had clients from the NFL to the United Postal Services and universities across the nation. Learn firsthand for yourself what our team at MFR Corp can do for you when you are shopping for your next metal fence design. Here are some more insights to metal fence designs that combine architectural beauty and durability at MFR Corp Solutions. 

High-Quality Materials from the United States for Metal Fence Design

MFR Corp is an entirely American-based company. We source all our materials right here in the USA. This helps us guarantee our clients high-quality METALCO products and fence designs. Furthermore, it ensures that we are keeping jobs local. This enables us to adhere to the Buy American Act, which supports our nation’s economy. We use up to 85% recycled steel materials. Using high-quality materials means we are able to craft durable designs that pair beauty, functionality, and long-lasting solutions together. 

Eco-Friendly Measures & LEED Recognition

Since we used a good portion of recycled material, we are also able to reduce our ecological footprint. This has earned us LEED certification alongside our eco-friendly powder coating solution. Our powder-coating solution actually uses less paint than traditional application methods. This ensures a smooth finish and coating in the color of your choosing without excess runoff and waste that is harmful to the planet. Furthermore, we are actually able to reuse the small amount of excess that is produced during the application process. This cuts back on costs while ensuring even more eco-friendly measures are at the forefront of our operations at MFR Corp Solutions. 

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CAD Drawings & Designs Process for Metal Fence Design

Next, MFR Corp is dedicated to the latest technology and innovation. Therefore, we use computer aided design systems (CAD) to craft all of our metal fence designs. With the help of computer aided systems, our engineers and designers can craft more precise blueprints. This allows us to review the design to scale with our clients, make changes, adjust measurements, add detailing, or customize a design with ease. 

During the manufacturing process, using CAD blueprints allows greater precision and a lower margin of error. As a result, our high-quality designs are built to last, able to withstand more conditions, and are a beautiful architectural investment for your property. We offer a standard twenty-year warranty covering many aspects of natural weathering that other fence companies are not able to guarantee. Learn more about the warranty here! 

Multiple Options Available for Metal Fence Design

When it comes to finding the right metal fence design for your needs, we make it simple. We pair functionality, architectural beauty, and durability in each of our standard pre-designed options. These options are further customizable to reach your desired aesthetic, level of security, or other features required for your daily operations. Our four pre-designed options are the Grigliato, Securite, Twinbar, and Amego fencing solutions. You can learn more about each of these on our website, review past project examples, and brainstorm ideas for your next metal fence design investment. Our team is also happy to answer your questions to help direct you to the best potential design for your unique needs. 

Custom Metal Fence Design

Choosing the best metal fence design for your needs requires having all of the features, functions, and details for your property’s investment. That is why we also offer a 100% custom metal fence design option. With this option, you will be paired with a team of engineers and designers with expertise in what you are seeking. Then, you will meet and get to work crafting a custom fence solution that has the right security features, paneling detailing, add-ons, height, and width for all of your needs. 

We offer oversized fencing solutions, barbed wire detailing, reverse bar detailing, intricate paneling cut-outs, and so much more to make your custom design come to life. Finally, you will be able to choose your custom finish and colors to make our design fit with your current property’s aesthetic for durability and beauty. 

Contact Us Today for Metal Fence Design Solutions

Finding the metal fence design of your dreams is possible with our dedicated and professional team at MFR Corp METALCO Solutions. We are here to help answer your questions and direct you to more resources. We can make your dream fence a reality today. Don’t wait to learn more about what we have to offer – contact us to begin your design process today! 


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