How Sports-Affiliated Companies Can Benefit from Customized Fencing Solutions

How Sports-Affiliated Companies Can Benefit from Customized Fencing Solutions

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  • Post published:July 26, 2022

Are you in the market for a durable and reliable fence, railing, or enclosure for a sports-affiliated facility? Look no further than MFR Corp’s METALCO products. We work directly with owners, construction project managers, architects, and managing staff at companies connected with sporting stadiums across the nation for all their fencing needs. MFR Corp is a United States-based company that manufactures and designs stunning metal fences, railing systems, gate systems, enclosures, and architectural art pieces. We believe that beauty, security, durability, and functionality can go hand-in-hand with every project we create. 

In fact, if you are affiliated with a sports company of any type, customized fencing solutions or other forms of metal fabrication can increase your property value, bring in new clients, and help you stand out from competitors. With so many options to choose from, we have a custom solution fit for everyone’s needs – guaranteed.

At MFR Corp, all of our customized fencing solutions are designed to last a lifetime, backed with a twenty-year warranty of reliability, durability, corrosion protection, and so much more. Visit our website today to learn more or get started with your unique project! In the meantime, read on for more insights into how sports-affiliated companies can benefit from customized fencing solutions at MFR Corp.  

Your Customized Fencing Solutions Made a Reality 

If you work with a sports-affiliated company, brand, or team, then you might need a unique fencing solution that doesn’t fit into the typical options. That’s where MFR Corp comes in. While we do offer standard fencing solutions, such as our Grigliato fence design, we also give our clients the ability to work one-on-one with our engineers and designers to craft customized fencing solutions. 

For sports enclosures of all kinds, a customized fencing solution can best suit the scope, layout, and organizational flow of your location. We provide stadium fencing solutions that can bring beauty, functionality, and durability to your property and reflect your brand identity perfectly. 

After you contact us, we’ll pair you with our design and engineering team. During this meeting, we will discuss your needs, budget, ideas, and share some examples in order to draw up some preliminary sketches for your fencing solution. We will work with you to finalize the design as you require, prior to the manufacturing process. Our fabrication process utilizes 85% recycled steel in our eco-friendly, 100% US facilities. 

customized fencing solutions

Dick’s House of Sport in Victor, NY – 50’ tall sport enclosure with 45-degree overhang

Project Example: Dick’s Sporting Goods Facilities 

To help you get an idea of what is possible with our MFR Corp customized fencing solutions, let’s take a closer look at one of our past projects. We worked with Dick’s Sporting Goods to create an enclosure for the new Dick’s House of Sport facilities in Victor, New York and Knoxville, Tennessee..They required a custom-designed 50ft TWINBAR wire mesh enclosure for the latest addition to their Outdoor Destination Experience Facility. We also added additional baseball netting as a curtain divider to help segment the outdoor field. Furthermore, we added a beautiful 45-degree overhang on the top of the fence for protection and style. You can learn more about Dick’s House of Sport here. 

Project Example: LP Field Custom Project

Another example of how we make anything possible with our sports-focused customized fencing solutions is our LP Field project in Nashville. This client gave us the opportunity to hone our metal fabrication skills. The project needed over 8,200 custom panels, balcony railings, blockers, perimeter fencing, gates, ramps, and screens for both interior and exterior areas. We ended up using our basic GRIGLIATO A, C, and D fence and railing panels. Then we adapted them to specifically fit the needs of our client.

Using galvanized and powder-coated steel in custom colors, we made their vision come to life on the field. Now, visitors from across the country visit LP Field. They enjoy the beautiful and safe enclosures of the customized fencing solutions.

customized fencing solutions

Dick’s House of Sport in Victor, NY – Custom field enclosure with divider netting

Project Example: Eastern Michigan University Stadium Fence Project

One final example is our Eastern Michigan University Stadium Fence project. This project began with our standardized GRIGLIATO B fence panel design. However, we altered the fence sizes and gate systems to better suit the needs and scope of our client. Its stunning polyester powder coating finish, strong galvanized steel products, and custom sizing fit perfectly into the existing landscape. It will also bring durability for years to come. 

customized fencing solutions

Yale University’s “Reese Stadium” for soccer and lacrosse

Other Projects We Have Completed

MFR Corp has worked with many clients in the sporting industry across the nation. We help them achieve reliable customized fencing solutions for their sporting enclosures. Some other projects of ours which you can learn more about on our website project portfolio include Heinz Field for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Meadowlands Sports Complex for the Jets & Giants, Reese Stadium at Yale University and the University of Washington Softball Stadium located in Seattle. 

With all of our projects, MFR Corp brings you the best in athletics fencing, bleacher rail systems, stadium entry gates, perimeter security fencing, ballpark fencing and so much more for an affordable cost. Whatever your sports company’s needs might be, we can help guarantee customized fencing solutions. Our systems can withstand natural forces and aging.

In contrast, recent disasters like the FedEx stadium collapse show the importance of durable stadium fencing solutions. A more delicate structure such as the railing at the FedEx stadium may require repairs and modifications for adequate stability. However, this is not true of a Metalco fence and railing system! When you choose MFR Corp, you are getting the best quality for customized fencing solutions on the market today. 

Contact MFR Corp For Your Customized Fencing Solutions

Your sports-affiliated business or team might need a customized solution for fencing, railing, and gate systems. Many sports companies require larger designs which pre-crafted, off-the-shelf fence solutions don’t encompass. Luckily, we have you covered at MFR Corp. Our amazing custom design team of expert engineers, designers, and manufacturers is right here in the United States. 

Now you can achieve a personalized flair for your property without compromising on quality, durability, or your budget. You can even look into a more artistic element or two to add beauty and creativity to your space. That’s what we added in the LP Field project. Contact MFR Corp today or visit our website to learn more or get started with your free consultation. 



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