Why an Amego Fence System is Right for Your Company

Why an Amego Fence System is Right for Your Company

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  • Post published:June 27, 2019

If you are looking for a top-quality security fence, an Amego fence may be the best choice for your company. There are many benefits to using this type of fence system. Here are the main reasons that our fence may be right for you.

Secure and Strong Amego Fence

When you need moderate- to high-level security, you need a fence that will be strong and secure. An Amego fence offers excellent security for commercial and private spaces. It deters would-be thieves or vandals because it is difficult to climb.

The welded mesh panels of the Amego system are made from galvanized steel wire. They work together to provide rigidity. The panels are coated with an architectural-grade polyester powder coating system. Since our coating system is so durable, it enhances the appearance of this strong fence system.

Long Lasting

The powder coating system produces a long-lasting finish. Combined with the galvanized steel, you will have a fence that lasts for years with little to no maintenance. The fence resists rust and corrosion. We back our Amego fence systems with a 20-year warranty.

Easy to Install

Since the Amego fence is made up of simple components, it is easy to install. At MFR Corp., our team of professionals can install your new fence quickly. If you need a strong fence put up fast, this may be the best type of fence for you.

Versatile Design

The Amego fence is based on a modular design. The panels are available in different heights and a wide range of colors. We also offer gates to complement your needs. Whether you need a cantilever, slide, or swing gate, we can match it to the rest of your Amego system.

Environmentally Conscious

Unlike other fence systems, the Amego system uses a coating that is environmentally friendly. The powder coating has no solvents, which is an improvement over other technologies. If you want to make a choice that is conscious of environmental concerns, this fence system is a winner.

The Right Amego Fence For You

At MFR Corp., we offer various Amego fence systems that will fit your unique needs. Whether you need a secure fence to surround an airport, sports arena, manufacturing facility, or commercial space, Amego fence makes a good choice. We have several affordable options for you to consider.

You will appreciate the clean mesh fence options that deter theft and last for years. We can match the color to complement your brand or existing buildings. Contact us today at 815-552-3333 or [email protected] to learn more about Amego fence systems.


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