3 Ways a Security Fence Protects Your Business

3 Ways a Security Fence Protects Your Business

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  • Post published:August 28, 2019

Securing your business is a necessity. From valuable assets to invaluable employees, and from physical to intellectual property, a lack of security is not a risk worth taking. Having a security fence keeps your place of business protected, and it gives you and your employees the peace of mind to focus on what matters. If you’re unsure about fencing or just don’t know where to start, here are three ways a security fence protects your business.

1. A Security Fence is a Mental Deterrent

The best way to protect a business from criminals is to make sure they never attempt the crime in the first place, but this isn’t always possible. Therefore, the most effective strategy is to use a mental deterrent. This is why security stickers line home windows and neighborhood watches post signs to warn off those with bad intentions. You need to send the clear message that criminal activity will fail at your location. A well-built and well-designed fence will help ensure that potential criminals think twice.

2. Good Design Prevents Climbing

Beyond the mental deterrence of a security fence, the fence itself forms a nearly impossible barrier to cross. A well-designed fence makes climbing difficult or even impossible. Without the ability to climb, getting past a security fence becomes even more unlikely. Our SECURITE Fence System’s openings are too small for prying fingers or climbing toe holds. Leave the fence climbing for children at home. Prevent unwanted guests from hopping onto your business property with a SECURITE security fence.

3. Good Materials Withstand Cutting and Destruction 

A security fence goes beyond the average chain-link or barbed-wire fence. Because of the need for physical deterrence, this kind of fence is made with higher quality materials which are nearly impossible to penetrate with brute force or to separate with cutters. For instance, our GRIGLIATO Fence System provides a high level of rigidity and durability. It does this by utilizing steel bars, electro-forged cross rods, and various mesh sizes to pair with your specific needs. Having a fence resistant to physical force significantly decreases the risk of serious criminal threats.

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