Gate Systems for Homeowners

Gate Systems for Homeowners

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  • Post published:April 17, 2020

At MFR Corp, we work with all types of clients to install gate systems on their properties. Whether you own a large manufacturing plant or just want to keep your house safe, we are here to help. No project is too small for us! Our gate systems are state-of-the-art and offer several important features. As a homeowner, you may be wondering what type of benefits you can get from installing a gate system at your home. Read on to learn more about what these gates do and how they can help your home.

Security for Homeowners

First, the gates provide security for homeowners. The gate can run around the perimeter of your property and have an access control system in the front. This way, no one who shouldn’t be there can enter your property. This is ideal for homeowners who live in a high-crime area. It is also perfect for homeowners who have a lot of land and may not be able to monitor their whole property at once. Homeowners can rest assured that no unauthorized person will be entering their property. The gates are designed to be wired to the telephone line so that homeowners will receive a call when someone is trying to get through. In addition, the gates can have a spot for a card reader or an access code so that no one can get in without the proper credentials.

Safety for Kids and Pets

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In addition to providing security, the gate systems also provide safety for homeowners, their kids, and their pets. The gates can surround the property and prevent kids and pets from running out of the yard and into the street. Parents can rest assured that when their pets and kids are playing outside, they will stay safe and on the property. In addition, this is a perfect option for kids who love to play games like soccer and kickball. They will never have to worry about their ball flying out of the yard and into the street.

Gate Systems Provide Privacy

The gate system also provides homeowners with an enhanced sense of privacy. The gates are tall and make it difficult for a passerby to see directly into the property. Out gates come in various colors and finishes, which lets homeowners decide which one looks best on their property. Feel comfortable relaxing in your backyard or on your front porch, knowing that you have an increased level of privacy.

Secure Entry Point for Renters

A gate system is also a fantastic option for homeowners who rent out their houses on platforms like Airbnb and VBRO. It provides homeowners with a heightened level of security because they know that whoever is coming onto their property has to go through the gate first. Since the gate is connected to a telephone entry system, the homeowner has the right to accept or deny anyone who is coming through. This is a good way to ensure that previous renters are not trying to come back onto the property. Another option is to have the gate installed with a keypad so renters can type in an access code. Send the access code to each renter the day that they will check in. Once they leave, change the code so that they will not be able to come back onto the property.

Keeps Salespeople Away

Another benefit of a residential gate system is that it keeps salespeople away. These are the people that go door-to-door trying to sell things. Not only is it frustrating to have salespeople knocking on your door all the time, but it also infringes on the safety of homeowners. It is not safe to have random people coming up to your house and knocking on your door. This is especially true if you have times where your older children are staying home by themselves. Instead of telling your kids not to answer the door, they won’t even have to worry about the situation arising. The salespeople will not be able to get through the gated entry.

Features of Our Gate Systems

At MRF, our gates are high-tech and designed to protect you and your family. Each gate system has a polyester powder coating to help protect the gate from weathering. In the long run, this will also keep the gate from corroding. In fact, the gates have been tested with one-year exposure to South Florida weather, and they retained 88% of their gloss. They also contain salt spray resistance, which is helpful for families that live near the ocean. The gates have been tested with salt spray, humidity, cold weather, hot weather, and more! We are so confident in the durability of our gates that we offer a 20-year warranty that the gates will be rust-free.

When you’re getting a gate system, there are various options to choose from. These include single swing gates, double swing gates, single horizontal slide gates, and double horizontal slide gates. The gates are secured by connecting to a telephone line, an access keypad, or a card reader. These built-in safety features ensure that the only people getting on the property are those who are supposed to be there. Another fantastic feature is the vehicle presence detector. This feature has an automatic closing timer with an adjustable time delay so that all vehicles make it through in plenty of time before the gate closes behind them. The gates also have an obstruction detection device so they will not close if they sense something is in the way.

A gate system is the perfect addition to your residential property. It provides many important safety features for you and your family. For more information about the gate systems and how they can be installed on your property, contact us today.




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