Metalco Fence & Railing Systems: A New Era in Fencing

Metalco Fence & Railing Systems: A New Era in Fencing

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  • Post published:January 13, 2024

If you are looking for your next fence or railing system investment, our METALCO products team is happy to help. Our METALCO fence and railing systems are American-made with durable materials sourced from up to 85% recycled materials in the USA. Furthermore, our products come with a standard warranty, eco-friendly measures in place, and the guarantee of a long-lasting solution for your property. If you are searching for the right metal solution for your commercial property, we offer more finishes, styles, features, colors, and details than competitors. 

Learn more about us at MFR Corp’s website and review our project portfolio for more inspiration. 

Fence & Railing Systems Using Innovative Technology 

MFR’s fence and railing systems go beyond implementing durable materials. We also pair these materials with innovative breakthroughs in technology. One way we implement the latest technology is through computer-aided design systems. Our computer-aided design process allows for greater precision, smaller margins of error, and easy design updates before production begins. 

Furthermore, when you work with our custom solutions team for your fence or railing systems, you get your own custom CAD drawings. This allows you to confirm details, dimensions, and diagrams before your investment goes into production in case any changes are needed. 

Our innovative technology is also evident in our use of galvanized steel. This process strengthens the products, allows for less wear and tear, and increases the overall lifespan of our products. This is the reason we are able to offer such a comprehensive twenty-year warranty on all of our products. 

Fence System Options We Offer

When it comes to finding the best cutting-edge fence system for your property, we have you covered. Whether security, privacy, noise reduction, or improved aesthetics are what you seek, MFR Corp can help. We offer four main fence designs with unique features for all your needs. However, you should keep in mind that the custom route is always an option, and additional changes can also be made to existing designs. Our main designs include the Securite, the Grigliato, the Twinbar, and the Amego fence system, but other custom designs are welcome too.

Railing System Options We Offer

railing & fence systems

At MFR Corp, we offer many railing system designs and styles for easy selection. However, you can also go the custom route and start your ideal railing design from scratch. Either way, our team provides stunning railing system detailing, durability, and reliability. Our current main designs are the Grigliato railing system and the SELECT railing system. Each has unique features to offer, and you can learn more about them both on our website. We encourage you to shop around, review some of our past projects, and find the best investment for your needs today. 

What MFR Corp’s METALCO Fence and Railing Systems Have to Offer

We have touched on some of the benefits of choosing a METALCO fence and railing system. However, we have so much more to offer than just reliable materials and innovative designs. 

We also take eco-friendly measures seriously. MFR Corp has worked toward LEED recognition for our powder coating solution. The application of this solution requires less paint in the first place, resulting in less waste and runoff. Furthermore, any excess solution can often be reused, further reducing the amount of impact on the planet. 

Finally, by sourcing our materials locally, we reduce the number of miles used to transport and obtain our recycled steel materials. Overall, we are making an effort to put our best foot forward for your company and for the environment. 

Our METALCO fence and railing system options can provide a custom team of engineers and designers. You are along for the process from day one to the final day, getting to share your input, requirements, reviewing blueprints, and so much more. Our excellent customer service and high-quality designs help set us apart from competitors and have earned us a reputation for excellence. 

Finally, with over thirty years of expertise crafting METALCO products of all scopes and sizes, no project is too big or too small for our team. 

Learn More and Connect with Us Today!

When it comes to finding the best products for your rail or fence needs, we are here to help. MFR Corp’s METALCO products have carved out a positive reputation as reliable, beautiful, and functional investments for your corporation. We have worked with everyone from the National Guard and the US Navy to major sports teams and universities. Contact us to learn more and begin your free consultation process today! 


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