Partnering with Local Architects on Metal Fabrication Products

Partnering with Local Architects on Metal Fabrication Products

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  • Post published:August 17, 2022

When it comes to your next local architecture project, MFR Corp is here to provide all your custom metal fabrications. MFR Corp makes it easy to customize a project to fit your desired aesthetic and unique design preferences. The rewards of an affordable custom metal fabrication piece are endless. We can provide custom fencing, railing, gate, and architectural statement pieces for your next project. We have experience in both commercial and residential settings across the nation. Plus, we are dedicated to using only local materials from 85% recycled steel products right here in the United States. 

We also strive to care for the planet using eco-friendly solutions and powder coatings on every metal fabrication product we create. And every product we design comes with a standard twenty-year warranty to offer you protection on your initial investments for years to come. Let us help you with your next project! Visit our website to learn more or get started with your unique designs, and keep reading to learn how we partner with local architects on metal fabrication products!

Connect with MFR Corp Experts 

The first step in working on custom metal fabrication products with MFR Corp is to contact our experts. As an architect, you most likely have a solid concept of what you hope to achieve with your custom project. We welcome your designs, sketches, and preferences when you give us a call. Also, we can use this information to pair you with expert designers and engineers who can best fit your project’s needs. We are available to discuss your ideas in depth, taking into account your budget, style preferences, property’s value, and other important aspects. 

Generate Ideas and Initial Consultation 

During our initial consultation, we gather more information about your project ideas. Based in the United States of America, MFR Corp takes great pride in sourcing our metal material locally. In fact, we use 85% recycled steel products with all of our designs to ensure durability, quality, and environmentally-friendly LEED certified practices.

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CAD Drawings and Past Project Portfolios 

We also showcase some of our streamlined CAD drawings and insights into past projects in the area. This is a great resource that local architects can explore on our website. With a 100% customizable metal fabrication products package at MFR Corp, the options are truly limitless to make your design a reality. From personalized gating and railing systems to unique art statement pieces which can add a vibrant pop to any property, we are here to help at every stage of the design process. 

Our Twenty-Year Warranty 

MFR Corp offers a unique twenty-year warranty for all our metal fabrication products. If you are 

looking to make a solid investment in metal fabrications, then you can’t go wrong with MFR Corp. Our warranty provides greater protection against weathering, rusting, corrosion, and natural aging. Since we use durable steel material that’s locally sourced, we can guarantee that our metal solutions will last longer than weak alternatives, such as a wooden railing or chain-link fences. 

In designs such as our streamlined grid-pattern technology fencing, we employ engineering structures that make them virtually um-climbable and uncuttable to reduce vandalism. Add value to your property and get the peace of mind you deserve with our twenty-year warranty today. 

Custom Project Results Built to Last 

Local architects seeking custom metal fabrication products that are designed to last should reach out to us today. We love working with local clients in a variety of industries. Our wide portfolio of previous projects that speak for themselves. 

Contact MFR Corp Today to Get Started with Metal Fabrication Products

When it comes to wise investments as a local architect, it doesn’t get any better than the team of expert designers and engineers at MFR Corp. We offer fencing, railing, gating, and custom architectural art pieces at an affordable cost. Our projects use 85% recycled steel products sourced within the USA. Our powder coatings help prevent rust and corrosion due to natural weather conditions and aging. 

Furthermore, we work directly with local architects to ensure your metal fabrication products are unique to your current project needs. Let us make your dreams a reality today. Contact MFR Corp today, or visit our website to learn more and get started with your free consultation. 


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