How to Start Your Own Custom Projects with Our Engineers

How to Start Your Own Custom Projects with Our Engineers

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  • Post published:September 16, 2022

If you are interested in starting your custom projects with engineers and designers you can trust within the United States, then you have come to the right place at MFR Corp. MFR Corpʼs Metalco engineers pride themselves on helping you produce the best custom results for all your metal fabrication project needs. We work directly with local architects, homeowners, business owners, and designers to craft solutions for fencing, railing, screen, and gate systems. Plus, we offer beautiful and personalized custom metal art pieces that can add flair to any property. 

For all your metal fabrication needs, MFR Corp offers an affordable 100% customization process. We use high-quality metal material sourced here in the USA. Furthermore, our products come standard with a twenty-year warranty covering weatherability, durability, reliability, and corrosion protection. Finally, we pride ourselves on our steel-galvanization process, LEED-certified materials, and custom eco-friendly powder coatings.

Discover the difference between stunning custom projects with our Metalco professional engineers and those offered by our competitors. Visit our website to learn more about what we have to offer, view CAD drawings, review past projects, and so much more! In the meantime, keep reading to learn how to start your custom projects with our engineers when the time is right. 

What is the Goal of Your Custom Projects? 

The first step to begin your custom projects with MFR Corp’s expert engineers is to brainstorm your unique goals. As a local architect or contractor, you probably already have a solid idea of the type of project or design element you want to tackle. Whether you are interested in MFR Corp’s streamlined fencing, gate railing systems, or some combination of all of the above, we can help. Once you have a firm understanding of what your custom project goals might be, you can reach out to us and set up a free consultation process. 

Your goals might be more focused on elements of aesthetic value and durability, or perhaps security is your main focus. We recommend coming prepared with some ideas of what your goals are, as well as checking out our past-projects portfolio. This helps our designers know what types of design elements you are interested in to better prepare your custom project metal fabrications. 

Visit Our Website to Learn About Our Metalco Products 

We also recommend that you take some time to explore our website. There, you can become familiar with all of our Metalco products and solutions. Reviewing past projects is a great starting point, because MFR Corp has worked with all types of large corporations and local architects over the years. Since we pride ourselves on using eco-friendly materials and solutions during our designing, engineering, and manufacturing processes, we can deliver better results when it comes to durability and long-term weatherability. We use 85% recycled steel materials on almost every custom project. 

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Your Initial Consultation & Design Meeting for Custom Projects 

Interested in working with MFR Corp for metal fabrication solutions? Then we encourage you to reach out to set up a free one-on-one consultation. During your initial meeting with our professional engineers and designers, we will brainstorm ideas together. Sharing your current inspiration list is the best place to begin. From there, we pair you with an engineer and design team to help make your custom project dreams a reality. We can also suggest design modifications that might better suit your needs. 

For instance, if security is one of your top priorities, we might suggest adding on razor wire. You can also connect your new fencing solutions to a security system. In contrast, if your main concern is adding a functional metal fabrication element to a property you are designing, then we might put aesthetic details at the top of our design list. 

After we have discussed your needs, our engineers and designers will create a blueprint for your custom project. Then we will meet with you to discuss final edits. At that point, we’ll confirm the design before we release it to our manufacturing team experts.

Contact MFR Corp For Your Custom Projects Consultation

MFR Corp is here for all your custom project needs. We work directly with local architects, designers, and business owners to help craft the right solutions for their needs. When you work closely with our professional team, we can make you custom solutions dreams a reality. Contact MFR Corp today, or visit our website to learn more and get started with your free consultation. 



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