Insights into the Recent FedEx Field Collapse & How You Can Plan More Durable Stadium Railing Systems

Insights into the Recent FedEx Field Collapse & How You Can Plan More Durable Stadium Railing Systems

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  • Post published:February 6, 2023

If you are in the sports industry and need reliable stadium railing systems, then you need the help of METALCO products. The market for durable and reliable fence, railing, and metal fabrications has many options. However, not all metal fabrications are created equally, with some leading to big problems and putting people’s lives in danger. The recent FedEx Stadium collapse is just one example of what can happen when railing systems are not structurally sound or created with the strongest material available. 

That is why MFR Corp’s METALCO products use steel sourced right here in the United States. As a USA-based company, MFR Corp is dedicated to quality, integrity, and intuitive designs in fence, railing, and gate systems. Our metal fabrication brings you durability, beauty, security, and functionality for a long-lasting and smart investment. Furthermore, we offer a twenty-year warranty to help ensure your investment is protected for years to come. 

We invite you to visit our website, view past projects, explore helpful resources, or shop for products today! Here are some more insights into the recent FedEx collapse and how you can plan more durable stadium railing systems with our help. 

What Happened at FedEx Stadium?

At the start of 2022, the FedEx Stadium partially collapsed due to a weakened stadium railing system. During a game, the north tunnel portion of the stadium collapsed, resulting in multiple people falling as the tunnel caved. Even quarterback Jalen Hurts narrowly missed injury during the event. The incident was reportedly caused by too many fans seated in an area not designed to support that number of people. However, this was not the first incident that occurred at the FedEx Stadium. 

Whatever the exact causes of the event are, the issue still stands that structural weakness of some kind led to the event. Disasters such as the FedEx Stadium collapse emphasize the ongoing need for reliable, durable, and affordable stadium railing systems. Luckily, the solution to ensuring the safety of sports fans is simple when you work one-on-one with the METALCO design experts and engineers at MFR Corp. 

The MFR Corp Difference in Durable Metal Solutions

If you are in the sports industry and want to see the MFR Corp difference for yourself, we invite you to reach out to our custom stadium railing system designers. While we do offer pre-fabricated design options for every category of metal fabrications, stadium pieces often require a custom design. Our customization process allows you to work one-on-one with architectural experts, designers, engineers, and our manufacturers at every stage. This is part of the difference you receive when you choose MFR Corp over railing system competitors who use cheap materials and don’t always allow you to be part of the design process. 

Finishes and Powder Coatings for Stronger Stadium Railing Systems

Furthermore, MFR Corp uses reliable, durable, quality materials sourced locally. We help care for the environment by using an eco-friendly power coating solution on our galvanized steel products. Our powder coating leaves behind less waste and is less harmful to the environment. Even better, the excess from the application process can be reused in future products. Finally, our powder coating comes in multiple color selections. Now you can create the perfect finish for your business without bad environmental effects. 

Contact MFR Corp for Your Industry-Leading Stadium Railing Systems

Owning a sports team or property can put a lot of weight on your shoulders when it comes to property decisions. Adding a railing, gate, fence, or screen system to your stadium space is a wise choice. However, if you make the mistake of investing in a company whose reputation isn’t the best, you could be facing a disaster down the line. Just as the FedEx Stadium collapse was an example of poor structural quality, your stadium could face sudden damage if it uses unreliable metal materials and engineering. Therefore, it’s best to invest in a company whose reputation speaks for itself. 

Welcome to MFR Corp’s METALCO solutions. We provide stunning stadium railing systems at an affordable cost with a twenty-year warranty. We also work one-on-one with clients and always craft the highest-quality stadium railing systems. Learn more and get started today on our website or by contacting our customer service professionals for a free consultation.


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