4 Reasons Your Office Needs Custom Fencing and Railings
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4 Reasons Your Office Needs Custom Fencing and Railings

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  • Post published:January 20, 2021

A common theme among businesses and entrepreneurs is trying to stand out among the crowd. There may be many other businesses that do what you do. However, there are many approaches you can take to seem more appealing to potential clients. First impressions matter, including the architecture and appearance of your business. Custom fences, as well as commercial handrails and railings, can provide a tailored look that will boost your company’s appeal.

Along with standing out with a customized look, there are numerous other benefits in building a custom fence, as well as commercial handrails and railings.

1. Security

Protecting your business assets is crucial for ensuring the continuation of operations into the future. Depending on the type of business you operate, you may seek different degrees of security. For example, if you have a government contract and you are working on computers as a government entity, you might want to consider some heavy-duty security measures.

Improved security through custom fencing and railings will also protect the safety of your employees. Depending on the type of fence you install, a gate can also be included. A gate will improve the security of your premises. ID cards could be issued that will allow only employees to enter and exit the gated-off area. This is a wise precaution to take if your business handles sensitive projects, or if you have significant trade secrets you need to protect against corporate espionage.

With commercial handrails and railings, you can experience a different type of security – one that will help protect against liability. If you have stairs, ramps, and balconies leading into your business, handrails will provide assistance to those with any mobility disabilities or injuries. If you have balconies or platforms in your business, such as an indoor mall, you will also need commercial handrails and railings for the general public, not just those with disabilities or injuries. You will want to make sure that handrails will protect customers, especially those with young children, from falling from any unsafe heights.

2. Improves Architecture and Aesthetics

First impressions matter, and with custom commercial handrails and railings and fencing your potential clients or customers will see well-kept premises. If your fence is customized to match and flow with your current architecture, it will bring the scene together to show a strong sense of uniformity and care.

The architecture of your premises goes beyond just the main structure. If you have a surplus of land that is undeveloped, you can turn that area into a peaceful break location for your employees. Fresh air and the outdoors can greatly improve morale. Providing your employees with a fenced-off area so they can have a moment of privacy can be a positive productivity booster. A high-quality custom fence will also make them feel as if their break time is valued and respected, and not as if they are being corralled into a certain area.

Depending on the aesthetics and brand of your business, ornamental fences can show prestige and class. Custom ornamental fencing around your business can help to improve the aesthetics of the premises, additionally helping to leave a more positive first impression on customers or potential clients. Ornamental custom fences will also set your business apart from other businesses nearby. There are many customization options for ornamental fences. We can work with you to incorporate your branding or a tone that matches your services or product line.

Well-designed and customized handrails will appear more professional and sturdy. For example, handrails in a shopping center or outlet must be designed with safety in mind, but you also want a product that is appealing to customers in the area.

3. Advertising

Depending on the location and style of your custom commercial fencing, you can incorporate advertising into or onto the fencing. Some custom fences can display your company logo. The logo can be in the material or on a banner that is affixed to the fence. This is useful if you are along a busy road that encounters a lot of pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Custom fences can also incorporate your company’s branding. If you have certain colors that are considered quintessential to your company brand, you can incorporate that into your fence.

Fence plates, manufactured for installation onto the fence, are another form of advertising. Fence plates deliver a sturdy and professional look. These can indicate contact information or the location/entrance of your business.

4. Flexibility and Customization

Customizing a fence to your needs and wants is available through MFR Corp. and will suit you better than a plain fence that does not mesh well with your premises. Not every business location is the same, and depending on the nuances of your location, flexibility and customization might be necessary to ensure your fence and custom handrails and railings do the job.

Terrain also can pose a challenge to a simple fence installation. A custom fencing job will allow professionals to survey your land to determine any problem areas. Spots that are extra rocky, swampy, or hilly may complicate a simple fence installation. However, MFR Corps.’ team of designers and builders know how to handle rough terrain. Despite the challenges, we can overcome them to make sure you receive a product that is sturdy.  Our products also appear professional and handle any terrain challenges.

Custom handrails and railings on your stairs and ramps will appear professional and provide an extra layer of safety. It is better for clients to see a professional appearance as they enter your business, instead of roughshod handrails.

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There are many benefits that can boost your business capabilities with our fencing and handrail products. When it comes to customization, there are opportunities to tailor your design. The customization can depend on your type of business, desired look, appeal, and purpose. Many customers express concern over rough terrain or tricky situations because of tight spacing. MFR Corp. has the experience to handle such challenges.

If you are looking for a customized commercial fence or handrail installation, contact MFR Corp. today for a consultation.

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