3 Fence Disasters You Can Avoid with MFR Corp’s Fencing Solutions

3 Fence Disasters You Can Avoid with MFR Corp’s Fencing Solutions

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  • Post published:February 15, 2023

When it comes to fencing solutions, there are many factors to consider to create durable and reliable fences. At MFR Corp, we consider each aspect of our fencing systems to provide our clients with the best options on the market. We also take into consideration factors such as our impact on the environment, the materials we use, and how we can ensure long-term functionality. Our fencing solutions have set us apart from competing metal fabrication companies in the industry. 

Fence disasters can happen commonly with weaker and less reliable materials, but we provide a twenty-year warranty that protects against these worries. Here are a few fence disasters you can easily avoid by choosing MFR Corp’s solutions. We also invite you to learn more about what we have to offer on our website. 

Serious Corrosion Leading To Breakage 

When you invest in a fence system, you want it to withstand weather conditions and time for as long as possible. Unfortunately, many traditional metals or chain-link options on the market today don’t last very long. Some have a lifespan of as little as three to five years in certain conditions. That’s why it should be a welcome surprise to learn that MFR Corp offers our clients a twenty-year warranty on all of our fencing solutions, including our custom designs as well as our four main design lines. 

Our twenty-year warranty protects against serious corrosion issues. Our fences use galvanized steel, which helps protect against corrosion and other weathering issues. During the galvanization process the steel is strengthened with an eco-friendly powder coating, which acts as another barrier between your fence and the elements. With less corrosion, your fence remains stronger for years to come, avoiding breakage or weak spots in your fencing system. 

Unique Grid Pattern Technology of Fencing Solutions Protects Against Crime

Another fence disaster that you want to avoid is damage due to crime. Even if crime rates are low near your place of business, nobody is entirely immune to the possibility of a break-in, theft, or other criminal activity. Therefore, having a truly reliable fencing system to protect your business is important. MFR Corp’s fencing solutions can help with our unique patterned grid pattern technology, available on a wide range of fence options. 

Compared to options like wooden rail fences, brick and cement fences, and chain-link options, our grid-like pattern creates a virtually unclimbable fence. Furthermore, our grid is wire cutter-resistant, making it difficult for criminals to penetrate our boundaries. Welded designs are not only stronger by nature but also act as an extra security layer on your property to deter break-ins, vandals, and other crimes. You can even customize your fence with razor wire and other features to add even more protection to your property.

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Fencing Collapse & Structural Damage

Finally, one of the biggest fence disasters your commercial property could undergo is the total collapse of your fence system. While this is rare even among weaker fencing options on the market, it does happen. Unfortunately, this often causes damage far beyond needing a simple fence replacement, especially for larger corporations or properties such as sports stadiums or universities. It could even put people’s lives in danger. 

You can easily avoid this fence disaster by making a smart investment in your fencing solutions. MFR Corp offers eco-friendly solutions using 85% recycled steel materials made right here in the United States. These strong materials offer us the base for a reliable design and manufacturing process. You can count on us to use only the most durable and functional materials and engineering solutions. As a result, you are protected against dangerous and expensive fence disasters like a collapse.  

Learn More About MFR Corp’s Fencing Solutions Today

If you are considering adding new fencing solutions to your property, make sure to invest in a company with a proven track record. At MFR Corp, our positive ratings and customer testimonials speak for themselves. 

When we talk about our fencing solutions we mean business, with quality, durable, reliable, and beautiful fence designs for everyone’s needs. Learn more and get started with your custom fencing solution today on our website. You can also contact us by phone at 815-318-0843 anytime to begin your design consultation process.



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