Different Ways a Railing System Can Be Used at a Hotel

Different Ways a Railing System Can Be Used at a Hotel

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  • Post published:September 15, 2020

Architectural designs can pose a financial and commercial risk if left under-developed, be it stairwells or balconies. It doesn’t matter if your hotel was inherited or built with your funds–hotel owners should ensure that each property serves its patrons by being fully-equipped. 

You might think that safety is the only purpose a railing system has, but you’d be wrong. Between custom gates and flexible railing, there is no shortage of where and how railings can complement your business. Here is a starter guide to enhancing and enforcing your hotel. 

Safety for Customers

One obvious use of a railing system is to keep your hotel occupants away from harm. After all, there are enough unfortunate accounts to show how irresponsible the lack of railings can be. 

You need to decide on a style that accommodates the capacity of your hotel if your setup is higher than 2-3 floors. Commercial handrails can hold up to the test of frequent comings and goings, but architectural steel fences might be the most durable option. Grigliato railings feature a flexible mesh—which comes in a variety of colors—to fit with commercial and industrial applications for the best protection.

There are railing choices aplenty. All of this depends on the architecture itself, of course, as specific sizes and shapes might not fit into the established framework. The trick is to consult with railing experts to land on a style that will keep your visitors safe at all times, both children and adults. Your patrons will know your company cares.

Visual Appeal 

A hotel isn’t just a convenient stop alongside an interstate highway or an easy choice in the downtown area. There should be an aesthetic quality to bring customers to the front desk, a style you can show off on social media. The right railing system can provide just that. Be mindful of the types available so you can choose the style that best fits with safety standards and fits the décor.

Your operation can thrive with the right combination of service and display. Architectural Metal Art and custom metal fabrication can add a bit of artsy to your establishment. Architectural screen panels can keep the grounds secure while giving overnighters something to see outside their windows. And when they’ve been on the road for hours, this kind of scenery will make a difference to them. 

Look at visual appeal as a tipping point in the direction of your business. Custom designs are well-planned and modified to perfection. We will submit professional drawings to you, with all components produced exclusively. Set up an appointment and tell us what you like.

Protect Against Future Remodeling Costs

When choosing a railing system, be sure to weigh longevity versus price. Once it comes time to remodel, selecting a style that holds up against wear and tear can future-proof your hotel. You have options.

For example, Metalco or Omega fences are both quality choices and built for industry-low installation procedures. Grigliato railings come in a variety of color schemes that will blend with modern or classic décor. 

These details are necessary if you decide to bring in new furniture to an outside deck or if it’s time to start a time-consuming paint job. Such creativity allows you to work around the railings once installed. In turn, you can save on the costs of an uninstall job because you won’t have to worry about color clashes.


Both safety and visual appeal help to solidify an establishment’s brand. Word of mouth is the best organic advertising available, but this takes time. People’s perceptions of service are mostly out of your control once a bad report goes live. Those people will tell their friends and family, which is worth more than an anonymous posting on Yelp. Social media, online reviews, and local reactions can make or break you. Think about what a practical but eye-catching fence can add to your grounds.

Ultimately, without a competent railing system, your reputation is on the line. Consider asking MFR about balcony fencing today. Consider our in-house line of railing system known as “SELECT.” We offer a virtually infinite mix of styles and color palettes to browse, all of which come available in the sturdiest materials the industry has to offer. Every one of our custom rails is produced in top tier factories by skilled craftsman. We promise that you won’t regret your investment.

Railing System Comforts

A railing system matters because it isn’t just one element of a sound business. When clients arrive with baggage in-hand they expect everyday building comforts to be present. Potential customers will only spend a few minutes evaluating a place to stay, especially if they are using one of the dozen phone apps to narrow their choices. 

If there is a glaring lack of outward attention to detail, that would-be patron will assume the hotel’s interior is just as lackluster. While online browsers won’t evaluate every part of the architecture, they will note whether or not there is an apparent interest in customer safety and comfort. If that interest isn’t on the surface, they will choose another hotel, plain and simple.

To best fit your creative vision our consultants can blueprint and design rails or screens. Modular and custom railings are built with mesh, metal, and steel, materials that all of which our engineering team has experience with. They know how to manipulate each material into a majestic or low-key railing system for your growing business. And if finances are an issue then ask about our affordable plans. You don’t want to lose out on a booking. Call MFR now and better serve new and long-time clients. 


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