Environmentally Friendly Solutions to Secure Your Property

Environmentally Friendly Solutions to Secure Your Property

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  • Post published:June 6, 2022

Securing your property with a beautiful and durable fence, gate, or railing system is a wise investment. Whether you are a home or business owner, any property can benefit from the many pros of MFR Corp’s stunning metal fabrications. However, making an environmentally friendly choice is also important when it comes to securing your property. If you are committed to principles that care for the planet while bringing you the best in fence, gate, and railing solutions, then you need MFR Corp. The newest addition to your property is always an eco-conscious decision when you choose MFR Corp’s expert designs and styles. Furthermore, making an environmentally-friendly choice can have benefits for your health and wellbeing. 

If you are ready to make a responsible and informed choice regarding new additions to your property, contact us. Every product we offer, from customized metal architectural designs to our pre-designed fencing solutions, is created with environmentally-friendly methods. With MFR Corp, you get more than just a reliable and durable solution to securing your property; you also get honesty, integrity, and quality customer service. Visit our website today to learn more about our environmentally-friendly solutions. 

Environmentally-Friendly Powder Coatings

One thing which sets MFR Corp metal fabrications apart from competitors is our investment in powder coating that doesn’t harm the environment. We use these powder coatings on all of our metal fence, gate, and railing system designs. Even our custom metal art pieces get a fresh powder coating to bring them to life in the color(s) of your choosing. Our powder coating is unique. Its eco-friendly, organic, and high-quality finish helps your metal security systems stay beautiful for a lifetime without harming the environment.

Plus, our coating systems lock in the vibrant appearance of your new investment and help avoid corrosion over time. In fact, we provide a twenty-year warranty against corrosion of any kind on all of our metal fabrication systems. MFR Corp’s powder coating is safer overall for the environment than wet paint alternatives. Our coating does not contain any harmful solvents or ingredients, which means it won’t harm wildlife and surrounding ecosystems. Our entire process results in less waste and lower VOC emissions. We can even reuse powder coating solutions since they are sprayed on electrostatically for better coverage. 

US-Sourced Recycled Steel 

While lumber can offer home and business owners a unique way to secure their property with gates, fences, and railing systems, it’s not always the best option for the environment. While there are ways to work with mixed materials using both eco-conscious lumber products and recycled steel, the lumber industry contributes drastically to deforestation. Furthermore, wooden fences often need replacement within 10 years of installation, in contrast to the longevity of galvanized steel. A reliable galvanized steel product can last decades in all types of outdoor conditions, which is why MFR Corp provides a twenty-year warranty for all our fence, railing, and gate systems. 

For environmentally-conscious consumers, the best investment is US-sourced recycled steel. We only use durable and reliable metals at MFR Corp because we care about our company’s impact on the planet. That’s why we invest in the highest-quality US-sourced recycled steel, which has a lower impact on forests than chemically treated lumber options. MFR Corp has pledged to do what we can to safely provide property owners with a way to secure their property in an eco-conscious manner. 

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LEED Environmentally Responsible Steel Fabrications

At MFR Corp, we use LEED-certified steel and powder coating solutions for all our fence, railing, and gate systems. All our customer options come with the same standards and multiple powder coating colorations to choose from. We use up to 85% recycled steel, harvested mainly from old automobiles for the highest quality. Using recycled steel means we reduce the amount of energy needed in the manufacturing process. Plus, our fences remain durable, long-lasting, and sustainable for the planet. 

Additionally, recycled steel benefits the planet by being low-waste and easily reusable in the future. These factors have earned us a highly eco-friendly responsible LEED certification on all of our MFR Corp products. Furthermore, we meet sustainability’s triple bottom line with all of these characteristics on a social, environmental, and economic level. 

MFR Corp’s Environmentally-Friendly Practices 

As a conscious consumer, you can make environmentally responsible choices, including where you choose to invest in fence, gate, and railing systems. MFR Corp is an entirely American-made company, which means we reduce our carbon footprint by designing and manufacturing all our products here in the USA. Furthermore, we only use powder coating which is safe for the ecosystem and recycle the highest-quality steel. Your future fence system can have a major impact on the environment. This means you should choose a company that truly cares. 

At MFR Corp, we take environmentally responsible choices seriously, from our design and production crafting to our installation processes. We can help you achieve the most stunning and secure fence system possible. If you are ready to make an environmentally responsible fencing investment, then don’t wait. Call MFR Corp today to get started!  


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