Choosing The Right Gate System Can Add Significant Value To Your Property—Here’s How

Choosing The Right Gate System Can Add Significant Value To Your Property—Here’s How

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  • Post published:May 5, 2021

If you are looking into gate systems and thinking about installing one, there are a few things you need to know about the different types available to install on your property. There are basically 2 main types of gates with a nearly unlimited variety of specialty gates to serve the requirements of your property. The only consideration to keep in mind is that specialty gates are only limited to your imagination. In fact, they can usually be customized to work on any type of property.

A good fabrication house will have experienced craftsmen and the tools to design and build the gate that best meets the design aesthetic and functionality you need. Take a look at the different types of gates you can choose from, and you will be on your way to having the perfect gate system to protect your property.

Swing Gates

With a swing gate, this type of gate system is very elegant and enhances the overall look of your property. You can get a single or double swing gate depending on how many vehicles or what the size of the vehicle is that you want to be able to drive onto your property at any one time. If your home is traditional in style and decor, you can’t go wrong with adding an elegant swing gate to your property.

Keep in mind that many of these types of gates are wrought iron. If privacy is a top concern, you don’t be able to keep nosy neighbors from peaking in through the iron. That said, when you are selecting your gate system, you can usually pick from a variety of different materials, some of which offer more durability or more privacy than others.

You see swing gates a lot in elegant neighborhoods as they add a layer of protection and security to your home but also leave your property looking good, and this is the best choice if you are looking to improve the look of your property.

Slide Gates

These types of gates are a great option if you are looking for something smooth and reliable. Oftentimes these are used in bigger spaces or used commercially, but they can be used at private residences as well. A slide gate is just that — it slides out of your way, which means you also need to have space for it to slide into and fit without going onto a neighbor’s property.

If you get a sliding gate that is made from something sturdy like a galvanized steel, that is going to be a nice and durable option that nobody can break through. This could be your best bet if your top choice is keeping people out while being less concerned about how it looks or enhancing the value of your property.

A lot of businesses use sliding gates since they usually have a lot more space than a private home, and it’s not as important what it looks like when it is protecting your business and not an elegant home in a nice neighborhood. Slide gates might be the most practice option, and you can also get them for cheap if you just want chain link or steel and aren’t too concerned about what the gate will look like.

Specialty Gates

While a specialty gate might be the fanciest and cost the most money, it also might be exactly what you want. You can customize everything about it from the material to the size and how it locks. Maybe you have a one-of-a-kind home, and you want to come up with a custom gate that is going to do the job of protecting your home but also helps your home continue to look like the best house on the block.

A specialty gate can also probably be cut down to size, which means if you have a business or home on a weird lot, you might be able to get the gate cut down to a certain size instead of trying to make something standard work when it won’t actually fit like you need it to.

Consider a specialty gate if you want the best of all types of gate systems since you can essentially pick and choose which parts of each gate system you want to implement. You will be able to pick everything from material to color to type of lock system, and if you are making a long-term investment in your property this might be the way to go.

What is the Purpose of your Gate?

Now that you know about the different types of gates, give some thought to why you are installing it, as that can help you pick the best option to meet your needs. If it’s for privacy, make sure you pick a material like PVC or wood that is not see-through, or you will still have neighbors watching. If you are looking for a locked gate, make sure you pick something you can give a code out to any guests who arrive at your property.

The best option oftentimes depends upon the amount of space you have. In the case of a tight corner, a slide gate may be the easiest to simplify the flow of traffic in a secured area like a campus parking lot. Are you looking to improve a residential property or is this for a commercial business and more for practicality than appearance?

With so many gate systems to choose from and a variety of reasons why to choose them, just taking your time thinking about the pros and cons of each before you go ahead and make your decision. Consider all the facts and how much money you have to spend and then pull the trigger on your new gate system to protect your property!

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