Metal Balcony Railing Systems Combine Beauty & Strength

Metal Balcony Railing Systems Combine Beauty & Strength

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  • Post published:January 18, 2022

Security fencing does not have to be boring, nor an eyesore. Metal balcony railing systems from Metalco combine strength with beauty for safety solutions that are both utilitarian and attractive. Made of steel, our systems are virtually maintenance-free and resistant to corrosion.  

Why Steel?

When it comes to strength and durability, steel is always the winner. While it is one of the most expensive railing materials available, a steel system is an investment in your property.

Railing systems made of steel can last for centuries, rather than just a few years. They can consist entirely of steel components or incorporate other materials like glass or cable. Some painted steel can even complement or blend in with the surroundings.

Steel railing systems can also withstand corrosive environments, like near the ocean.

Is a Metal Balcony Railing a Good Investment? 

The number one purpose of metal railing is safety. Whether installed outdoors or indoors, railings protect individuals from an elevation.  

A metal balcony railing won’t rot like wood, and it is also very hard-wearing. It retains its original properties even after many years of use and can easily withstand harsh weather conditions. With proper maintenance, repairs are minor or sometimes non-existent.

For these reasons, a metal balcony railing is one of the best investments you can make. 

Where Designers Use Balcony Railing Systems 

Designers use balcony railing systems to enhance a setting and to provide a safety measure to indoor and outdoor spaces. They are installed inside homes, businesses, institutional buildings, and entertainment arenas in foyers, lobbies, and alongside stairways. Outdoors, they surround patios, line balconies, and cordon off recreation areas. Schools and transit systems depend on rails to keep students and travelers safe.

Green River High School in Green River, Wyoming, had a Metalco railing added to indoor and outdoor stairs and balconies throughout the campus. They were interested in a flexible design that could be painted. In need of ultra heavy-duty railing, the Fort Lauderdale Airport had a Metalco outdoor rail system installed at the Terminal 1 departure area.

You can find Metalco rails at Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Midway Airport, NASA Space Administration in Florida, in addition to many other facilities across the US. 

Metalco’s Balcony Railing Solutions

Metalco’s railing solutions are unsurpassed in quality, durability, and beauty. Both modular and custom-built architectural railings are available in design options that will match both the design of a project and the budget.  Our list of clients includes major sports franchises, international corporations, and government agencies. 

In addition, Metalco fencing solutions secure advantages for a project that enhance it at every level.


The Grigliato railing system is light and versatile. Mesh panels in a number of sizes and shapes combine with steel bars for a custom engineered system. Large-sized mesh panels work well for an unobtrusive sightline. Smaller-sized mesh can also accomplish a certain visual appeal or design effect. Railings can also match any strength requirement for specific local building codes, including high-rise rooftop railings.

The system can also span between post supports or be mounted onto structurally suitable elements. Balcony rails are also available in 180 pre-defined colors or any custom match.  


The Select system features a nearly unlimited selection of styles, materials, and color combinations. Unparalleled design flexibility enables styles to match the building design and the budget. We also engineer high-quality materials and a panel/frame combination for a high level of rigidity. Installed as a complete modular system, it consists of panels in various heights, high-strength steel posts, and custom attachment hardware. Colors can match existing building components. 

In addition, a variety of posts are available with the Select system. Those most often used are the 2″x 2″ or larger square tubular posts, the 1-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ rectangular posts, and the flat bar posts. A variety of top rails, infill frames, and attachment methods are also available. 


Metalco takes pride in its ability to design, engineer, and produce custom railing systems for our clients. Utilizing proven components and experience, our process assures the same quality, longevity, stability, and usability as our standard designs. To make your ideas a reality, the design team will work with you and put your ideas on paper using state-of-the-art CAD Cam equipment. After that, we program CNC Laser cutters and Robotic Welding with the drawings created.  

The main benefit of a custom metal railing system from Metalco is the ability to get fencing that makes a statement and is a reflection of personal taste. And the best part is that the whole process is cost-efficient.    

Metalco Has Unlimited Balcony Railing Options for Your Design  

Metalco has been successfully manufacturing and installing fencing projects for over 25 years. Our balcony railing systems are American-made from environmentally responsible materials and come with a 20-year warranty.  

We strategically guide our clients through the pitfalls and successful completion of commercial fencing projects every day. Metalco provides technical assistance to architects, engineers, contractors, facility managers, and owners regarding the design and installation of metal balcony railing systems.

Schedule a consultation with us today to get your project started.  


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