Game-Changing Solutions: Stadium Fencing Solutions

Game-Changing Solutions: Stadium Fencing Solutions

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  • Post published:June 21, 2024

In the world of sports, an amazing stadium design can elevate your team’s presence and the viewers’ experience. High-quality stadium fencing solutions from our METALCO experts can ensure safety, elegance, and function for all your stadium needs. MFR Corp is based out of Illinois and uses entirely American-made materials. 

We have over 25 years of industry experience. Our engineers and designers have worked with sports teams and stadium facilities across the nation. With our innovative and cutting-edge technology paired with industry-leading engineers and high-quality metals, we deliver excellence every time. 

Learn more about all of our METALCO solutions, including stadium fencing solutions for your sports facilities, on our website. Connect with our team to get started with your future design solutions. 

Stadium Fencing Solutions 

Stadium fencing solutions need to offer privacy, safety/security, and still allow viewers to enjoy the game. No matter what type of sports stadium you are designing, all of these features must work together to craft excellence. 

Safety Features:

  • Spectator safety is one of the main concerns when it comes to high-quality stadium fencing solutions. Viewers of all ages need to be kept safely within the limits of the stadium. Furthermore, fall hazards and other concerns can be minimized with the proper design elements. Finally, the safety of younger children should be kept in mind, including the distance between fence railings. Young children are smaller than adults and can easily slip through large gaps in railings. All of these features should be considered when it comes to safety and function designs for your stadium facility.
  • Security: Security is also important. Stadium facilities need to be able to keep unwanted people outside and ensure the safety of the athletes. Security features for stadium facilities such as keypad entry, reverse bar detailing, or extended height on certain places in the fence can help. After all, security is a major aspect of ensuring everyone’s safety, both on the field and in the stands. 
  • Functional Elements: Finally, you will want to consider the functionality of your stadium fencing design. With the stylish finishes and eco-friendly powder coatings available at MFR Corp, you can easily pair any design with existing stadium infrastructure. You can shop from our pre-designed line of fencing solutions to find the best fit for your needs. Each can be further customized to create a unique solution for your stadium’s needs. In contrast, you can also opt for a 100% custom design route where you work one-on-one with our team of engineers and designers. This allows you even more creative freedom for your stadium fence investment.

MFR Corp Stadium Fencing Is Robust & Reliable 

MFR Corp only uses high-quality metals sourced here in the United States. We use up to 85% recycled steel that is built to last and adds extra strength to your fencing solutions. 

Furthermore, during manufacturing we use a galvanization process that adds even more strength to our metals. We also utilize more eco-friendly measures whenever possible. This has led us to a powder coating process that produces less waste runoff than other paint applications with a smooth, finished look. We can even use the runoff for future applications, creating less waste in the long term. 

All of these processes help create a durable, weather-resistant solution that lasts longer than other fencing alternatives. With little to no upkeep or maintenance required, our fencing solutions are secured under a standard twenty-year warranty. Finally, our robust design uses a patented grid-lock design which increases security by making them virtually non-climbable and wire cutter-resistant. Together, these factors make our fencing solutions a clear investment for anyone in the stadium fencing industry. 

Using High-Quality Computer-Aided Systems 

Finally, MFR Corp uses the latest technology to craft our stadium fencing solutions. We use computer-aided systems for all of our blueprints. Computer-aided drawings and design allow for greater precision and less margin of error. During the manufacturing process, we calibrate these designs to the unique dimensions for each project’s needs. As a result, this creates more precise, reliable, and longer-lasting designs. You can review current CAD blueprints for our most popular design configurations on our website to see if their specifications would be a good fit for your stadium project. 

stadium fencing

Miami Dolphins Stadium (Grigliato B entry gates)

METALCO Grigliato Fence, Rail and Screen Products 

Our Grigliato METALCO fence, rail, and screen systems are a great investment for sporting facilities. Designed with flexibility and customization-friendly, our Grigliato line is one of our most reliable and robust configurations for sporting companies. Plus, we offer the Grigliato style in fence, screen, and rail systems for a cohesive and seamless pairing for all your sporting facility needs. Learn more about our Grigliato line of fence, screen, and rail systems and review past projects to see if this style would be the right finishing touch for your property. 

Invest in Stadium Fencing Solutions from MFR Corp

If you are seeking high-quality, innovative stadium fencing solutions, don’t wait. Investing in the right fencing for your stadium facilities can have a major impact on your safety. From using recycled steel sourced in the US to our galvanized steel process, we ensure the best-quality products for every client. Furthermore, our team of designers loves working with sports teams across the nation to create custom designs that will be functional and add value to your stadium facility. Learn more and connect with us for your future design consultation today!


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