Playground Fence Considerations Every Builder Should Know

Playground Fence Considerations Every Builder Should Know

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  • Post published:May 16, 2020

Schools, day cares, or any childcare facility with a playground needs a high-quality, safe fence. A fence around a playground serves several purposes. First, it needs to be able to keep the kids safely inside the grounds of the playground. Second, it should keep in any toys that could soar over the fence, such as balls. Third, it needs to keep intruders out. After school hours, you want to make sure the fence around the playground is locked and secure so that intruders don’t come in and try to vandalize the equipment. At MFR, we know that safety and security are the main concerns when it comes to children. We can create a fence for your playground that provides the ultimate levels of safety and security. Read on to learn about playground fence considerations every builder should know.

Custom Playground Fence

The first thing to think about is what exactly you want the playground fence to look like. We design custom fences to fit the environment. At MFR we can work with you to create the perfect design. We can also share pictures of previous projects to help get the ideas rolling. From the color to the style of the fence, we can make it unique and custom to fit your playground.


The first thing to think about when designing a fence to go around a children’s playground is the height. It should be high enough so that no one can climb over the fence and also high enough so that thrown or kicked balls won’t go over the top. At MFR, we will create a fence that is the perfect height for the playground area. Our fences are also virtually impossible to climb due to the grid pattern.

Distance Between Bars

Another factor to consider when building a fence around a playground is the distance between the bars. The bars need to be close enough to each other so that kids cannot climb through. It is important to keep in mind that kids are smaller than adults and can fit through spaces that may seem very small. Ensure that the kids on the playground won’t try to climb out through the fence by finding the correct spacing between the bars. Our fences have small spaces between bars making it impossible for a child to sneak out!

Playground Fence Security Benefits

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When it comes to schools and childcare facilities, security is a top concern. At MFR, we understand how crucial it is for fences around playgrounds to be secure and we have the solution. Our gates come equipped with various security measures. One option is a gate with a card reader. This means that no one can get through unless they have a specific card to swipe. Another secure option is an access keypad where a code must be entered before going through the gate. With this option, the code can be changed at any time. In addition, MFR fences are resistant to cutting, unlike chain link fences which can be cut in a matter of minutes with a simple wire cutter. Parents and teachers can rest assured that with these security measures, no one is getting inside the playground that should not be there.


It is also important for the fence around the playground to establish a sense of privacy. The playground should not be an easy place for people passing by to gaze into. The fence should be tall enough with the bars close enough together so that it is difficult to see inside. Teachers and parents will feel much safer with their kids playing in a private, secure area.


A fence around a kid’s playground should be durable. A fence that easily rusts would be unsightly as well as dangerous for kids to play around. At MFR, we ensure that our fences are high-quality and durable. Our fences are covered in a polyester powder coating that protects from weather and corrosion. The fences have been tested and have shown the ability to remain durable even in the harshest of weather. In addition, the iron and steel go through a process called hot-dip galvanization where they are dipped in 840-degree zinc. The zinc tightly bonds to the iron and steel, thus protecting them from corrosion. Keep in mind that this method does not work as well if your playground is within 20 miles of the ocean. If this is the case, ask for our PLASCOAT finish that will better protect the fence from the salt spray.

Playground Fence Options

At MFR, we have 3 different fencing systems that are appropriate to go around playgrounds. See below for details about all three:

  • Grigliato: This fence system is customizable. It works in situations that need medium to high levels of security. It is made from forge-welded galvanized steel bar mesh. This fence comes in a lot of different colors. You can choose whether you want swing, slide, or cantilever gates.
  • Twinbar: This fence looks lightweight, but it is very strong. It is made of forge-welded galvanized wire mesh. It also uses two parallel horizontal wires with vertical wires in between, making the fence extra strong. This fence is also for situations that need medium to high security and it comes in a variety of colors. It also comes with a choice of swing, slide, or cantilever gates.
  • Amego: This fence is made of attractive wire mesh. It comes at a very affordable price and is a good alternative to a chain link fence. Similar to the first two systems, it comes in a variety of different colors with the choice of swing, slide, or cantilever gates. This fence is very secure and nearly impossible to climb.

At MFR we are confident that our custom fences are secure, durable, private, and perfect to go around playgrounds. Schools and childcare facilities can feel at ease knowing their kids are safe as they play outside on the playground and also knowing that the space is safe after hours from intruders and vandals. We have a lot of experience designing fences to go around playgrounds and we are excited to help you with your project. For more information about building a playground fence, contact us today.





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