The Ins and Outs of LEED Certified Metal Fabrications

The Ins and Outs of LEED Certified Metal Fabrications

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  • Post published:February 22, 2023

Keeping your commercial or residential property secure has never been easier with specialized metal fabrication solutions from MFR Corp. We make investing in any metal fabrication you need simple, even offering 100% customizable options. MFR Corp is known for our amazing fence, rail, gate, screen, and architectural art metal pieces. Our past projects portfolio is brimming with wonderful metal pieces for companies such as major sports teams, postal services, and universities. Every product we craft is designed to last and uses environmentally friendly practices throughout the design, manufacturing, and entire lifespan of the product. Therefore, we have earned LEED certifications by using LEED certified materials and practices. 

If you are looking to upgrade or add to your commercial property today, let MFR Corp help. Once you reach out to our expert customer service team, we can help you choose the right metal fabrication systems for your needs. If you are interested in custom options, we will set up a meeting one-on-one with our professional engineers and designers to make all your dreams a reality. You can also visit our website to learn more about our service, shop our products, and review resource materials to help you make informed choices for your property. In the meantime, keep reading to learn the ins and outs of LEED certified metal fabrications at MFR Corp. 

What Are LEED Certifications?

When it comes to green and environmentally-friendly building practices, LEED certification is the highest standard for any company. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED certification status began as a way to showcase companies that created products or building standards that put caring for the environment at the forefront of what they did. Therefore, obtaining a LEED certification shows consumers or those interested in a property that the highest standards of environmentally friendly choices were used during manufacturing or construction. 

LEED certification programs have global recognition for high-performance solutions with the optimal impact on the triple bottom line: people, profit, and of course, the planet. Another benefit of LEED certified solutions is how these certifications help to demonstrate to clients the effect they can have on the planet. In return, this can enable companies to continue to find new ways to lessen their impact and still provide stunning quality materials to their consumers. 

LEED Certified Solutions Are Comprehensive 

LEED certifications take a comprehensive approach to examining the choices made by construction and manufacturing companies. Also, LEED certified approaches look at the bigger picture from the initial location of a product, to sustainable development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials used, the overall amount of waste produced, and the use of innovative strategies. 

What Are LEED Certified Powder Coating Solutions?

One way MFR Corp has set itself apart from competitors is with our LEED-certified powder coating solutions. Unlike other companies, our environmentally friendly powder coatings have a minimal environmental impact. When you work with us, the process is simple. First, you choose the color and finish you want. Then, we apply the eco-friendly LEED certified powder coating. 

Our coating applies more smoothly and easily than traditional paint solutions. Plus, the excess waste is easily collected and can be reused in the future, creating even less waste. Furthermore, the unique solution for our powder coating helps ensure the longevity and anti-corrosion of your metal investment. 

Finally, our powder coating has fewer harmful ingredients for the environment. This means it won’t harm local wildlife or plant life. Local ecosystems are protected because of lower VOC emissions and less overall runoff waste during the application process. Using electrostatic l application measures, the process is also faster and more precise. Therefore, MFR Corp is the clear choice for those seeking companies with LEED certified solutions. 

LEED certified

Locally Sourced Recycled Steel 

MFR Corp also showcases our LEED certified practices by using locally sourced recycled steel materials. Consider alternative materials like lumber or chain link. They not only have a shorter lifespan but also use significantly more energy to be produced. Using steel helps combat deforestation, ensures the longevity of your investments, and reduces overall new material used by relying on recycled products for the bulk of production. 

We use 85% recycled steel harvested from old automobiles and other metal products. Furthermore, we focus on keeping our resources as local as possible, right here in the United States. This further reduces emissions output needed for the transportation of materials. The best part is this steel can also be reused in the future to continue to further reduce the overall impact of waste for decades. 

Finally, MFR Corp uses a unique galvanizing process that helps strengthen steel materials for even longer-lasting solutions. Increasing the longevity of our products benefits consumers who won’t need to repair or replace products every few years. However, it also helps the planet by ensuring lower costs and less waste of materials. It is a combined effort of all of these elements which play into our LEED certified practices at MFR Corp. Our ultimate aim is to provide clients with amazing and durable metal fabrication solutions. They meet the triple bottom line standard of socially, environmentally, and economically sound solutions. 

Learn More About MFR Corp’s LEED Certified Measures Today!

Establishing a company that cares about its impact on the planet doesn’t have to be difficult. Our experts at MFR Corp prove that it’s simple to make changes that impact the environment positively. Our fence, rail, gate, screen, and metal pieces all implement LEED certified practices and materials. 

MFR Corp is a company where we aim to reduce our overall carbon footprint, craft stunning and functional pieces, and help clients with durable solutions for their properties. We use 85% recycled steel from here in the United States. All our specialized powder coating solutions have LEED certification. If you are ready to invest in a company that cares, contact us to get started now! 


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