How Fence and Railing Systems Can Add Art to Your Property

How Fence and Railing Systems Can Add Art to Your Property

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  • Post published:July 27, 2023

When it comes to customizing your property with METALCO art pieces, the process is simple. At MFR Manufacturing, our mission is to help business owners across the nation add value and beauty to their property using quality metal materials. At every stage in our process, MFR Corp is dedicated to high-quality METALCO products, designs, and solutions guaranteed to last a lifetime. All of this is covered by our standard twenty-year warranty. Whatever investment you make with our team, whether it’s a fence, gate, or railing system, these fundamental principles are always at the forefront of what we offer clients. 

To begin the design and manufacturing of your next fence or rail system with the MFR Corp team, reach out to us today. We are easy to reach via our website or phone. Here is how a fence and railing system can add art to your property with our METALCO art pieces from MFR Manufacturing. 

METALCO Art Pieces: Things to Consider

Many business owners make the mistake of thinking only of the functional side of their fence or railing investment. While this might guarantee you a sturdy fence or railing system that is useful for everyday life on your corporation’s property, it will not necessarily add significant value or aesthetics to your property. 

Furthermore, the materials used for your fence or railing investment are crucial for overall property value. Aspects such as upkeep and general maintenance over the lifespan of your investment are worth considering. When it comes to making a choice that will be functional, add property value, increase aesthetic beauty, and not break the bank with expensive repairs, MFR Corp’s METALCO team is the one to call. 

METALCO Art Pieces: Functional Elements for Your Property 

Functional elements are vital to your investment because there is no reason to make an investment if it won’t meet your needs. When you meet with our team, we are happy to take any of our existing design options and customize them to fit your business requirements. For example, our Grigliato fence system can have razor-wire detailing added for extra security. Decorative elements are also a popular addition to many of our METALCO fence and railing designs. This is a great way to keep the same reliable fence design but add some extra flair to your blueprint. Working with our customization team is the simplest way to achieve the exact design solution you need. 

Custom Solutions for METALCO Art Pieces 

If you choose to work one-on-one with our expert designers and engineers, congratulations on starting a smart journey toward better metal installations! We will pair you with a team of professionals who can craft a personal CAD drawing for all of your needs. You can shop current designs and review past projects for inspiration or come in with your own concepts to branch off from. Our mission is to make your METALCO art pieces dreams a reality. 

METALCO art pieces

Our Eco-Friendly Measures with Little Upkeep 

MFR Corp also prides ourselves on our eco-friendly measures with all of our METALCO art pieces. We make any fence or railing system an art installation that is functional with less environmental impact than competing metal installation companies. Our LEED certification attests to these measures. We use 85% recycled steel sourced in the United States on all of our designs as well as conducting a steel galvanization process. This process also reduces upkeep and repairs on our fences, making them truly last a lifetime. Finally, we use a powder coating process that uses significantly less paint than traditional application methods. We reduce runoff during application, can reuse excess, and our powder coating does not contain as many harsh chemicals as alternatives. 

Contact Us for Function, Beauty, and an Affordable Cost

If you are ready to invest in the future of your corporation with function, beauty, and affordable prices bundled together, don’t wait. Our team at MFR Corp is happy to answer your questions, review design options, and make your custom blueprints a reality today. Contact us on our website or via phone at 800-708-2526 to learn more now. 


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