The Best Privacy Fence System Options at MFR Corp

The Best Privacy Fence System Options at MFR Corp

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  • Post published:December 10, 2019

Privacy is a major component of an effective security strategy. You may not be concerned with someone getting into your home or commercial facility to steal things. However, you may be conducting business operations or other activities you want to safeguard. With a good fence system, you create a buffer between your facility and the public, granting access only to those you wish. At MFR Corp, we provide best-in-class fencing solutions for people and businesses looking for greater privacy. Here are some of the best privacy fence options available.

Twinbar Fence

Our Twinbar fence system uses galvanized wire mesh that’s forge-welded to give you a privacy fence that looks fantastic. It’s extremely strong, so it will keep out anyone and also provides a quality layer of security for your property. A lot of property owners opt for the Twinbar fence when they want to upgrade from a basic chain-link fence. Twinbar comes in many different colors as well, so you can match it to your design scheme. It’s the perfect fence for residential communities, as well as places like playgrounds and parks. The Twinbar privacy fence helps mark off areas well.

Securite Fence

Securite is a welded wire mesh system that works great as a privacy fence. It’s perfect for when you need extra security and privacy for your property. It’s also one of the most affordable options from MFR Corp, so you can get great value here. Securite has small openings and mesh, and its double-wire thick mesh prevents cutting and climbing to keep your privacy a priority.

Grigliato Privacy Fence

If you’re looking for customization options, the Grigliato privacy fence is your best option. Many industrial and commercial clients choose this fence because it can be built out into a high-security option that keeps unwanted vehicles and individuals out. Grigliato is galvanized steel bar mesh that looks great and is less imposing than other high-security fence systems.

Amego Fence

Amego is a well-designed, stylish fence system that’s a good alternative to some other highly ornamental fences. Property owners looking for something that looks good but is more subtle will love the Amego. The forge-welded mesh panels have ribs that run horizontally through them to give more strength. It comes in several different colors and can be adapted to fit almost any property or landscaping setup.

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