6 Reasons to Use Decorative Metal in Your Fencing

6 Reasons to Use Decorative Metal in Your Fencing

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  • Post published:August 17, 2020

There are multiple reasons that people use metal fencing. Some use them for design and others for protection. Whatever your reason is, why not add your personal style? Here are 6 reasons you should use decorative metal in your fencing.

1. You Can Add Your Personal Touch.

Adding decorative metal to your fencing will help your house stand out from the rest. Picking out the perfect style of metal will add flair to your outside decor and can make your home even more of a safe space for you. The fencing that you choose will set the tone for your house. It can be a low-profile fence to feel welcoming, or it can be tall and bold, keeping you and your home secluded. You can choose from a panel with cut-out designs or a fence with metal bent into various shapes. Maybe you could add some decorative metal art along your fence for a unique touch. If you are into feng shui at all, decorative metal fencing can definitely add a well-needed shift to your home. The choice is all yours!

2. Certain Decorative Metals Work As Better Protection.

Certain metals can create space for animals, lost items, and even people to get into your yard. If this is something that you’re concerned about, there are metals that can offer a bit more protection. A few examples of these types of decorative metal fencing are privacy panels and spear-topped fences. Privacy panels create very little space for animals to sneak through and also help prevent your neighbors’ flying items from landing in your yard. Spear-topped fences are very effective at protecting your house from burglars. The long vertical spaces can prevent prowlers from climbing your fence, and if they succeed at that, the spears will pierce their hands as they try to make it over.

If you want to learn more about security fencing, here’s some more information.

3.  Decorative Metal Can Be Low-Maintenence.

With the right installation and care, decorative metals can last up to 20 years or more. There’s no need to worry about keeping up with metal fences because they are very durable. Scratches on your metal can be fixed by recoating them with paint to prevent rust. If you decide on aluminum, you can prevent rust from happening altogether. However, while aluminum doesn’t rust, it can suffer corrosion. Corrosion is similar to rust and with time can create dents and holes in your metal. This can be avoided by having your aluminum clear-coated or using it in climate-controlled areas where there isn’t too much rain or extreme weather. Doing these simple tasks will ensure that you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing your fencing.

4. Certain Designs Can Give You More Privacy.

Depending on the design of your fencing, certain decorative metal panels can make it a bit harder to look through your fence. This is a good option if you have a front or back patio that you would prefer to be a little more closed off. This also works for gardens and secluded areas that you don’t want small children or pets to get into. These panels can also section off different areas of your yard or as a stand-alone piece of art. You can order tall pieces of metal that can prevent your yard from being looked upon from multiple angles. Metal privacy screens bring a beautiful aesthetic to your home and come in multiple shapes and designs.

5. Decorative Metal Can Be An Effective and Less Expensive Option.

When it comes to fencing, most people have to decide between wood or metal. Metal fencing is generally less expensive than wood in terms of both the initial cost and the long-term cost. Decorative metal comes in pieces, making it easier to install than wood, which means buying multiple pieces and assembling them. Metal fencing is the more effective option as it provides a stronger barrier than wood. There are different types of metals that vary in price points. Whether you choose a cheaper or more expensive metal, in the end, it will be a lot cheaper than using wood. Due to the easy installation process, if you are good at DIY projects you can save money by installing the fencing yourself.

6. The Options For Decorative Metal Are Endless.

Decorative metal comes in so many shapes and designs that we’re sure that you’ll be able to find the perfect piece for you. At MFR, you can choose between four different materials. Wrought-iron metal is the most traditional of the four. This metal is worked by hand and bent with heat. It can be expensive, but if your fencing is important to you, it is well worth the price. The next type of metal is aluminum. Aluminum can last for decades, is most commonly used in coastal areas, and holds paint really well. Another option is steel. Steel can be coated and last a long time like aluminum, but is more durable. Steel is what’s typically used for decorative metal panels and privacy screens. The last type of metal that can be used in your fencing is bronze. Although bronze can be an expensive metal to use, it adds a sense of opulence to your home. Bronze can discolor quickly and isn’t as strong as aluminum or steel but it can make a long-lasting fence.

Whether you know what kind of metal you want for your fence or you’re just starting to check out your options, we’d be happy to help you narrow down your choices so you can figure out the best type of metal for your needs. Give us a call or email us today!


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