Find And Install The Perfect HOA Approved Fence

Find And Install The Perfect HOA Approved Fence

Living in a community with a homeowners association (HOA) is not for everyone, but there are some benefits to having an HOA. It is worth considering living within an HOA if you want your development to have a clean look to it in which most of the homes look similar to others. You don’t have to worry that your neighbors might paint their house red or black or neon orange, which would drive down the property value of your home. Installing a fence is a great way to gain privacy from neighbors, but there are a few things to keep in mind before installing an HOA approved fence in your home.

Why should you Live in an HOA Neighborhood?

There are numerous benefits of living within a well-run HOA. Take a look at the top reasons you might enjoy living within an HOA:

Maintain your Property Value, so you can Easily Re-Sell your Home Later

Since HOAs have so many regulations, your property should hold its value. Don’t worry about a bad neighbor or two driving down your property value. A unified HOA is going to keep the neighborhood looking sharp, the lawns will be mowed, and your home will maintain it’s property value, making it easy to resell when the time comes.

Use the Amenities

Are you into tennis? Swimming? Do your kids need a playground? Consider what the HOAs offer. Not every HOA offers the same amenities, so research ahead of time so you know everything that comes with your HOA dues. A community pool could be perfect on a hot summer’s day!

Manicured Lawns

If you love a well-manicured lawn but don’t have the energy to do it yourself, an HOA might be for you. Many times the dues you pay to the HOA will include landscaping costs, so there are no more Saturday hours spent mowing your grass, and you can spend your weekends enjoying life!

Privacy from Neighbors

Everyone within an HOA neighborhood must abide by the same rules, which will help keep unruly neighbors in check. You will be able to go to sleep early knowing that the HOA will keep your neighbors in check. There shouldn’t be any late night parties that keep the neighborhood awake until all hours of the night! A good HOA approved fence will also help provide you with privacy from any unruly neighbors you might have.

Try a Metalco Fence System

MFR Manufacturing has produced thousands of innovative, attractive fences for a variety of clients, which include sports teams, government entities, corporations, and individual residential home owners. With so many high-profile clients, you can work with us with confidence knowing we have an option that will work to meet your needs.

Our team is standing by ready to talk to you about all of our styles of fences. We can help you understand your HOA by-laws and pick out the right HOA approved fence that you will love and still meets the rules and regulations within your community.

Why do you Need a Fence?

The old saying is, “good fences make good neighbors…” Think of a quality fence as a way of keeping your life on your property, and letting your neighbors enjoy life on their side. Just because you have a fence installed does not mean you are being mean to the neighbors. In fact, they might appreciate the fence because it gives everyone a little bit of privacy.

The key things to remember are to keep it within the guidelines of your HOA. For example, make sure you get the fence in the right material. Some HOAs might mandate that your fence is wooden, whereas others might require it be PVC. Also, keep in mind colors. Don’t plan on painting your fence bright red, as most HOAs are going to want the fences unified.

Drive around your development. What types of fences do you see? Are they all the same? If so, chances are you are going to need a fence that matches and looks like everybody else’s.

A Few Last Thoughts

Our team understands that HOA regulations can be tricky, and we have helped countless people find a fencing system that will work within the rules of their community. Not only will we help you understand your regulations, but you can also be sure our fencing systems are durable, reliable, and can’t be climbed by neighborhood kids. We have taken every precaution so that you can have the fence you need without much hassle.

We will provide you with a free consultation and provide you with custom solutions that come in a variety of colors. Whether your primary concern is privacy or security or aesthetic beauty, Metalco has a fencing system for you!


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