A Beginner’s Guide to CAD Drawings

A Beginner’s Guide to CAD Drawings

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  • Post published:September 14, 2022

Are you looking for a beautiful and durable metal fabrication from a company you can trust? If so, we urge you to connect with us at MFR Corp. We specialize in reliable and sturdy metal fabrication for fencing, railing, gating, and architecture art pieces right here in the United States. We proudly provide well-crafted, eco-conscious metal solutions for all your architecture, business improvement, and security needs. You can connect with us via our website, calling us for a free consultation, or reviewing our numerous CAD drawings available online. We offer both pre-designed pieces as well as 100% customizable metal solutions. Today, we want to share some more information with you about our MFR Corp CAD drawings and details. 

What are CAD Drawings? 

What are CAD drawings? CAD stands for “computer-aided design.” A CAD drawing showcases the proportions and design of a structure’s 3D model. We use CAD drawings to show our pre-designed fence, railing, screen, and gate designs to potential clients and local architects. Our cut sheet designs and CAD details are easy to access anytime on our website. This makes it simple for potential clients or local designers to get an idea of what we have to offer, brainstorm their unique ideas, and then connect with our professional engineers to customize their solutions if desired. 

CAD Drawings and the Design Process at MFR Corp

The design process at MFR Corp is streamlined to enable a well-crafted shop drawing process. Our process begins by pairing local designers and architects with our expert engineers to make their vision a reality. We work to craft fencing, railing, screen facade, and gate systems with our Metalco design. Metalco is highly customized for a wide range of applications. We can also offer custom solutions with high-security features such as razor wire, tamper-proof hardware, security systems, and so much more.

In contrast, if you are seeking a standard CAD detail drawing with a cleaner look for your commercial enterprise, we can also deliver those results. We customize shop drawings for approval before the fabrication process so you know precisely the results you will receive on every project – guaranteed! For all your CAD fence, CAD gate, and CAD railing design drawings, you can count on the MFR designers, engineers, and custom fabrication manufacturers to deliver reliable results that fit your enterprise’s needs. 

CAD drawings

Review Past Projects and Compare Shop Drawings 

MFR Corp also invites you to view our showcase of past projects online. You can see custom metal fabrications and pre-designed fencing solutions. When you check out our past project portfolio, you can compare ideas with our current CAD drawings. We especially recommend using these resources if you are a local architect who is seeking inspiration or insights into a current project. Keep in mind that we offer a 100% customizable metal fabrication products package at MFR Corp, so if you don’t find a pre-designed CAD drawing that speaks to you, we can customize your metal fabrication with a personalized design. 

CAD Drawings, Grid-like Designs & Guaranteed Protection  

MFR Corp offers a unique twenty-year warranty for all our metal fabrication products to help protect your investment. Our warranty includes greater protection against natural aging, rusting, corrosion, and wear and tear caused by weather conditions. 

Our engineered grid pattern is specialized, unlike ordinary chain-link fencing that is easy to cut with simple wire cutters. In fact, our unique grid-like pattern makes our fencing and gate solutions virtually unclimbable and wire cutter-resistant. This means even greater security, protection, and privacy! Now you can add value, protection, and beauty to your property by shopping our CAD drawings and reviewing our grid-pattern designs. Get the peace of mind you deserve with your twenty-year warranty. 

Contact MFR Corp Today to Get Started 

Interested in investing in a new fence, railing, gate, or screen system? Then you have come to the right place at MFR Corp. We use 85% recycled steel, eco-friendly powder coatings, and quality materials sourced right here in the United States. And we guarantee you better quality, durability, and longevity with every design we create. Now you can get enhanced protection under our twenty-year warranty. Furthermore, we invite you to look through our catalog of shop drawings and CAD drawings on our website. Contact us to get started with your custom or pre-designed metal fabrication today! 


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