3 New Fencing Solutions Found at MFR Corp

3 New Fencing Solutions Found at MFR Corp

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  • Post published:November 23, 2022

In the metal fabrication and new fencing solutions realm, the latest advancements can make a major impact on your business investments. When it comes to reliable fencing solutions you can count on for durability, beauty, and functionality, MFR Corp can help. Our new fencing solutions make it simple for businesses of all types to choose the best solution for their property. We even offer 100% custom metal fabrication options so you can invest in a fence that is perfectly tailored to your needs. We use 85% recycled steel material from right here in the USA to lessen our environmental impact and ensure the best quality. 

Learn more about what we have to offer by visiting our website today. You can review past projects, learn about our 20-year warranty, and brainstorm ideas for your future project all in one place. In the meantime, we want to share some more information with you about three new advancements in fencing solutions that we offer at MFR Corp. 

Patented Grid Pattern Technology That’s Built to Last

One of the biggest advancements in new fencing solutions that MFR Corp has to offer is our patented grid pattern technology. Unlike traditional chain-link fencing options, our patterned grid pattern designs are welded and can withstand natural weathering for longer. After all, why would you invest in a fencing solution that will deteriorate and become weakened within a few years, leaving your business vulnerable to break-ins? 

The secret to our long-lasting fencing solutions lies in our unique welded grid pattern design which makes our fences virtually unclimbable and wire cutter resistant. These features bring better security, privacy, and protection to your property. At the same time, our grid pattern designs are customizable with additional add-ons available. Add-ons might include razor wire, tamper-resistant hardware, or other high-security features. 

When it comes to our patented grid pattern technology on all new fencing solutions at MFR Corp, we deliver beauty, practicality, and durability combined. Plus, you can save yourself even more money after your initial investment. Not only is your cost lower upfront, but your maintenance and upkeep costs are also lower in the long term. 

Access to CAD Drawings 

Another major benefit of choosing MFR Corp is access to our CAD drawings. We share our unique CAD drawings on our website for architects, designers, engineers, and fence installers to examine. Business owners can also look over these design plans to brainstorm ideas for their custom solutions. They can also shop our prefabricated fencing solutions. 

From our Grigliato to our Select fencing solutions, our CAD drawings showcase the hard work of our dedicated engineers and designers. With years of experience under their belts, our seasoned engineers work with quality materials to craft durable fencing solutions guaranteed to last. With a personal touch, each design we create can be viewed online and customized further to fit your business’s unique needs. 

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Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Solutions

Finally, the third advancement of new fencing solutions at MFR Corp is our eco-friendly manufacturing solutions. At MFR Corp, we care about our impact on the environment as well as on our clients. That’s why we have invested in eco-friendly, low-impact options wherever possible for all our new fencing solutions. These actions have earned us LEED certifications on our eco-friendly powder coating and recycled steel materials. Our eco-friendly power coatings apply more easily than traditional paint coatings and do not leave behind harmful paint residues. 

Furthermore, the excess from our powder coating can be easily reused for future projects. This saves on costs and protects the planet from unnecessary waste. We use 85% recycled steel material in our new fencing solutions. These solutions help clients achieve the fencing solution of their dreams while respecting the planet and saving money. 

Learn More About New Fencing Solutions with MFR Corp 

As a business owner, it can be difficult to find the right fencing solution with so many options available. However, quality and getting the best value for your money are important factors to help you decide. 

Here at MFR Corp, we want to help all of your new fencing solutions dreams become reality. Our eco-friendly solutions, CAD drawings, and grid pattern designs are all aspects of the better fencing solutions we offer. Learn more and get started with your custom fencing solution today on our website. You can also contact us by phone at 815-318-0843 anytime to begin your design consultation process. 


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