Why Steel Grid Fencing Is The Most Popular Choice

Why Steel Grid Fencing Is The Most Popular Choice

Steel grid fencing is gaining popularity with homeowners and businesses looking for sturdy and reliable anti-theft fencing solutions to protect their investments against thieves, vandals, and stray pets. Notably, steel grid fence systems are a lot more than just the standard chain link or wire fencing. It is a grid fence made from mild carbon steel that has a stable, solid frame. It comes with a framework of spaced bars parallel to or crossing each other to create a solid grating pattern. 

What Is a Steel Grid? 

A steel grid refers to a network of uniformly spaced horizontal and vertical lines or bars made of steel to give unmatched strength. Steel grid fences are used for various environmental conditions, including playground fences, parking fences, garden fences, street fences, or business district fences.

Are Metals Fences Good?

Metal fences are much sturdier and more hardwearing than other technologies such as wood or plastic. They are robust, highly durable, and can withstand a range of environmental elements and weather conditions for several years. Where it is properly installed and maintained, a metal fence will give you reliable protection for several years with minimal repairs. 

Of all the typical metal fences, steel fencing offers the most significant benefits and a higher return on investment. Unlike wrought iron fencing, steel grid fencing cannot rot, meaning it will provide the same level of protection for centuries with little to no servicing needed.

Are Metal Fences better than wood?

Metal fences are a lot sturdier in extreme weather than wood. The following are some of the advantages of metal fences over wooden ones:

Better aesthetics: Today’s metal offering also provides more design flexibility owing to the variety of options available, including wrought iron, galvanized steel, and aluminum. You can get unmatched styles with metal accessories such as finials, knuckles, ball caps, and rings.

Robust strength: Unlike wood prone to moisture absorption and risks or warps and rotting, metal fencing such as steel grid fences provides unmatched strength and won’t rot. Some manufacturers also install hidden pin-hinge systems that enable rackability.

Lower maintenance needs: Wooden fence must be routinely maintained to last and keep its performance at optimal levels. On the other hand, metal fencing needs little to no maintenance. Unlike wooden fences, steel grid fencing doesn’t require staining, painting, sanding, priming, or refinishing after every few years.

Easy installation: Although wooden fences are simple to install, they shrink up to 1/4″ as it dries after installation, leaving unforeseen gaps in the fencing system. Wooden panel gates can also swell in winter with changing temperatures to tighten doors, making them difficult to open. However, with metal fences, most manufacturers have designed pre-assembled systems for ease of installation. These systems come with a rackable design that easily adjusts to suit uneven terrains.

Metalco’s stylish steel grid fencing solutions

MFR Manufacturing’s Metalco Product Line is the industry leader in innovative fencing solutions customized for various applications, including government agencies, major sports franchises, international corporations, homes, and businesses. Our technicians leverage the latest technologies, robust materials, and vast experiences to create fencing solutions with unmatched aesthetics, durability, and robust protection. Some of the steel grid fencing solutions in our product line include:

Grigliato: The Grigliato system is a heavy-duty fencing product ideal for demanding commercial and industrial applications. MFR provides both standard design solutions and custom designs tailor-made to suit your specific project. Notably, the Grigliato fence is made from welded steel that has been electro forged, hot-dip galvanized, and polyester coated for added strength, durability, and protection.

Amego: If you are looking for an affordable alternative fencing option to chain link with guaranteed strength and protection, go for MFR’s Amego fence system. We provide a top-notch Amego Fencing System that comes with innovative designs compatible with myriads of landscaping approaches.

Securite: Securite is an affordable and durable security fence system that lasts beyond 20 years. It features a welded wire mesh fence panel with a mesh size of 1/2″ x 3″ (12mm x 76mm). Additionally, it boasts galvanized or galvanized and polyester powder coated finishes with various colors for enhanced aesthetics. Securite is designed to be installed with a vertical or horizontal mesh alignment.

Twinbar: MFR provides a popular way to break the chain-link habit with the TWINBAR Fence System. This mesh fence system offers unmatched longevity, rigidity, and security with elegance and style. The Twinbar comes as welded wire steel fence system with added rigidity that you won’t find with any other welded wire fence system. It leverages two parallel horizontal wires with the vertical wire sandwiched between them, making the fence panel virtually indestructible. The sophisticated double wire design also guarantees the highest rigidity and security.

Areas Where Metalco’s High-End Steel Grid Fencing Is Currently in Use

For over 20 years now, we have been designing, perfecting, and producing innovative fencing, gates, railings, and screening systems customized to suit each customer’s project needs. Some of the areas where Metalco’s high-end steel grid fencing is currently in use include: 

  • Dick’s Sporting Goods 50ft enclosure, in Victor, NY and Knoxville, TN
  • Heinz Field, the home of Pittsburgh Steelers, in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia
  • Meadowlands Sports Complex, the Home of the Jets and Giants
  • LP FIELD, the Home of the TN Titans
  • Maggie Daley  Park, Chicago, Illinois (children’s play park at Millennium Park)
  • Beach BLVD, City of Buena Park CA, decorative Twinbar Fence System Wave Top Channel
  • University Stadium Fence of Eastern Michigan University

Metalco Has the Expertise to Guide You Through the Process

Steel grid fencing is arguably the most durable and robust grading for all the bearing applications. Metalco has successfully manufactured and installed all types of fence projects for over 25 years. We offer top-notch fencing systems with unmatched beauty, durability, and a higher measure of security. Specifically, our steel grid fencing solutions are designed to resist cutting by normal means and even come with features that make it virtually “unclimbable.” 

Whether you need a robust fencing solution for aesthetics or improved security and protection, Metalco’s steel grid fencing systems have you covered. Our highly experienced technicians are ready to guide you into choosing the best fencing solution for your specific applications. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.


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