How to Elevate a Garden Space with Fencing Solutions

How to Elevate a Garden Space with Fencing Solutions

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  • Post published:April 15, 2023

Elevating your garden space with the right fencing solutions is easy when you work with our team at MFR Corp. For all your architectural landscape needs, we can help you find the right solution. We work with corporations of all kinds to craft reliable, durable, and functional fencing. Added security features and design customizations are available to help your vision come to life.

The high-quality, American-made products from MFR Manufacturing are guaranteed to add value to your property investment. Is your primary need is a privacy fence, security fence, or decorative fence? A METALCO product can be a great addition to any facility. Visit our website to shop all of our popular fencing designs, learn more about what we have to offer, and review project ideas for inspiration. Here are a few ways you can elevate your garden space with fencing solutions. Get started today by contacting MFR Corp’s engineers and designers for your custom project needs. 

Why You Might Need Fence Systems for Your Garden Designs

There are many reasons you might want to invest in a fence system for your garden space. We are always eager to work with landscape architecture professionals to make your job easier in planning a design as well.

One of the most logical reasons to add a fence design for landscaping purposes is for privacy and protection for your property. Fences add security, can drown out noise and visual pollution, and deter criminals. A fencing solution with virtually unclimbable and wire cutter-resistant grid-lock design technology from MFR Corp can help reduce the likelihood of crimes occurring on your property. 

Another reason you might consider a fence solution for your garden designs is to add value to a property. Most landscaping can add beauty as well as significant value to any space. As a landscaper, a fencing solution is a multi-functional way to increase a property’s value with beautiful designs that also add protection.  

Finally, a fence design for a garden or park space is a great way to offer privacy and protection for young children or pets. It can offer your client a beautifully designed way to mark their property while keeping others safe. Plus, you can use a fencing solution from MFR Corp along with other landscaping details to create the perfect tranquil and secure space. 

Fencing Solutions for Garden Spaces

MFR Corp offers pre-fabricated designs that landscapers can choose from on our website. These include Twinbar, Grigliato, and Security fencing options. However, we understand that every landscaping project is unique, so we also provide a 100% customizable plan for all your fencing solution needs. With this option, you can work one-on-one with our engineers and project designers to make all your landscaping plans a reality.  

We put high-quality materials at the forefront of what we offer with every fencing solution. We have worked with clients ranging from NFL teams to your local post office branch to create fences that stand out and are built to last. With over two decades of experience under our belts, we craft solutions with locally sourced materials from here in the United States. We even offer a twenty-year warranty that offers corrosion protection for all garden fence solutions. By using up to 85% recycled steel materials, we invest in eco-friendly measures that protect the planet while crafting strong fencing investments. 

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Connect with Us for Your Landscaping Needs 

There are many fence solutions on the market for landscaping projects of all scopes and sizes. Whatever your project needs might be, from added security to beauty, functionality and added property value, we can help. Our expert engineers and designers have put years of dedicated work to the next level with cutting-edge manufacturing systems. We offer some of the most affordable fencing solutions using high-quality steel materials for all our METALCO products. 

Learn more and get started with our landscaping fencing solutions today. You can also explore our website to view CAD drawings, project ideas, and other useful information. Call us at 815-472-9086 for more information. 


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